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I am not suggesting this as a No-Prize but kind of something which might be a nice explanation for something which has often been criticized in Spider-Man’s history.

See in the first two Venom stories Venom himself was a pretty sadistic kind of guy. 

Whilst this didn’t entirely disappear after these two initial stories from his third appearance (the first time Erik Larsen handled the character) onwards we began a transitioning to the infamous ‘Lethal Protector’ version of Venom.

Venom began to have legitimate displays of heroism, notably rescuing a baby from danger and later in Amazing Spider-Man #375 he even saved Peter’s parents and his own ex-wife. 

This was accompanied by Venom claiming he had a great sense of honour such as him swearing he’d never harm Aunt May despite both threatening and seemingly attempting to do that in the earlier Venom stories such as the one above.

That last panel is also important because it represents another shift in the narrative wherein Peter was at times used as a mouthpiece to play up the idea that Venom wasn’t all that bad. In the third Venom story Spider-Man even outright says Brock has a strong if twisted sense of honour and later claims that he cannot allow Brock to die because deep down he is just a screwed up guy.

Granted you could argue Spider-Man might not have been displaying outright sympathy for Brock here so much as his usual tendency to try and avoid people dying. He has after all attempted to save even Doc Ock’s life on a few occasions. that being said I think it is highly likely that the authorial intention was to paint Brock in a more sympathetic light. This perhaps reached its zenith in the original Carnage storyline where Venom teams up with Spidey in order to save innocent people from Carnage, who’s character made Brock’s look much nicer by comparison.

Further evidence of this shift was provided in back up stories depicting flashback tales in which Venom is played as an outright heroic, or at least heroic but willing to commit violence to reach his goals. One such story happens in between ASM #315 and #316 where the Brock was travelling to New York and at a truck stop encountered a group of thugs.

We also saw Spider-Man act far more fearful of Venom than he had been in Venoms first two stories. He seemed more prone to trying to run away from venom rather than confront him.

In ASM #362  he even outright states he left Venom on a deserted island specifically because he was afraid of him.

Spider-Man’s fear, his greater tolerance for Venom and Venom’s more heroic side have been the subject of much criticism since their inception.

Whilst I could probably come up with in-universe explanations for how and why those changes make sense, I want to throw out what you could call a theory but what I call an idea I’d implement if I had creative control of the franchise.

Essentially in the second Venom story Peter beat Eddie Brock by tricking the symbiote into attempting to abandon the latter to bond with Peter. The shock and strain of this attempted separation caused Brock to be knocked out.

As you can see from the above the strain of the symbiote attempting to separate from Brock and bond with Peter causes pain to both men. Specifically Peter is clutching his head and when the symbiote slithers off of him we can see it has covered part of his head, mostly his mouth.

My proposal?

The symbiote through being in contact with Peter and Brock simultaneously created a mental link between the two of them.

Through this mental link Peter got blasted with some of the symbiote and Brock’s thoughts and feelings, mostly about how they hate him and want to kill him. On the flipside Brock got blasted with some of Peter’s thoughts and feelings.

Since Brock was the true host of the symbiote at the time and was more strongly attached to it the process hit him harder. We sort of see evidence of this in the fact that it is Brock who is rendered unconscious by the bonding whilst Peter recovers more quickly.


Because of this process Brock and the symbiote held some of Peter’s heroic and altruistic traits within their subconscious. The symbiote in particular would’ve gotten a double dose of this because of course it had already bonded with Peter and it was from him that it first learned rudimentary human emotions. Peter’s altruism and heroism and instinct to help others in the twisted mind of Brock/the symbiote/Venom manifested itself in Venom’s gradually increasing heroic streak from that point onwards. It was the fact that Brock’s mind had, however briefly or indirectly, touched Spider-Man’s that caused him to rescue that baby, to eventually strive to protect innocents regularly. However because Venom’s mind was so twisted and his desire to kill Spider-Man so strong he still prioritized that and still went about trying to help others through violent methods. On some level Peter was kind of in his head urging him to do good so he did, but his mind was still his own.

For Peter’s part touching the mind of Brock and the symbiote wouldn’t have affected him on a fundamental level but would cause him to act differently whenever they encountered one another.

His greater sympathy for Brock would be because on some level he felt the same feelings Brock and the symbiote felt about themselves and how they saw themselves. Without realizing it he’d begun sympathizing more with Brock because he’d subconsciously remembered what it was like being Eddie Brock, even though Brock had a warped perception of reality.

On the flipside though by senseing their visceral hatred and violent inclinations towards him Peter’s already not unsubstantiated fear of Venom would increase. Whilst he previously knew Venom despised him and wanted him dead now he subconsciously was recalling exactly what they wanted to do him and the strong urges they had to harm him. Which then manifested in a fight or flight series of behaviours wherein he was more fearful of Venom than he had been before.

There is even kind of a little precedence for this in the mostly crappy Paul Jenkins Venom story ‘The Hunger’ from Spectacular Spider-Man volume 2 #1-5.

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Any tips for scripting graphic novels?

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