Y'all forget Tony Stark took a nuclear missile into space with every intention of dying to save the world? Y'all forget that he suffered deeply the consequences of Sokovia? Y'all forget Tony Stark lost his parents and Pepper Potts? Y'all forget Tony felt a deep betrayal when Steve chose to keep Bucky’s secret about the murder of his parents? Y'all forget that Tony Stark suffers depression and other mental issues?

Now he’s trying to show Peter a better way to be a hero. He has always tried to be better regardless of his past demons. DO NOT COME AT ME WITH “tony is a villain” BULLSHIT OR I WILL FIGHT U; LEAVE MY CHILD ALONE. He deserves happiness.

Spider-Man Homecoming

Tony: Peter, don’t do the thing

Peter: I’m gonna do the thing



Peter: I’m doing the thing

Tony: *single tear rolls down his cheek* that’s my boy *joins him*


I can’t believe that a couple of casting choices turned my interest in Spider-Man from 1 to 1000