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Spider-Man: Homecoming + text posts (pt 2)

Tom x co-star!reader imagine (1/2)
  • you’re an up and coming actor who’s auditioning for a supporting role in a new film that your agent says will develop into a series
  • you get even more excited when you find out that Tom’s one of the leading roles 
  • but you’re also a little nervous because you’re a fan of his
  • you meet during your chemistry read where right away you hit it off
  • maybe it’s a quirky introduction - like he compliments your shoes or hoodie, and when you thank him he’s surprised to hear an English accent
  • you two starting talking about home which is a massive bonding factor
  • then he’s inviting you along to lunch with him and Harrison
  • Tom gets hold of your phone and takes a ridiculous pout trout selfie which he promptly posts to your Instagram
  • ‘there, that’ll bump up your 12 followers to 100, at least,’ he teases
  • lots and lots of teasing
  • and because you turn beet red every time, he’s relentless
  • you get a call saying the job is yours and in celebration Tom insists you go to Waffle House
  • the Spidey cast is also invited of course
  • you get along with everyone; at first maybe you’re (unintentionally) reserved because you’re shy and slightly conscious of the fact that the group already has such a strong friendship
  • this doesn’t go unnoticed by Tom who sends you reassuring smiles throughout the evening
  • Zendaya and Laura also make conscientious efforts to include you in conversation, asking you about the new film 
  • as weeks go by you’ve settled into the group nicely
  • even featuring in some of Z’s snapchats
  • Jacob starts leaving those ambiguous comments on your Instagram photos which amuse and confuse you just as much as the fans 
  • ‘but don’t think this means you’re part of THT, sweetheart,’ Tom fakes solemnity, patting your shoulder   
  • you roll your eyes with a grin and try to ignore how warm your face feels
  • in terms of the film, perhaps your character has a few action scenes so you decide to hit the gym in preparation
  • Tom, seeking any reason to go to the gym, obviously tags along
  • he posts the mandatory gym selfie where you can be seen lying on the floor in the background
  • his caption reads, Y/N hasn’t moved for a while now… should I be worried? 
  • you repost the same picture a few hours later, captioned: Never again, @/tomholland2013, never again. 

Spider-Man: Homecoming + Text Posts (1/?)


I can’t believe that a couple of casting choices turned my interest in Spider-Man from 1 to 1000