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Netflix and chill

Prompts requested by @thatcrazyfangirlmaze sorry took to long.

10. That’s my spot! I guess we have to share
5.Stop looking at me like that it’s making me horny.

“Hey babe? You want popcorn or chips?” Peter asked you from the kitchen. “Both, both is good” you answered, you were lazily laying on the sofa searching for something good to watch on Netflix.

It was 3 am and everyone in the base were on a mission expect for you and Peter. Having the tower to yourselves you opted to watch movies.

“Ok so are you ready, we got our refills and movie” Peter sat next to you, pulling the blanket to cover your bodies. Peter grabbed the remote to press play, when you jolted up and screamed “bathroom break, sorry babe”. You ran to the bathroom making peter laugh.

When you walked to the sofa you weren’t exactly expecting your boyfriend to be sitting on your seat. No it wasn’t just a ‘seat’ it was your seat and Peter knew it very well. Hell every god damn avenger in this tower knew to not mess with your seat. And here you have Peter sitting on your seat while he shoved popcorn down his mouth.

“Uh Pete what are you doing?” He looked up at you offering some chips to witch you politely refused “ I’m eating chips, why?” He smiled Why is seriously asking WHY. He knows exactly why.

Ok Y/n deep breaths, “hum honey can you move? That’s my spot” you asked kindly. Peter looked at you and then at the seat on which he was sitting on, a sly smile adored his face “nah I like it here,” he spoke again.

You know that it was childish, but that was your seat and you were there first he didn’t have any rights to sit on it what so ever"

“Pete pls that’s my spot” you tried to sound made but it came out as a whine instead, Peter chucked “ i guess we can share” he said.

You smiled and sat next to him, but you were squished in the middle of Peter and small space between the edge of the couch.

“Comfy babe?” Peter kissed the side of your head “ you can always go sit on the other side?” He offered.

“ no no I am fine” you said and pressed play, you were watching Jessica Jones. Ned, Peter’s best friend kept telling him to watch it, and Peter kept bugging you to watch it with him.

You thought today would be the perfect time to do so.

The show is great, both of you liked. The only thing you weren’t prepared for was the sex scenes and right now you were in the middle of second one, and were you just at the first episode.

You don’t usually get ‘excited’ during sex scenes in movies but something about this really turned you on, maybe it was the way Peter’s hand rested on your thigh and his fingers made small circles on it or just the way he looked at you during the sex scenes or just him being so close to you that you were able to feel his little friend poke your bum or the way he breathed on your neck. Which ever it was it was making you crazy.

“Stop looking at me like that it’s making me horny” you breathed, you weren’t expecting Peter to hear you since the room was filled with moans coming from the tv, but he did.

He lean closer to your ear and bit your ear lobe, and whispered “ maybe that’s what I want”.

A/n : wow it’s feels like long time since I didn’t write anything and I am sorry about that, but not any more since I finished school and my exams I will be writing way more than before. Btw thanks for the 800+ you guys

Hostile (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Are requests still open? If so, can I request a Peter Parker imagine where he meets reader who is Tony Stark’s daughter? And they really hate each other (Reader is jealous since Tony spends more time with him/always talks about him/compares them, so she’s rude to Peter and they fight all the time.) But they are physically attracted to each other and Tony teases them because of the sexual tension between them. But no smut, just fluff and maybe a make-out-session. Thanks in advance! :)

A/N: Hey! As you can see, I’m doing requests in the order that I like -if I haven’t done yours and it was sent before this one, it is because I wasn’t feeling inspired! It will be up soon, though! Hope you enjoy this one!

‘’I just gotta do this on my own,’’ you mimicked Peter, ‘’yet I’m going to be at the Stark Tower all the time when I’m not even invited.’’
You slammed your bedroom door shut as you left, angry at your father for cancelling your plans once more in the span of a week just to help his newest hobby, Peter Parker, inviting him to dinner after fixing his suit.
You had found the boy nice as first -he was cute, kind and shy. You had thought you would get along with him, but you couldn’t have been more wrong -every time you made plans with your dad, he never failed to show up last minute saying that his suit was broken or that a thug had escaped. You had let it pass at first -you knew it wasn’t his fault; but it had gotten annoying after the tenth time.
You walked into the kitchen, phone in hand and not looking at Peter. He knew you couldn’t stand him, and you were pretty sure he disliked you.
You took a seat in front of him and looked at your father, at the head of the table, looking at the both of you with a proud smile.
‘’I love having the both of you together,’’ your father said proudly, ‘’my two little prodigies.’’
You rolled your eyes and chewed on your food, not raising your eyes from your plate.
‘’You are acting as if you had slept together and Peter hadn’t called the day after’’ your father said.
Peter choked on his food and turned red, you simply rolling your eyes once again. You looked at him briefly, your gaze fixating on his lips for a moment until you caught him looking at you, at which you diverted your gaze.
‘’[Y/N], did you know Peter-‘’ your father started, at which you cut him off.
‘’I’m not hungry,’’ you said, ‘’I’m going to my room.’’
You left the kitchen before anybody had time to respond and hurried to your room, trying not to be mad at the fact that your father had been paying more attention to a random boy than his own daughter.
You lied on your bed and looked at the ceiling for a minute, finally sitting up and fidgeting with your hands. You got up and walked around your room, bored and wanting to go to the living room to watch TV, but not wanting to see Peter.
Deciding to set your pride aside, you walked to the door. Just as you were about to open it, you were pushed back as somebody opened it first, sending you backwards and almost falling over.
‘’What’s your problem?’’ you asked the intruder as you recovered from the fright.
‘’What is my problem?’’ Peter fired back. ‘’What is your problem? It looks as if you hated me and I have done nothing to you!’’
‘’It doesn’t matter that I hate you!’’ you whisper-shouted. ‘’You already have my father’s whole love, so I think that’s enough.’’
He laughed bitterly, crossing his arms on his chest.
‘’So your problem is that you are jealous?’’ he asked, a smirk on his face.
‘’Don’t play cocky, Parker,’’ you told him, pointing at him, ‘’you don’t even know how to form a coherent sentence without stuttering, so don’t think I will be self-conscious by the way you are acting.’’
A frown appeared on his forehead as he walked closer to you.
‘’I didn’t mean for any of this to happen, so you can stop acting this way and start acting like a nice person’’ he whispered, his forehead practically touching yours.
Trying to stay focused, you started looking around the room, but your eyes ended up looking at his lips, and you had to fight the urge to kiss him.
‘’Maybe if you spent more time at your house instead of mine I wouldn’t be this mad’’ you whispered, knowing that he would hear you no matter how quietly you spoke.
‘’I-‘’ he started before being cut off by your lips.
What started as a soft kiss quickly turned into a full make-out session, your hand messing up his hair as he put his hands on your hips and pushed you against a wall, making sure that there was no space between the both of you. His tongue entered your mouth and one of his hands grabbed your neck, pulling you closer to him.
When you finally broke apart to breathe, you didn’t know what to do. You looked him in the eyes and said nothing, waiting for him to say something first so the situation wouldn’t be awkward.
‘’Well,’’ he started, ‘’I hope you are less hostile towards me from now-on.’’

Her Thrift Shop

Hey babes! This is an entirely innocent, fluffy oneshot about a reader who works in a thrift shop after school that happens to be right by where her crush, Peter Parker, walks home everyday! They have a few minor interactions before Tony Stark forces Peter to confront his feelings for the reader one day in the shop. I hope that you guys like it!

Her Thrift Shop

    The thrift store in which she worked was right smack in the middle of where Peter Parker often walked home. She smiled, balancing her chin on top of her hands as she leaned against the sales counter that she manned, fondly reminiscing of her favorite Peter sightings.

    The first time that she had spotted him, Peter had been walking home with his best friend, Ned, while she dragged a rack of clothing outside. They had made direct eye contact from two opposite sides of the street and she’d stumbled over the rack’s wheels, while Peter flat out walked into a streetlamp. She’d done her best to politely stifle the giggle aching to bubble out of her throat, but Ned full on cackled at Peter’s expense. Even from across the street, the girl could tell that Peter was strawberry red. Shoving his palms into his pockets, he paced ahead while Ned was still bent over laughing.

    The second time, Peter was walking home with his head bent down, bobbing his head along to the music that coursed through his headphones. She noticed him from inside the shop, peeking her head out from behind the mannequin that she was attempting to wrestle into a figure-hugging dress. She sighed, pausing her frantic movements to walk as Peter peacefully walked by.

    He just looked so damn cute all the time. His hair was unruly from the gusts of wind that filtered throughout the city, and his blue sweater looked soft and warm, and she was ready to bet her entire existence that he smelled of clean laundry. She noticed that Peter’s jeans were rolled at the bottom, and her heart ached. There was hardly anything she wouldn’t give to be with him. At this point, she’d settle for a nod of a hello, or a wave, anything that allowed her bask in Peter’s acknowledgement of her existence.

    “That’s a cute boy,” her much older co-worker commented loudly from behind her. “Do you know him?” She questioned, wiggling her brows up and down and smirking at her.

    The girl’s coworker happened to be her only coworker. The woman owned the tiny consignment store and only had enough money to employ one other salesperson, which happened to be her. The woman was in her early 60s but flirted as if she was still a teen. She was sharp, and witty and never allowed the store’s uniquely vintage merchandise to go for less than it was worth. Utter and complete warmth resided in her eyes, and she was happy to help people create the perfect outfit. Goodness, as well as happiness, radiated from her being. The girl smiled, knowing that her friend was the kind of adult that she’d like to eventually grow into herself. However, she refused to inherit the woman’s brashness in these sorts of situations.

    A ferocious blush overcame her features and she quickly averted her gaze and went back to forcing the tiny dress down the hips of the mannequin. “No, he just goes to my school. We haven’t even said two words to one another.”

    “Oh, that’s peculiar because he’s got major heart eyes for you right now,” the woman commented, nudging her younger companion’s arm. “Look, say hello!” She began to wave at Peter, much to the girl’s dismay. “Hi sweetie!” The lady called out to Peter’s bashful form across the street.

    “No! Oh my gosh, he’s going to think I’m such a weirdo!” The girl cried out, burying her face in the dress.

    “Honey, the only reason that he’d think you’re a weirdo is because you aren’t waving back.” The woman shook her head, “he’s absolutely precious, don’t fuck it up! For goodness sake, wave!” She commanded and finally, the girl did, unable to meet Peter’s eyes. The girl did, however, take note that Peter was waving hello back to her.

Her third and final favorite Peter sighting was when she was rushing to park her car, hurriedly taking the first spot available on the side of the street opposite to where the thrift shop sat. As the girl hastily clambered from her vehicle, she’d been so quick to slam her door shut that she had nearly wrecked her hand in the process.

Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut and the girl could feel tears welling up, but someone caught her hand before she could inflict any harm to herself.

“Did it get you?” Peter’s worried, brown eyes peered down at her. “I- I tried to stop it, but it was just so close.” He stammered, cupping his hands together to examine her for damage that he didn’t prevent.

“Peter,” the girl started, coherent words were coming very hard for her at this point in time, “I didn’t even see you. How’d you get here so fast?” Peter was bright red and the girl could tell, judging by the heat she felt all over, that she was too. She mentally chided herself for being so careless. The girl just couldn’t believe that the first conversation that she had with the guy of her dreams would be taking place right after she foolishly almost broke her own wrist.

Peter shook his head as a mumble escaped his lips, “was close to you, but not in a creepy way, I just happened to be walking home and I saw you, and you were there, and your car-” he rambled, still holding her hand.

She cut him off, “thank you, Peter. I’d be in a whole world of hurt without you.”

Peter’s blush only intensified due to the sincerity dripping from her words, he couldn’t even bring his head up to meet her gaze. “Course, least I can do for the pr-, you.” He cut himself off as fast as he could before she realized that he was going to inform her that she was the prettiest girl in their entire high school. Truth be told, Peter had made up his mind that she was positively the prettiest girl to ever exist.

She gestured to the thrift shop, “come in sometime, we’ll hook you up with some neat, vintage apparel!” She cringed inwardly, cursing herself for speaking like an advertisement in front of Peter.

“Yeah! Yeah, totally, definitely, yeah!” Peter said, awkwardly letting her hand go, “I’ll just, yeah! You know, schools have dances, and whatnot. I’ll see you sometime.” He shrugged his shoulders as they each turned to go their separate ways.

“See you soon?” She questioned as Peter smiled and waved, worming his other hand into the pockets of his hoodie, “And Peter? Seriously, thank you again for saving me from my own lateness,” she laughed.

Peter beamed at her, holding eye contact as he backed away from her, a genuine smile sweeping across his features, “It was my pleasure!”

He watched as she ran across the middle of the street and yanked open the thrift store’s door. She turned and waved to him one last time and Peter did the best he could to not skip the rest of the way home. She had literally just told him to come back and see her. He was going to do everything in his power to create some sort of reason for their paths to cross again.

    The girl was forced to exit her daydreams when the front door’s bell pinged, alerting the young girl that customers were entering the little shop. She smiled, opening her mouth to begin welcoming them inside, but when she turned, she took note of who her patrons were and  froze, her eyes wide open. Standing the thrift store’s doorway stood a grinning Tony Stark and an evermore timid Peter Parker.

    “Peter?” She stuttered out, confusion lacing itself into her tone. Mr. Tony Stark had a nearly endless supply of cash, and she was aware that he’d gotten Peter some expensive items before, so wonder coursed through her body as she tried to figure out why it was that they stood in her tiny, vintage consignment shop.

    “See,” Tony said, nudging Peter’s chest with his elbow, “she does too know you.” Peter turned around and she could hear him utter a soft, but powerful, string of curse words as Tony ambled up to her counter. “Hello there, we’re here looking for an outfit for the upcoming school dance, got any ideas?”

    Her brows knitted together, “But Mr. Stark, our next school dance is months away?” She fiddled with her necklace, snaring her lower lip between her teeth.

    “Ah yes, well, this was all just a clever ploy to get Peter through the door so he could actually talk to you instead of talking everyone he comes into contact’s ear off about you.” A soft gasp fell past her lips as Tony continued, “I’m just going to leave him here. Do what you wish with him, I’m sure that he won’t mind.”

    As Tony turned on his heel and neared the door, Peter looked as though he was exasperatingly attempting to communicate something to him, which Tony blatantly ignored, mumbling a, “you’ll thank me later,” as he allowed the door to slam behind him.

    After a few moments, Peter turned to her, redder than she’d ever seen him and said, “you know Mr. Stark, he likes his grand entrances and exits both.” Peter did his best to laugh off the bucket of embarrassment that he was currently drowning in, and he made a show of locating the men’s section and sifting through racks of clothes.

    From her safe space behind the counter, she knew that she could either do her job and try to actually get somewhere with Peter, or, she could remain behind the glass and rot with the regret of not even trying with him for the rest of her life. Plunking up every ounce of courage that she could muster up, she decided on the first.

Making her way over to where Peter’s body was obscured by articles of clothing, she called out, “is there a specific era that I can help you locate, sir?” She asked, a small smile teasing the corner of her lips.

“I- I, uhm, sure,” Peter stuttered out, his nerves taking control of his body. “Could you help me find something that’ll make me look like Marty McFly?”

She laughed and before she could stop herself, she grabbed Peter’s hand and began guiding him through the endless abyss of clothing to the 80s section. He did his best to ignore the way her hips slightly swayed in her velvet miniskirt, and ignore how floral and sweet she smelled, but Peter couldn’t help but follow her puppy eyes.

“So, here we are at the-” the girl started, but Peter quickly cut her off.

“Do you wanna maybe, shit, I interrupted you,” he dropped his eyes and shifted slightly away from her, “I know that the next dance is a while away, but when it finally gets here, would you want to possibly, maybe, go with me?” He scratched the back of his head and scuffed his sneakers against the floor.

She gasped, her heart rising into her throat, “yes! Yes, yeah, totally! Peter, I’d love to go to the dance with you, but until then, do you maybe want to go to the new art exhibit right around the corner? I get off in an hour or so, if you don’t mind waiting, or if you do, you can come back, or you know, something.”

Peter perked up immediately and began nodding his head wildly, “I’ll wait for you, if that’s alright with you.”

“Of course,” she smiled, moving in closer to Peter, the adrenaline of asking her crush out on a date fueling her to be even more daring. “But only if,” she leaned up onto her tiptoes, her mouth not even a few centimeters away from his, “I can dress you like Johnny Castle from ‘Dirty Dancing’ instead on Marty McFly.”

Peter slipped a delicate arm around her waist and breathed, “if you move a little bit closer, you can dress me however you want.”

Doing as Peter had suggested, she eliminated the space between them, giggling into the first of their many kisses inside of her thrift store.

|| meaningful silence ||

[request prompt: A Peter x reader one shot where the reader is mute and is always writing down what she wants to say to Peter? Then one day she signs something to him and it keeps happening over and over at random times when they hang out?? he realized later on that she keeps signing “I love you”???]

now it’s time for something sweet ♡

tags [permanent + peter parker]: @ghostedwolf , @lovelybaka , @animexchocolate, @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller , @moonlight53 , @literatureandimmature, @daydr3ams-away, @wannabe-weasley , @mcusebstan , @tmrhollandkay , @pepcvina , @nekonerdxox , @lokigirl18 , @fangeekkk , @kylielo22 , @wavy-ley , @lghockey , @buckysendoftheline , @1022bridgetp , @potterjamesharry , @aenna-4 , @mcheung0314 , @samanthasmileys , @melconnor2007 , @wingsanddarkness , @tiny-friggin-human

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Ah tumblr.

Thank you for blocking my pure child eyes from sinful content such as Spider-Man, E3 coverage, and Be More Chill image sets. To keep me safe and untainted.

Now if only you could so something the 54+ porn blogs that follow me, a child, now that. That could be a miraaaaaaccccccllllleeee


Standing in the middle of both teams before the fight starts and you look between Steve and Tony and start ranting “See what we not finna do…”

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Designated Drivers - Oneshot

“our mutual friend dared the two of us to chug a whole pint of beer and I’m not going to let you beat me” AU

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Language? Underage drinking

Word Count: 1, 349

Summary: You and Peter Parker always seem to be the designated drivers in your friend groups and one day they decide to make you have a good time.

A/N: I’ve had the whole “two DDs bonding at a party while everyone else is drunk” idea for a while and finding this fun prompt by @iobeyfandoms finally motivated me to do something with it. Also I’m boosting them up to being high school seniors (18y/o) so that the underage drinking isn’t as bad (also 18 is legal drinking age where I live but high school kids will drink anyways). 

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As much as you enjoyed hanging out with your friends, parties were never really your thing, much less drinking. Thus you assumed the role of designated driver as the mom of the group and would always be the one to make sure your friends got home safely at the end of the night.

Peter Parker was the same. That’s how the two of you became such close friends. You weren’t a student at Midtown High, but you attended another nearby high school and you were childhood friends with Liz Allen who was always at the center of all these social events. Her as well as you and Peter’s other friends always dragged you to these parties whether you wanted to or not. It was usually the latter until you met Peter.

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Peter Parker Imagine

Requested: Anonymous

Imagine: can you write a peter parker imagine where you both have secret identities. and you’re peter’s girlfriend and so one night you had to leave in the middle of the night. (while ur sleeping with him) and so you sneak out and you go and fight but when you return, peter asked where you were. but you couldn’t tell him and he thinks you’re cheating on him. make the ending sad..? thx!

Warning: bad ending ->-

‘’Hey Y/N. Mind passing me the popcorn?’’ peter asks.

 You nod and grab the big bowl of popcorn, putting it in between you and Peter. He shoved his hand inside and got a big handful of popcorn, he than stuffed it all into his face, chewing loudly afterwards. You smile and roll your eyes at how adorable he looked when he stuffed his face like an animal. You were watching your favorite movie because you got hurt on your last mission and you needed something to lift your spirits. Peter didn’t know how you got hurt and you weren’t planning on telling him the truth.

 All you told him was that you fell off your bike and your scraped your arm. Of course, he didn’t really believe you at first because your scrape on your arm was more severe than a simple bike fall. But Peter just wanted to take care of you and give you what you wanted, and you wanted to watch a movie. It was practically midnight when the movie ended. Peter shut it off and let out a tired yawn stretching out his arms.

 He put his arm around you and smacked his lips together tiredly.

‘’You ready to go to sleep Y/N?’’ peter asks, looking over at you.

‘’Yeah.’’ you nod.

 Peter laid down and pretty much passed out right when he hit the pillow. You smiled and looked at him, he was so handsome, you never knew how you got so lucky. Before you kissed him goodnight, your watch you were wearing started to beep rapidly. Your eyes went wide and you throw your hand over your watch, hoping it would stop.

‘’Mmm. What was that Y/N?’’ peter moans, flipping over on the other side of his body.

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