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a mix for wrathion, the black prince 

1. terrible things – april smith and the great picture show || 2. black (william orbit mix) – sarah mclachlan || 3. spider dance – dj logic || 4. zephyr – conjure one || 5. watercolour – pendulum || 6. keep it in the family – hybrid || 7. momma sed (tandemonium mix)– puscifer || 8. december – sarah fimm|| 9. what if the storm ends – snow patrol || 10. don’t let me be misunderstood – santa esmeralda

(art: avali)

sacred geometry: part v - a cosima niehaus fanmix // best with headphones


trackshummed low - odessa // station – lapsley // departures – aerotake // sign me – joey pecoraro // rebirth – synthetic epiphany // adrift – polyphony // wait – volor flex // i know – fabian luttenberger // teardrop – chouchou // over – dpat // summerboys - myth // valley girl – luvian sound // swimming – eaves // high – sun glitters // bambi – blackedout // luv u – crvvcks // burst – liquid stranger // mine – idle mind // slow – lido ft. halsey // native son – gramatik ft. raekwon and orlando napier // ribcage – crywolf and ianborg // b a nobody – soak // go slow – tei shi // tempest – sohn // is there somewhere – halsey // toes – glass animals // spider dance – dj logic // overseer – meteorology 


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That gif of Louis killing that bug for Harry always makes me laugh cause Louis face is literally like "How dare you go near Harry, your not worthy" *Steps on bug* XD

There are certain things that have no right to go near Harry Styles.
1) thirsty women, interviewers, anything with boobs who thinks he is flirting with them.
2) bugs, spiders, creepy crawlers, radio djs. No. Louis is the man of the house dammit and none of those should go near Harry ever.
3) people. Just don’t go near Harry. Just stay away. Smile at him from afar. Don’t try and dance with him. DO NOT TRY AND DANCE WITH HIM. GOD DAMN. NO DANCING.
4) anyone who has said something rude about Harry. Louis will ruin any story you’ve written and will be an ass during your interview. It’s easy! Just don’t hurt Harry, mock Harry, use Harry.
5) Niall. We don’t know why that is such an issue, but captain should just stay away. Or sleep with a gun. Either or.

That’s it really. Mmhmm.



I legit cannot believe I have more than followed by more than 1000 people! Seriously, thanks for indulging in me just having fun with something! Let me start with some people that I have some special words for.

@snowdinpoppy / @lucidiasansgaster for creating an awesome OC that really helped me expound upon a faucet of Doggo’s personality and motivations. For real, I probably wouldn’t have gotten this far without you.

@askqueentoriel for being a cool gal and a great Toriel. This person is also helping with some secret things that will be coming up soon. *Wink wonk*

@artsymishy / @juniorjumbles / @shattereddoctor for also being cool, doing great things that I wish I could do, and giving me help on the secret stuff.

@ask-sans & @truechara & @determinedscholar for being three of the people who inspired me to try this whole thing in the first place. You guys are rad.

I’m probably forgetting some people and I could really go on and on about them but moving on. Now before I place a read more for the rest of the cool dudes, let me tell you that while this isnt a contest, is there something that you want to show me? You voice acting an RP or drawing something based on it or whatever? You have my full permission to do that!

Show me it! Don’t be afraid! I’ll reblog/post it to show everyone what it is! Submit it to me or just make a post and mention me, i’ll see it. A tag works too, though remember that I can’t track tags with hyphens, no one can really.

So lets move on to the rest. I went through my follows and got everyone I could, ask and rp blogs, combos and specialized. Just everyone that I could get.

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23) Be respectful of someone’s real name vs cosplay identity.

A cosplay friend of mine posted about this issue, and I wanted to make sure the word was spread, because I believe in the power of names.

Many of us in the cosplay community use pseudonyms or nicknames. Everybody does this for different reasons - for me, I was DJing under DJ Spider before I was cosplaying, so the name just stuck. It also helps me separate different aspects of my life - I’m pretty sure y'all don’t care about how heavy my flow is this month, right? My hobbies are in one bucket, and my real life is in another.

But even if you’ve been given the gift of someone’s real name, stick to their nickname while at a Con. It’s just good manners…you wouldn’t call Superman “Clark” in public, would you? But if you need more reasons, read on.

* The number of likes on a cosplayer’s fan page is *NOT* directly proportionate to the number of stalkers she might have. Whether she has 5 or 5,000, there may be someone who just needed a first name to find out who she is, where she lives, or where she works.

* It’s not limited to women. “Bitches be crazy” and all that, right? If there’s a jealous ex who hear’s you call him by his real name, there’s a level of intimacy that’s indicated by it’s use, which could cause all kinds of trouble, either for them or for you.

* The internet is a crazy place, so if you tag a cosplay photo, be sure to use their fan page if they have one. Cosplay isn’t a dirty word, but if no one at work knows you do it and suddenly a mess of Power Girl pictures show up attached to you, it can be…awkward…to have to explain why yer bewbs be all framed out in that window 0_o

* Being called by their real name can be jarring when you’re all con-happy-fun-time, and snap you out of your bubble. It’s kind of like your mom using your full name to call you inside…you know you’re in trouble, and it can kill your buzz. Don’t be that guy.

So just be respectful of someone’s cosplay persona, and don’t yell out their real name across a con floor. Call them by the character they’re portraying that day, if the persona doesn’t strike you. Once they’ve entered the halls of the con, they’ve left the real world of bills, family problems, and grocery shopping behind them, just like you.

In short: if your friend Reginald wants to be known as Ulaf of the Sparkly Ponypants at AwesomeLocal*Con, then he’s Ulaf. The end.