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Captain America : The Cake That Visited The Original “Civil War” Sets In Berlin And Leipzig

A few months ago I came across a post someone made looking for people to contribute to a birthday book that they meant to give Sebastian Stan at Wizard World Chicago. Now that his appearance there is cancelled, I decided to post what me and my friends @hayleyalwell @temporary-fiix came up with for our contribution.

I don’t think Sebastian’s ever gonna see this now, but maybe you guys have fun looking at the pictures!

We baked a cake, But not just any cake! Here it is:

Remark: This picture was taken after two days of relentless shooting and it already crumbled apart in about five of the cracks that you can see there.

But not just that, as I live in Berlin and am originally from a village very close to Leipzig, I came up with the idea to bring that cake to the original set places they used for the movie.

I am posting them in the order we did them in, explaining a few things that got changed via CGI and digital set editing after they filmed the scenery.

Fist stop, Leipzig!

Funnily enough, when we reached the parking deck that they must have parked the car on (which is actually fifth floor and not ground level as we are made to believe), we found this little gent:

The escalator Bucky and Sam bicker in front of after Spidey shoots them from the Departure level in the Airport terminal:

We had our first encounter with the police there as they thought the shiny little lump looked to dangerous to be a cake.

The advertisement board Bucky hides behind seconds before Peter goes “Hey Buddy, I think you lost this”:

It’s also the one (we think) he sits on when he talks to Bucky and Sam before Sam lets Red Wing solve the situation. 

The terminal that Sam and Bucky run through:

Just to make it clear: No one ate the cake afterwards ;)

This scene:

Fun fact: The parking building you see behind Bucky is actually on the other side of the terminal cause they are interlinked. You can’t actually see the two buildings from inside each other like pictured in the movie. 

Also this angle:

Something I am extremely proud of finding at the Airport, Cap running towards the helicopter after suiting up:

This shot was taken right at one of the pedastrian exits of the parking building and required me rolling on the floor for quite some time. As you can see, they completely altered the area next to it.

Cause this is what the actual ‘airport battlefield they fight on’ actually looks like when we consider the view onto the terminal:

Let’s go to Berlin then.

The building that T’Challa and Bucky fight on and jump off of in ‘Bucharest’:

We’re pretty convinced that all of the scenes in “Bucharest” were shot in Berlin, including the market, and altered afterwards.

This is the tunnel they chase through:

This is actually the part - we think - where they get stopped by the police and War Machine before getting arrested. Securitty is very strict there so there was no way of getting down and taking better pics. 

The building where the examination and the escaltion happens:

It took us actual ages to find this spot because it got so drastically altered in the end result that is the movie. They added a few buildings and moved Berlin’s famous Dom right behind it while you couldn’t actually see it from there (it’s about 1,5 miles away from there). 

And last but not least, the part of the river where Steve pulls Bucky out from the helicopter:

(I drive past that sport on my way to work every single day of the work week, btw!)

This is us before revealing the big secret that the cake held inside itself all the time:

And noooow *drumroll*, because Bucky isn’t Bucky without Steve and vice versa: