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cuddling with tom / headcanon

hey everyone!

so i should actually study for the like 3 tests i have tomorrow but i’m actually in the mood to write something, so here i am!

this is probably going to end up being trashy but i guess it’s okay.

i love you all so so much!


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after work cuddles:

  • you coming home after a long day to see tom lazily resting on the couch
  • you debate on joining him because he looks so comfortable
  • but that’s all until he makes the grabby hand motion and your heart melts
  • “hello, love. how was work today?”
  • he genuinely cares about your day and is prepared to listen
  • he even wants you to go into more detail then you already do
  • homeboy just really loves to hear you talk
  • and on days he’s shooting, you’d show up in his trailer and for the couple hours he had to himself, he’d cuddle with you
  • but sometimes you two would end up falling asleep with each other
  • the rest of the crew has definitely seen you two asleep and cuddling before
  • let’s not mention how they all have a picture of the two of you like that 
  • harrison doesn’t even mind anymore, he just lets you two be
  • maybe he even puts something on his instagram story of the two of you
  • who knows?

rainy day cuddles:

  • the two of you laying down in bed all day
  • wrapped up in each other
  • watching movies all day long
  • listening to the sound of the rain patter off the roof of the house
  • honestly, what more could you ask for?
  • ordering delivery so that neither of you two have to leave the house
  • no one’s complaining about how close you two are
  • taking in his scent
  • and him taking in yours
  • plus you get to run your fingers through his curls
  • you’re so lucky
  • but on a real note, cuddling with tom on a rainy day would just consist of long conversations, kisses, and sleeping

morning cuddles:

  • you waking up to an arm slung around your waist
  • but you’re not complaining
  • tom’s morning voice
  • “good morning, darling.”
  • holy shit ^
  • morning cuddles are just really lazy and probably the most needed
  • “tom you gotta let me go.”
  • “but you’re so warm.”
  • “i gotta get to work or my boss will be pissed.”
  • him finally letting you go 
  • but deep down, you’re fighting the urge to stay in bed with him
  • but when he shoots you the puppy dog eyes
  • and pouts his lip
  • and he looks so desperate for affection, you crack
  • you grab your phone and call your office building
  • “hi, this is y/n y/l/n calling in to say that i won’t be in today,” you say in a fake-sick-voice before you pretend to cough,”i’m not feeling too well.”
  • when you hang up the phone, tom gives you a smirk
  • “you’re such a badass.” 
  • you giggle as you climb back into the warm bed sheets with him
  • he lets out a laugh as he buries his head into your neck, leaving a soft kiss
  • the rest of the day is spent in bed and just enjoying each other’s company

overall, you’re so lucky

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Okay, el otro día estaba viendo post de Spider-man xD, (Cuando no estoy en blogs random, busco por Tumblr las cosas que me gustan xD) y vi un post que era una conversación entre Iron man y Thor que era muy divertida, lo guarde y lo dibuje.

lamentablemente el que hizo el post borro su cuenta :’v, el tipo se llamaba @infinitelymonstrous, créditos a el/ella UwU

Dibujos by me :v

Spider-man, Iron man y Thor son de Marvel

sap || part 2 || peter parker x reader

heyooooooo part two of prom!! this ones just more funny and light hearted, happy ending, blah blah blah. just read to your hearts content!!

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Part 1 



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You’d spent all of Sunday, after the prom had happened, anxious and waiting for Monday to finally make an appearance.

What Spider-Man had said to you that night made you rethink all of what feelings you thought Peter had towards you; especially since you were 95.8% sure it was him underneath the webslinger’s mask.

‘What would I say to him anyway?,’ you spent your time over the weekend thinking, “Hey, I know you’re a mutant spider guy and that you may have some feelings for me or something. How was your weekend?”

Maybe it wouldn’t be the best approach, which is why you improvised when you’d walked up to the lean boy at his locker on another dreary, rainy day,

“Hey, Peter, what’s up, my dude?”

Your eyes widened at your own words, smiling open mouthed and nervously when Peter turned around and gave you a questionable look, “Nothing much, my… dudette.”

You nodded once before turning around to leave as your face began to turn a furious red, only to be stopped by Peter grabbing onto your wrist and pulling you back to face him, “Listen, Y/N,” he interlaced his hand with yours, looking straight into your eyes, “I really want to say sorry, for, you know, the other day. That wasn’t cool, I shouldn’t have bailed on you like that.”

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  • Me: *scrolls through Amazon with family*
  • Me: Ooh, how about this- Lost City of Z?
  • Dad: Huh, seems good. Let's watch the trailer.
  • Me: Uh huh, uh huh...
  • TV: *shows leading actors*
  • Me: *Sees Tom Holland*
  • Me: *chokes*
  • Dad: Hey, isn't that Spider-Ma-