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Best Friends || Peter Parker Imagine

Word Count: 1,850

Requests: Hiiii! Could you pretty please do a Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x reader, where she, Peter and Ned are best friends in high school and Ned is the first one to notice Peter has a total crush on her. Fast forward to noticing she feels the same and trying to get them together? Bonus points for Spiderman? Thank youuuu 😘😘 @betty234

ahhh i’m in love with your blog!!! also very much in love with spider-man (tom holland….) soooo if you’re still taking requests, would you write one about peter parker being your best friend but obviously both of you like each other so you go do “couple-ish” things like cuddling while watching movies, etc. but one day you go out shopping (him carrying your bags whilst trying on clothes haha) and something happens so he has to go fight crime but ends up coming back, etc., fluffy/cute. ty! xx

A/N:I tried my best

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Y/N looked around the cafeteria looking for her best friends, Peter and Ned. She has been friends with them ever since the 4th grade when they took her to the nurse’s office after she scraped her knee at recess. They instantly clicked and have been inseparable since.

She spotted a head of light brown locks(i swear his hair is slightly reddish though), Peter Parker. Y/N walked up to the table that him and Ned are sitting at, clutching the now wrinkled paper in her hand. “Guys! I passed my math test!” She squealed as she sat down in front of the boys. Ned smiled. “That’s great! What grade did you get?” He asked with the smile still there.

“I got a 97! Ms. Busch said I got the best grade in the class.” She said still grinning. “You should be thanking me for helping you study.” Peter said with a cheeky smile on his face. “Why thank you Peter Parker,my knight in shinning armor, for helping me not fail the worst class in the world.” Y/N stated dramatically. Ned started dying with laughter even though it wasn’t that funny.

“So, what’d you guys do over the weekend?” She asked as she started eating the food off of Peter’s plate.

“I watched all of the Star Wars movies. It was awesome.” Ned told. “What about you Pete?” Y/N asked again.

“What? Oh, I-I went to the movies with…. with my Aunt! Yeah, yeah with May.” Peter answered awkwardly. Ned looked at him with a ‘dude, your'e such a fucking liar’ look, on his face. “Well that’s cool. What movie did you see?” Y/N asked while having a look of confusion on her face due to Peter’s sudden awkwardness. “Well, that’s the thing, it was some chick flick. I don’t really remember the name.” Peter lied. It’s not like Peter could tell her that he was busy beating bad guys up and getting his ass beat as his alter ego, Spider-Man.

The three of them continued talking about random nothings until they heard the bell ring, signalling the end of the lunch period. The three of them started heading to their next class, Chemistry, which they gladly had together. Y/N walked to the class and put her backpack on the lab table with her head on top, groaning. “I don’t want to be here.” She groaned as her friends laughed at her. “It’s alright. We’ll get through this together.” Peter said with mock sympathy while patting her back. Y/N gave him a childish glare as she sat up to see Ned staring at his 2 friends with an odd look on his face.

“What are you staring at?” Peter asked as he looked at Ned, who was looking between his friends “Oh, it’s nothing.” He replied with sarcasm and a small, almost non existent smirk on his face while Peter just shrugged it off. Y/N just groaned again as she pulled out her notebook from her bag. The tardy bell hadn’t rung yet so the trio continued their conversation from lunch Under the table, Peter reached for Y/N’s hand. Their hands intertwined with each other like it was routine, because it was. The two held hands all the time because it was something that came so naturally to them.

“So, do you guys want to go to the mall this Saturday? I have nothing to do, and I want to hang with my best buds.” Y/N asked with a smile on her face. “I can’t. I am swamped with homework.” Ned answered, sounding over exaggerated. Peter knew that Ned was just trying to set him up with Y/N, due to his forever-long crush on the girl. “What about you Petey? Are you just going to leave me hanging by myself?” She asked sarcastically.

Peter chuckled as he lightly squeezed her hand. “I would never leave you hanging.” He said just before the bell rang, silently thanking Ned for having too ‘much homework’.

“Since you never leave me hanging, do you want to stay the night on Friday since we’re hanging out Saturday?” Y/N whispered to Peter. “Sure, I gotta tell May though.” He whispered back with a smile as he leaned back into his chair to listen to the teacher.


Friday quickly approached and the two friends soon walked to Y/N’s house together.

“What movie do you wanna watch?” Y/N asked as she hopped on her bed in her PJs, next to Peter. “Whatever movie you want to watch.” He replied.

“You are too corny, Mr.Parker.” She said as she picked up a dvd that was on her bedside table. She opened the case and put the disk in her laptop. Y/N wrapped her hands around Peter’s torso, and she draped her leg over his. Peter put his arm around her and pulled her close to him. This was completely normal for them.

Halfway through the movie Y/N fell asleep on Peter’s chest. Peter smiled lovingly at the girl on top of him thinking about all the reasons he loved her. There was too many to count.


“This looks so bad.” She complained to her friend whom was carrying all of her bags while waiting outside of the fitting rooms of one of her favorite stores. “Come on. It can’t loo that bad. Let me see.“Peter begged as he placed the bags down on the floor. Y/N walked out of the dressing room wearing a dress that looked absolutely stunning on her. Peter just stared,with his mouth opened a bit.

"In what world does this look bad? You look amazing.” Peter gushed as he admired his best friend. “This is why we are friends, Peter Parker. You are the sweetest person I have ever met.” Y/N stated. Peter’s phone buzzed as Y/N went back into the dressing room to change back to her regular clothes.

Peter got a notification from Twitter. There was an armed robbery happening a few blocks from the mall he was just at. He didn’t want to leave Y/N alone but, people could get hurt. “Y/N? Listen I, I gotta go. Something came up. I’m sorry.” He shouted to the door as he sped off to his house to get his suit. “Wait, what? Peter!?” Y/N yelled as she tried to pull of the rest of the dress.

Y/N left the dressing room to see all of her bags on the floor, where her best friend should’ve been.


Y/N left the mall after buying the dress. She hailed a cab to get home.

About two hours after she got home, it was already dark out. Y/N was in her room, scrolling on her phone when she heard a loud knock on her window. Nobody ever knocked on her window so she was a little bit scared. Y/N went to pull the curtain to see who was on the other side of the glass. Hwn she saw the red suit, she looked confused. “What the fuck?” she said as she opened her window. Spider-Man crawled in through the window and fell against the floor. There was slashes all over his body.

“What the fuck?” She said again as she went to get a bag of vegetables to put on the bruises he most likely had, and some other medical supplied like peroxide and bandages. As she was taking off the body part of his suit to try and fix him she asked him, “Why the hell did Spider-Man show up at my window like this?” Still shocked, she put some peroxide on a cloth and then put that on his cuts. The man wheezed at the pain. He reached for his mask to pull it off. The mask slowly pulled off of his face and Y/N started to see that his face was laced with a painful expression. She only noticed who the man was when he took the mask off completely. “B-Because I’m Spider-Man.” Her best friend replied.

Y/N was not at all prepared for this. The end of her day panned out differently in her head.  "Oh my god. Oh my god.“ She exclaimed as she wrapped his body with bandages. Nothing was said after that though. Once Y/N was done with his wounds, she just sat on her bed, flabbergasted.

The two were silent before she spoke. "Does Ned know?” She asked as he started to sit up and lean against her wall. he only nodded his head.

“Why didn’t you tell me, Pete?” Y/N asked the question she was dreading. “I-I don’t know. I just wanted to keep you safe. If someone found out how much you meant to Spider-Man, they could hurt you and I didn’t want that to happen.” He replied rubbing his neck and looking at anything but you.

“I just wish you would’ve told me. We couldv'e fought crime together.” Y/N joked as she saw a faint smile apear on Peter’s lips. She stood up from her bed and moved to sit next to him on the floor, against the wall. “No more secrets, okay? Even if that means I get hurt. You have to promise to tell me everything from now on. Promise?” She asked with a faint voice. “I promise.” He swore, looking into her eyes.

“Guess I have to tell you something else than….” Peter muttered as he scratched his neck again. Y/N looked at him with curiosity. He sighed, putting his head in his hands.

“Peter, what is it?” Y/N asked with concern.

“I love you, okay? I have ever since 6th grade and I wanted to get over it but it’s hard because I know you would never like me back. When I see you everyday, I fall even more in love with you and I don’t know how to stop it and I don’t think I want to. You mean everything to me. And I would hate myself if you ever got hurt because of Spider-Man.” He exclaimed. Peter was glad to get that off of his chest but, he might have just ruined his friendship with you, forever.

“Oh Peter Parker. You have no idea what you do to me.” She said as she straddled his thighs and caught his lips in a kiss. He was shocked but also relieved that he didn’t get rejected. You pulled away, desperate to get air into your lungs.

“I have loved you for the longest time, Peter. You are my best friend and I trust you with everything. God, I wish you would’ve told me that you loved me sooner.” Y/N said, cutting her speech short, being desperate for another kiss. Peter pulled away with a sharp gasp, needing air. The two just smiled at each other, foreheads pressed against one another. Both of the teens were panting from the heated kiss. “And you should also be glad that Spider-Man is one of my favorite superheros.” She said, making Peter laugh.

First Move

Parings: Peter Parker x Reader
Notes: “shy Petey Parker (Tom Holland vers) having a crush on a nerd who loves star wars and other things like him but he’s scared to go talk to them so they make the first move ?”
Warnings: None
Word Count: 973

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“You should go talk to him.”

“Y/f/n!” You burst out in annoyance, placing a finger in your book before you turned to them with a glare. “When will you be quiet about this?” You pushed your glasses up the bridge of your nose as you huffed out a frustrated sigh. “I’m trying to study.”

“And I’m trying to help you.” They sang, a grin on their face as they leaned across the lunch table to grab your book. “Besides, you’ve been studying Star Wars long enough. You need to socialize!” They threw their hands into the air briefly as you continued to glare at them, the grip on your book tightening each time they tried to yank on it.

“This is for the physics test, y/f/n.” Hissing through your teeth, you gave up on holding your book when you suddenly let go, your friend almost falling off of the bench at the force. “And one can never know too much about Star Wars,” You pointed a stern finger in their direction. “Now will you quit making a scene? I don’t want people staring.”


“You’re staring, Peter!”

Peter jumped as a hand suddenly landed on his shoulder, and he quickly hid his face from view as a blush crawled up his neck. “N-no I’m not!” He shook his head, denying his previous actions before glancing in your direction once more, turning back to his friend. “I wasn’t staring.”

“Just talk to them, man!” Peters friend exclaimed and he jutted a hand in your direction. “You guys will get along great. You both like they same things, you’re both major nerds, and—”

“Just because we’re smarter than you doesn’t mean we’re nerds.”

“—whatever!” His friend scoffed, crossing his arms as he leaned forward on to the table, a playful glare on his face. “Now, if you don’t man up and talk to your little cutie crush, I’m gonna tell them every single secret that you—”

“Wait!” Peters eyes suddenly widened and he sat up straight, his shoulders tensing up as he watched something behind his friend. “Shut up! They’re coming!” Peter cleared his throat as he went to stand up, but his friend quickly grabbed his wrist, keeping him in his spot at the table. “What’re you doing? Let go of—”

“Hey..” A small smile was playing at your lips, and you gave a small nod of acknowledgement to Peter and his friend as you stood in front of them. “I uh…” The words couldn’t form as you stood there, clutching tightly to your books as your eyes were cast towards the ground in nervousness.

“I’m just gonna go.” Peters friend suddenly stood up, a knowing smirk growing on his face and he tossed a subtle wink in Peters direction before he walked off. “Have fun you two!”

Raising an eyebrow, you turned back to Peter with an amused expression. Peter was smiling awkwardly at you, rubbing the back of his neck as he stood up as well, but not following his friend out of the cafeteria. Instead, he greeted you with a nervous smile. “I-I’m sorry about him,” He apologized, motioning for you to sit across from him. “He’s just… being a little weird.” A laugh came from you, and you nodded as you set your books down next to you.

“I know what you mean.” You replied with a smile, folding your hands for a second in front of you. You glanced back over to your friend, who gave you two big thumbs up before winking at you. You scoffed at their action as you swiveled back to quickly face Peter. The action was fast, making your glasses slide back down your nose as you did so, and you smiled kindly at him as he looked away.

You had seen Peter around the school before this meeting of yours, having him in almost all of your classes but two. He was a very kind person, keeping mostly to himself other than hanging around a few friends of his. He was also an attractive boy in your opinion. The way his eyes lit up as he tried to explain something he liked to someone, or the way his hair would bounce as he laughed. He was just too cute.

You cleared your throat for what felt for the third time in three minutes, trying to form an intelligent sentence to clear the awkward tension.

“So I—”


The two of you paused, smiling awkwardly at each other before you looked to the table in embarrassment. “I’m sorry!” You quickly apologized, waving a hand in front of you. “You can start,” Fumbling with your hands you quickly averted your gaze back to the table when you caught his eyes.

“Oh, okay.” Peter sat up straighter, clearing his throat loudly before he gave you a semi-confident smile. “I uh- just wanted to say that I think you look good today.” A blush filled your cheeks at his compliment, and Peter was quick to add on to his sentence. “Not that you don’t look good everyday! I just meant that you looked really good today and rang— I’m just gonna shut up now.” He mumbled, pursing his lips a bit as he rubbed his clammy palms against his jeans.

“Thank you.” You smiled once again, holding a hand out in front of you to shake his hand. “I’m y/n, by the way, if you didn’t know.” You introduced yourself as you lightly shook his hand, taking note of how cute his smile was when he looked at you. Wait what?

“I know.” Peter blurted out, a hand flying to his mouth momentarily as another blush filled his cheeks. “I mean,” He coughed, looking down to the table to avoid your stare. “I’m Peter! Nice to meet you… y/n.”

Insecurities My Ass

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*Requested By Anon

Author: Flannel-and-fandoms
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Word Count: 630 (It’s short, I know)
Warnings: Language, fluff, reader insecurities
Summary: After Peter notices how strange you’ve been acting he gets down to the bottom of it.
A/N: I’ve never done peter before, so here goes…
Also Tagging: @jensenbabe  @frenchtherainbow @smilexcaptainx  @mylittlefandomfanfictions  @seargantbcky

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