spider pie

Large harvestman Spider got trapped in my lizards heat lamp, ended up being slowly cooked, now my room smells like cooked spider and it smelled delicious like some sort of ham and crab pie until I found out what it was.

Maybe Muffet was onto something.

Brb going through my basement looking for spiders with large legs.

nekophy  asked:

Spider Cider- Butterscotch Pie- Hot Cat- Potato Chisps- Last Dream! #I ASK SO MANY QUESTIONS X'DD


Spider Cider: What battle made you the most aggravated?

The Sans fight, of course. I’m bad at games and I had NO idea what I’d gotten myself into, so it took like… 5 hours for me to finish it? My brain was DEAD after this but it’s been such a cool fight… I did it one month later again just to prove to myself that I can do better and he died after like 3 tries. Goal accomplished! xD

In the Neutral ending, it’s been Mettaton. I really, REALLY don’t like his fight, I’m sorry. ;w;

Butterscotch Pie: What friendship do you find the cutest?

Already answered here

Hot Cat: Ketchup, or no ketchup?

Depends! When it comes to fries, it varies. I eat Burger King fries without anything, McDonald’s fries with Ketchup (their ketchup is the best IMO) and every other standard fries with Mayonaise. When it comes to meat, I really like garlic sauce or bbq sauce and a lot of other ones. There’s been a time where sauces started to pile up in my fridge… but most of them expired by now and I didn’t bother to buy new ones xD

Potato Chisps: Who’s your favorite Undertale fan-artist?

Oooohhh goodness, where do I even start…?There’s SO MANY PEOPLE I CAN’T PICK A FAVORITE!! My close friends and loved one are of course all my favorite, like @lyoth737, @great-nini@azy-arty@waterdragonangel and @sepias-works. And those are just the ones I met in real life and am closer friends with!

Those are just the ones I know in person and I admire a lot of artists… I hope this won’ become too long…

@keksbela-art, @zwiebelprinz, @pepper-mint, @buttercupsticksntricks, @askcomboclub / @roseworks, @u-kun18, @negimaguro, @as-sakuya, @he-ki-yooo, @camilaart, @cursetale, @blesstale, @golzy, @spooksmoose, @v0idless, @nekophy (yes, you <3), @angexci, @zarla-s, @sanspar, @7goodangel, @walkingmelonsaaa, @mnstrcndy, @jakei95, @loverofpiggies, @myebi / @comyet, @kuwacha and @wilyart

Just gonna end this here even though I could keep going and going… xD

Point is aI love a lot of different and diverse art styles and just because I didn’t put everyone here doesn’t mean you’re not my favorite. How could I choose between so many amazing people?!

Last Dream: What’s your favorite Undertale AU?

Uhm. Errortale, duh *slapped*

I disqualify it as an AU though because Error is an out-code. So instead, I’ll pick a classic and say storyshift. But I actually love a ot of them and they are all interesting with different takes on every single one and it never gets boring!! <3


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all of the usual skelebros (that is, ut, uf, us, and sf) reactions to their S/O making pie or ice cream sundaes or whatever, and they "accidentally" squirt a lil bit of whipped cream on their boyfriend's face and try to kiss and/or lick it off. not in, like, a dirty sexual way tho. S/O is just rlly rlly shy and wants an excuse to smooch their cute skeleton man ;;

(I don’t have emojis on PC, sooo….)

THIS *clap* CUTE *clap* SHIT *clap* IS  *clap* MY *clap* JAM. Also this might be toeing a lil closer to nsfw than usual but then again, its me.

Also also, this got kinda long because I was in a mood for fluff, so some under the cut. A lot under the cut. 

UT!Sans: “sweet of you to cook.” He grinned from his spot leaning on the counter.

You roll your eyes.”That was barely a pun, dude.”

The grin widened and he came up behind you. “come on, I’m pie-ing here.”

That one gets a small smile out of you and you turn back to the pastry. He reaches from behind you. “hang on, think it needs a test-”

You smack him away. “Phalanges off, its not done.” You gesture the can in your hand. “I abjectly refuse to let you eat pie without whipped cream, I’m a good person. So just sit tight.”

He smirked, holding his hands up and backing away. “alright, alright. normally i’d argue but you’ve got me whipped, babe.”

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Happy Birthday UT!

  “SEVEN human souls were needed to destroy the barrier to free monsterkind. SIX were already taken, leaving just the last one. At first, FIVE monsters attempted to claim the human for their own intentions and purposes; FOUR of which had failed to convince the human’s decision on their journey to meet the king. THREE souls were aware of the timelines and resets. TWO having the power to “Spare” or “Fight”. The choice to save ONE, to save NONE or to save ALL…..

….All in the hands of a determined player”

Such a nostalgic game. Its been a year already?! Man, this game has come a long way and had helped so many people, including myself. I was able to push myself as an artist and meet quite a few people along the way. Thanks UT!

I made the first few items in the very beginning of the game. Forgot the monster candy though hahahaha….but  added tea..golden flower tea (which really isn’t at the beginning of the game but it would go great with the pie though!)

Here’s hoping that the game will continue to inspire more people out there as the future comes!

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👗 (scorpion-tails-are-here) ((cause why not))

I’m not stealing it… Just borrowing it~ || Accepting

@scorpion-tails-are-here, @spider-covered-spisk

Scotch and Hazel were talking, Scotch was currently dressed in one of Scorp’s shirt while Hazel was casually dressed in one of Spisk’s but it was wrapped around her waist. The true pacifist human smiled brightly as she brought the collar of the shirt up to her nose as she curled up on the couch with their friend. The two were both enjoying a cup of Golden flower tea that Scotch had brought home after stopping by Asgore’s.