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the bet || fuckboi!peter parker x reader

 oi, I don’t want to make this too long but…. IM BACK smh I’ve been so m.i.a. but that’s literally because I’ve been so busy and have bad writer’s block. Smh this probably ain’t even gon be good. But like I worked hard on it to have meaning and stuff and I rlly hope you guys enjoy it. I just want you guys to get straight to the story because you’ve waited so long for it and I’ve been teasing it sm smh. Just read it hope you enjoy muthertruckers😬

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words : 11,197

warnings : fuckboi!peter parker, mild cussing, various mentions of sex, angst, ned needs a hug, peter needs a hug, you need a hug, everyone needs a hug



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”I bet you your whole Goddamn rep that you couldn’t get weird ass mcgee over there to sleep with you; you know, take her v-card. Before. We. Graduate.”

The words spoken smugly by one of Peter’s multiple friends at the lunch table caught his attention as quick as you could say, “Spider,” The statement challenged him, making him smirk at the smug boy before looking over his shoulder, almost savagely, at the fifteen year old girl huddled in her own little corner of a table in the back, her face morphing as she read through numerous pages of the thick book she held in her hands.

Watching the scene, Peter laughed and shook his head before turning back the group at his table, them looking deeply invested as to what would happen next, he spoke lowly, “Watch me.”

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Spider-Man headcanon where Tony has to bail Peter out of Jail,

Tony: Have I been perfect? No! Do I know anything about children? No! Should I have picked up a book on parenting? Probably! Where was I going with this, I had a point?

Peter: I’m really sorry, Mr.Stark!

Tom: You’re my best friend. Last year, we shared a toothbrush.

Harrison: I was not aware of that.

Tom: We did.


“Well you said no of course, isn’t that right, sister?”

“No, brother. If you must know… I said yes.”

(( The new Thor is amazing and I highly recommend it, I have never laughed so hard during a movie. ))

- Daizy xx


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requested: nope, this one is all me

pairings: tom holland x reader

word count: 427

a/n: this one is super short but incredibly sweet, it’s currently midnight and i just got the inspiration to write this out–this is a part of me and @abunchofsemicoherentwords Roommates collection! 

The rain had been falling in thick, splattering droplets for hours now. You were sitting in the large alcove by the window, leaning your head against the cool glass and watching your breath fog up the droplets race themselves across the pane.

The apartment was quiet, save for the gentle ticking of the clock in the hall and the sound of the storm outside. You had a quilt wrapped around your shoulders for warmth, and you could finally feel your eyelids begin to droop in sleepiness. Thunderstorms had always unsettled you, and you knew you should be fast asleep at this hour, but sleep was nowhere to be found.

A sudden, deafening clap of thunder shook the entire flat, causing you to jump in alarm and nearly topple out of the alcove with a stifled yelp. Fear coursed through you, and you heaved a great sigh. Your eyes wandered down the hall, and landed on the door all the way at the end–opened just a crack, as always.

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i was going through my laptop and found this edit i made forever ago….

harrison: are you seeing someone?

tom: *blushing* no, why?

harrison: because you should. i could get you a really good therapist

tom blurb #1 💌

request: ‘#44 with tom’ by @sassykitten13

a/n: it’s kind of short & i was in a rush when i wrote this but i hope you like it

prompt/s: 44, ‘come here and make me’

you can find all of the blurbs i wrote for blurb weekend under the hashtag #cutehollands blurbs

tom was in his trailer, scrolling through instagram, as usual during his breaks.

he heard [y/n] open the door, and turned around with a smirk on his face.

he got up from the couch he was sitting on and opened his arms to hug her.

they rarely had moments alone, so tom started kissing her jawline and her neck, savouring every kiss.

“hey, slow down, movie star” [y/n] smirked, teasing her boyfriend who had been waiting to do this for a long time.

“are you denying my affection?” tom said, pouting like a whiny baby.

“babe, why are you so clingy today? we don’t have a lot of time and you know what making out always leads to…”

she was sitting on a chair in front of him, checking her texts. she didn’t want to get distracted by him. he always had to come up with excuses for having messy hair or for being sweaty. he had to be professional and think about his work only, but having his girlfriend on set didn’t exactly help his concentration. she was wearing a pair of black tight jeans and a top, but god, if he didn’t think she was hot. he had always found her hot, but he didn’t know what it was that made her look ten times more attractive that day.

come here and make me. i dare you.” the corner of tom’s mouth lifted, making [y/n] bite her lip.

“tom, baby…” she said, trying to resist him.

“come here” he repeated. she couldn’t help but get up and sit next to him. in a few seconds, tom’s hands were on her cheeks and he was kissing her like there was no tomorrow. [y/n], in that moment, remembered how good kissing her boyfriend was. they had missed each other too much to ignore their needs.



tattered sweater

my masterlist :)

summary: you can’t seem to stop wearing that tattered sweater that peter parker left behind in hopes of filling the void he left inside your heart. two month’s later, peter finds you in that exact sweater and promises to fix his mistakes.

warnings: angst upon angst, a lot of love, swearing

word count: 1.4k (soph actually wrote something semi-long??)

author’s note: (a very happy ending so do not fear) also!! next week is my school’s pep rally and i’m so excited like it’s the best day of the whole school year for me, but my teachers have loaded me up with homework for this weekend so like i’m in a struggle whether i should be happy or sad rn lol

It was late fall; the tip of your nose and ears were a bright red hue, a stark contrast to the paleness of your skin due to the frigid air. You hated to admit it, but your mother had been right. You completely underestimated the weather, clad in only a light sweater that had been torn on multiple occasions, its strings pulled somewhat from tumbling in the washer over a million times for the million times you had worn it, but all of this didn’t matter. You refused to stop wearing the tattered sweater, because the seemingly meaningless article of clothing had the utmost meaning to you, even if it didn’t in the eyes of others.

The sweater had plenty of holes in it and today was probably the worst of all days to chose to wear the thing. You mentally scolded yourself for being so for being so stubborn, not listening to your mother’s advice.

The brisk zephyrs of November blew the strands of hair atop your head in countless directions while you rubbed your hands together, cupping them around your mouth to blow some hot air against the exposed skin in hopes of making you feel even the slightest bit warmer.

You took in a deep inhale, then skipped down the brick steps to the sidewalk in front of your apartment building, hugging the chemistry textbook in your arms close to your chest as you braced yourself for more oncoming wind.

After walking a few blocks, you took a sharp turn at the corner, bumping into a professional man in his full suit and tie, his briefcase swinging into your side as he hurriedly passed by you, having more important matters to attend to rather than helping the poor girl he’d just crashed into.

Your textbook had flown out of your arms, skidding at least 3 feet on the sidewalk. You sighed, kneeling down on the concrete to pick it up, when you heard an all too familiar voice call out your name.

Your eyes widened, your body tensing as you felt his hand clasp your shoulder. You stood up and pivoted on your heel, spinning slowly to face him and his regretful eyes.

“Y/n,” he breathed out, anxiously combing a hand through his hair, which had become wild from running at least seven blocks to catch up with you.

“Peter,” you responded tentatively. You couldn’t bring yourself to ignore how his eyes softened looking down at what hug your torso, something that once had belonged to him. “What are you doing here?”

His eyes darted back to your face as he bit his lower lip, shoving his hands into the front pocket of his sweatshirt and kicking the sole of his sneaker against the ground.

He cleared his throat. “I wanted to… to see you. And when I came over your mom told me you were headed to the library.”

“Oh,” is all you could manage to say, not sure if you should be angry or glad with the words that came from his mouth.

You brushed some remnants of your morning breakfast, a very flakey croissant, off your leggings, avoiding having to look back up at his desperate eyes, because you knew that the more you looked in that toffee color the more clouded your thoughts got. And that was the last thing you needed right now.

“Let’s go somewhere to talk,” he suggested, nervously fiddling with his fingers. You nodded and pointed to a nearby coffee shop that sold arguably the best latte in Queens.

You two found a booth near the back after ordering two medium lattes, Peter refusing to let you pay even though you insisted, him handing the cashier a ten dollar bill. You slid into the leather booth, taking a cautious sip of the chipped mug set in front of you.

“Y/n, I’ve missed you,” Peter stated dejectedly, not beating around the bush, his tone forcing your hesitant eyes up. “And I know what I did was really fuc-“


“But, I’m willing to do everything I possibly can to make it up to you and I’ll ev-“


“And y/n you don’t know how much you me-“


“I’m sorry that I messed up and I know you said you wanted space bu-“

“Peter, you fucking forgot about our anniversary,” you retorted, the anger boiling in your chest having come to a peak, pushing your latte aside. Your fists clenched and landed on the table with a thump.

“You were literally gone for days and you didn’t even think to call or send a text? Or fuck, even an email?” Peter stayed silent, his heart aching as he listened closely. “Nothing. Nothing at all. And that wasn’t even a one time thing! You’ve left me alone at dates multiple times! And your birthday last year? You didn’t even show up to your own fucking party that I planned. I just-“ you took in a deep breath, sighing. “I just couldn’t take it anymore, Peter.”

“I’m sorry y/n, I know I’ve fucked up so many times and you deserve someone so much better than me, but you have no idea how depressed I’ve been the past two months without you.” He tugged the collar of his sweatshirt down, frowning. “I honestly don’t think I can live without you. You don’t know how many times I-“

Peter’s voice broke, and at that moment you knew you were done for. Your facade was replaced with a quivering lip and tear-brimmed eyes, grabbing Peter’s hand from across the small table. 

“Peter,” you said. “It’s just so fucking hard, knowing you’re out there saving the world and all, and it- it scares me that one day you might just not come home after a mission… and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. I wouldn’t be able to live without you either, Peter, bu-“

“No, please y/n, I love you so damn much,” he replied, taking both of your hands in his. “I promise I’ll never leave you. I’ll be in your life forever if that’s what you want, fuck, I hope that’s what you want.” He looked up to the ceiling, trapping his bottom lip with his teeth for a second. “Fuck, I’ll even give up being Spider-Man if it means you’ll love me again, y/n, just come back to me please.” He sniffled, rubbing his sleeve against his nose.

A small smile graced your lips, the tears that were previously balancing on your bottom lash line falling as you looked up at the boy willing to give up literally everything for you. Peter was offering to give up his other persona, the one that gave him joy everyday, to just please you. “Peter, you know I’d never let you do that. That… just means too much to you. It’s your whole world-“

“No, y/n, you’re my whole world. My world is nothing without you in it.” Your heart rate picked up at those words and you rounded the table, sliding into Peter’s booth and wrapping your arms around his neck. You pulled him into an embrace, smiling wide enough to hurt your cheeks. 

You pulled back and Peter swiped his thumb under both of your tear stained eyes, his smile matching your own. “I never stopped loving you Peter. I mean just look at me.” You gestured to yourself. “It’s like 30 degrees out and I’m still wearing your old, tattered sweater.” Your fingers gently brushed tears off of his cheeks, holding his face in your hands.

“Well, if we’re back together officially, then you can take as many of my sweaters as you want, y/n, just promise you’ll never leave me again, because I don’t think I can take being away from you for another day.” Another tear slips out form the corner of his eyes, but he’s quick to wipe it away. “Fuck, I thought you hated me.”

“I could never hate you,” you said sincerely, tugging his face towards you and kissing him with no hesitation from his end. Your lips met easily, the salt from your tears mingling in, and it was without a doubt the most passionate, heart-filled kiss you two had ever shared.

“Did I mention how you’re a huge nerd for still wearing that tattered sweater.”

“You just ruined it Pete, we’re through.” You pulled away, feigning a serious tone and face, trying your best to not burst out laughing as Peter’s whole face changed.

“Are you serious? Y/n, I’m so so sorry…” Peter started stuttering, his eyes wide and his hands getting clammy from the thought of losing you literally a second from getting you back.

“I was being sarcastic, Parker…” you laughed, pushing back the curly hair falling into his eyes, not being able to help yourself.

“Oh,” he responded, blushing from his gullibility.

“Dork.” Your hands found their way back to his jaw, pulling him back into you.

Peter pulled back for a moment, grinning and quickly saying, “Hey, hey. Your dork,” before his lips were on yours once again.