spider in shoe

  • My friends and I were hanging out one day, there were four of us, and all of us sort into different Hogwarts houses, when we saw a spider
  • The Hufflepuff: Threw a shoe at it
  • The Gryffindor: Went to find something to smash it with
  • The Ravenclaw: Studied it closely and discovered it was a very good fake
  • The Slytherin: Was the one who had planted the friggin thing and was smirking quietly in the corner the whole friggin time

I’ve never kissed someone whose name I do not remember and i always use more softener than you’re supposed to (because the world needs softer edges) i would walk all the way to New Orleans alone to bathe in quiet jazz and broken hearts, my mothers maiden name is Still which is ironic because i’m always moving, never sitting still, my anger and sadness go hand in hand, i am angry that i am sad again and sad to be angry while trying to be okay, i reply to every message i get in case it means something to someone, yet i am sometimes too distant to reply with little more than one syllable, i check everything for demons spiders – my shoes, my jackets, my heart.

i’ve kissed one person in my entire life and i haven’t gotten much of a review, love is the cruelest possible infinity to exist, laughing should always crawl through the deepest part of your heart and bubble up to your mouth, ashtrays are a staple in my home because people believe that if they inhale enough smoke they will become smoke, rage floods through my veins and has made a home in my bones – i am furiously in hate with this broken universe.

my hands shake because i’ve never touched her hands, only her heart, my happiness does not belong to me, but to those who take heart from it, bridges will always be my demise, as nothing could tempt me to step off unless i’m going down, fairy tales aren’t real and neither am i, i will never be at peace with myself because i am not at peace with the world, my mother would not cry for me if i were gone and my eulogy would be simple - The Girl Who Loved Too Much With Such Little A Heart.

i apologize so much that “i’m sorry” slides off of my tongue like honey, regret rises like vile in my throat and i see his face over and over and over, raw, agonizing heartaches are my specialty, i miss her every single day, i run from my problems quickly but i trip just as fast.

—  things i learned before i turned 18

*flings this here and runs away real fast-*

EXO reaction to Australian wildlife

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He saw the spider and wanted to find out more about it to see if it could kill him or not

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So scared; he wouldn’t want to visit Australia ever again if it meant that he saw spiders every 2 seconds

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Says that he isn’t scared when in reality he was terrified and already booking flights to China

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Scared at first but then realises that he gets bitten by the poisonous spider then he gets to spend some time in hospital having some relaxation time away from his members

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Sees spider dangling above him about to drop on his face but goes back to sleep

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Didn’t realise Australia had dangerous wildlife 

Jagi, I thought that Australia just had cute Koalas and Kangaroos

You’re kidding right?

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Not bothered by the spider but keeps his distance because he doesn’t want to die 

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*shook* Tries to kill it

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Sees a spider in his shoe and leaves it there thinking of ways to burn down the house to get rid of it

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Researched Australia before he as supposed to to go and saw articles about spiders and snakes and bugs and decided not to go

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Was having a great time then went to the toilet and saw a spider in the toilet and just stared at it

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Saw one spider hanging from a spider and started complaining for the rest of the trip

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