spider man 2.1


Say what you want about Sami Raimi’s Spider-Man films (especially the third one. Say anything at all about that pile of shit), but I think the action scenes are amazingly done.
I think this one is from “Spider-Man 2.1″, or whatever the fuck it was called, and I’d be hard pressed to find a fight scene as epic as this in any other superhero film. It’s perhaps only matched by some of the stuff in “Captain America: Winder Soldier”.

It helps that famed martial artist, Johnny Tri Nguyen, was the stunt double for this scene. That dude can do some pretty heavy shit when it comes to flips and acrobatics and whatnot.
But seriously, for a cliched “fight on top of a train” scene, it does so much, I just hope the Russo brothers can give us some bonkers Spidey fight scenes in their film.