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do y’all ever stumble upon a really good au fic with like about 5 or more chapters that’s not completed?? and it’s so good that when you’re done reading it you scroll through the other fics, hoping to see something similar but then u remember that ur otp isn’t currently in a enemies to friends to lovers situation and no other fics have a similar plot and you’re just like ‘oh.’


Yeah? How’s that working out for you?

Moon Knight, Spider-Man & The Dark Avengers from Vengeance of the Moon Knight #5

  • Gregg Hurwitz
  • Jerome Opena
  • Dan Brown

So I had thought it was a little weird Norman was like “I’d move mountains for my son,” right from the get-go, especially since USM!Norman also cared about his son in the beginning, but his feelings of disappointment in Harry often dwarfed his fatherly instincts. And, add to the fact that just isn’t who Norman has ever been: he has always cared about Harry to some degree (and that varies from verse-to-verse) but Norman - always, always - resists loving and appreciating Harry for one reason or another. Then I speculated since, in this universe, Harry is canonically just as much of a genius as Peter (…and everyone else bUT that’s besides the point), Norman’s love and support is conditionally based upon that. Meaning, if Harry did something to strip Norman of any of that pride and prestige that comes with having a genius son, Norman would “take” his love away, and would make sure Harry knows it. 

This is in contrast to USM!Norman as well, who had to learn to love his son despite his flaws/lack of genius intellect, but ultimately became a better person and father because of it. By the end of the series, Norman was a completely devoted father to Harry, and was visibly shaken and ANGRY when Harry was put into a coma. Pretty much every other line that came out of Norman’s mouth in season 4 directly involved Harry, and how he would do anything to keep him safe. 

Anyway, the point of this whole post was that, at the end of episode 3 of MSM, Norman reveals that I WAS RIGHT and that he would do anything for his son as long as Harry continues to demonstrate and produce with his genius capabilities. In this verse, Norman sees Harry as an extension of himself - Harry is a means to an end to him, to prove the Osborn name is the best there is. If Harry does anything to damage that reputation (even if he was unfairly kicked out of school), Norman will make him fully aware of what he will lose, which is ultimately his love and support. Norman’s love for Harry in MSM is built around Harry’s genius and ability to produce - it almost has nothing to do with who Harry is or who Harry wants to be. 

I mean just look at his final shot in episode 3: 

And literally what he says is the real kicker: “you’re my son - I expect great things from you, Harry. So don’t mess up again.” In this piece of dialogue, we see that Harry is not only Harry to Norman - he is an extension of himself, his brand, and his reputation. He expects great things because if Harry gives him anything less, all of Norman’s faux dedication and “moving mountains” will vanish. And, given the look Harry gives back (one of understanding and toleration), the poor boy knows that.

Anyway thanks for coming to my Ted Talk where I wanted to #prove this Norman has a lot of work to do if he ever wants to be the #1 Norman Osborn. 

The least I can do is leave you all with a rare NormanTM smile. 

Where to start reading Peter Parker?

Let’s start with Amazing Fantasy #15 which is his first appearance and origin.

  • The Amazing Spider-Man #3, 14, 18-19, 26-27, 31-33, 39-40, 41-43, 50-52, 53-56, 88-90, 100-102
  • The Death of Gwen Stacy
  • Amazing Spider-Man #224-230
  • Amazing Spider-Man #248
  • Spider-Man The Original Clone Saga arc
  • Original Hobgoblin Saga (Amazing Spider-Man #238-239, 244-245, 249-251 and Spectacular Spider-Man #85)
  • The Harry Osborn Saga (Spectacular Spider-Man #178-184, 189-190, 199-200)
  • The Second Hobgoblin Saga (Amazing Spider-Man #249-251, 259-261, 275-277, 279)
  • Amazing Spider-Man #252-259
  • Spider-Man: Sinister Six
  • Spider-Man: Torment
  • Spider-Man: The Death of Jean DeWolf
  • Amazing Spider-Man #290-292, Annual 21
  • Kraven’s Last Hunt
  • Amazing Spider-Man #299-300
  • Spider-Man: Maximum Carnage
  • Spider-Man: Spider Hunt
  • Spider-Man: Revenge of the Goblin
  • Amazing Spider-Man vol.2 #30-35, 38
  • Spider-Man’s Tangled Web #5-6
  • Return of the Goblin story arc
  • Spider-man: Blue
  • Spider-Man & Wolverine
  • Spider-Man/Human Torch: I’m with stupid
  • Avengers Disassembled
  • Spider-Man/Doctor Octopus #1-5
  • Spider-Man / Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do
  • Peter Parker: Spider-Man #44-47 (a death in the family arc)
  • Amazing Spider-Man vol.2 #38
  • New Avengers #1-6
  • Spider-Man The Other
  • Civil War
  • Spider-Man: Reign
  • Spider-Man: Back in Black
  • One More Day arc
  • Amazing Spider-Man: New Ways to die
  • Spider-man Died in your arms tonight (Amazing Dark Reign The List: Spider-Man #1
  • Spider-Man #600-601, Annual 36, Amazing Spider-Man Family #7) 
  • The Gauntlet arc
  • Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine
  • Grim-Hunt arc
  • The Amazing Spider-man #648-657
  • Fantastic Four #588
  • FF vol.1
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #658-665
  • Fear Itself arc
  • Spider-island arc
  • Spider-Men
  • The Amazing Spider-Man: Dying Wish #698-700
  • Superior Spider-Man
  • Amazing Spider-Man (2014)
  • Spider-Man Family Business

If you think I’m missing something let me know :)

Welcome to the first edition of Potential Phase 4! It’s glorified fan fiction really. Marvel, please hire me.

This week, we’ll be covering my most-wanted potential film, Avengers: Dark Reign.

The Background:

In Marvel Comics, the Dark Reign event occurred after the Skrulls ever-so-secretly invaded Earth. Taking the credit for their defeat, Norman Osborn, also known as Green Goblin, rose to the position of Director of H.A.M.M.E.R., usurping Tony Stark from his position in the then dismantled S.H.I.E.L.D. Osborn would form an alliance with Namor, Emma Frost, Hood, Doctor Doom and the female Loki called the Cabal to run the world from darkness. Forming his own Dark Avengers, he would fool the world, and eventually lay siege to Asgard itself.

The Premise:

For the MCU, it is clear that Dark Reign would have to be switched up a bit, given that the events leading up to it will not happen. So, here is how I envision it:

In the aftermath of Infinity War, the Avengers are broken. After banding together one last time, and suffering crippling losses, it is decided that the team could not continue. However, on returning to Earth after the climactic battle with the Mad Titan Thanos, the heroes would discover that the world they left not so long ago, was no more.

Tony Stark carefully hid the fact that he was responsible for the creation of the insane AI Ultron after the robot’s attack, but Norman Osborn has blown the proverbial whistle. With the world against the Avengers for bringing such destruction upon them, a Dark Reign begins. Bringing together his own team of villains in the guise of heroes, as well as forming an alliance with our own heroes’ nemeses, the man who is also the Green Goblin runs the world.

The Avengers are Disassembled. He has won.

So, in replacement of Secret Invasion, Osborn (Who is hopefully part of the Spider-Man deal), reveals The Avengers’ greatest failure, and runs the world on the back of that.

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