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J-14 All Access behind the scenes of Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spidey Stunts

Tom Holland plays a young Peter Parker who’s just settling into his role as Spider-Man. In the Movie, we’ll watch him struggle to balance his every day life with his desire to prove his crime-fighting skills, so of course, Tom got to do lots of cool stunts, like you see on the left. “I had to jump off this 35-foot platform,” he reveales only to J-14. Wow! And Tom will never forget filming the scene below because of of one very special visitor. “It was the day Granny Tess came to visit me on set,” he dishes. “She was so happy to see her grandson doing his thang!” Aww!

Real Chemistry

Laura Harrier plays Peter’s love interest, Liz Allen. “Tom is so funny and charming,” she gushes. “"It made it really easy and natural to create the chemistry between Liz and Peter!”

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We are so privileged to have something as great as video games that a lot of the time we all forget that video games are meant to have fun. How you have that fun shouldn’t matter. What’s fun for you may not be fun for someone else and vice versa. But no one else should be put down because of what brings THEM joy.


I’m currently writing a Peter Parker x Stark!Reader where the reader has special abilities. I’m thinking of making it into a small series featuring some of the Avengers. Would you guys be interested in reading it? Please let me know here!

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