spider baby (1964)

Lugosi-NAT PINKERTON (1920)

My Top 10 Horror Film Actors -and my Favorite Films by them! (by the way-only the Top 3 are in order-the rest are random)

1.Bela Lugosi-the RAVEN (1934)

2.Peter Lorre-MAD LOVE (1935)

3.Boris Karloff-FRANKENSTEIN (1931)

4.Lon Chaney Jr.-SPIDER BABY (1964)

5.Barbra Steele-BLACK SUNDAY (1960)

6.Peter Cushing-the CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1957)

7.Ernest Thesiger-The BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1935)

8.Lon Chaney-the UNKNOWN (1928)

9.Dwight Frye-DRACULA (1931)

10.Vincent Price-THEATER OF BLOOD (1973)

wow-that was tough! I had to leave out Carradine, Lee, Atwill…etc..!