Well Spider-man, Tom Holland, is definitely one upping Tobey Maguire in the dance battle. 

Those years dancing ballet in Billy Elliot paid off! | “Umbrella” by Rihanna

Cute Coupley Things with Peter Parker

Warnings: fluffy, fluuuffffff, cuteness overload, gets a little steamy at the end. (Peter is about SEVENTEEN in these headcanons. I’m not really comfortable writing anything to smutty if he’s FIFTEEN)

A/n: After How You’d End Up Dating Peter Parker got such a great response I decide to make another one! 

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Everything about being with him would make you smile. Since you’ve officially gotten together, you haven’t stopped smiling. Neither has he.

  • He gives you that 100 mile stare, where he’s looking at you, but past you at the same time, as if with his eyes he’s saying she’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, and she’s mine.

  • At first you’re both really shy.

  • Like it’s all soft touches, hand brushing and sitting really close to each other. 

  • Than it slowly escalates.

  • The first time you hold hands was at school, in the hallway, Flash picks on him but says something to you. :’Look, Penis Parker has a girlfriend! Bet she’s being paid.” And Peter is about to beat this little shit into the ground, but you lace your fingers through his and he looks at you for a moment before pulling you away.

  • He’d always wait for you at your locker. Or if you made it first he’d slip his arms around your waist and snuggle into your shoulder.

  • Your first date is at the Thai Place. And he internally tells you that he larbs you.

  • You’re constantly playing footsie under the table

  • You’re goal in life is to make him blush, because it’s the most adorable thing on the planet.

  • Anything.

  • You’ll discreetly smack his ass in public.

  •  Kiss him senseless at school.

  • Slip your hand in the back pocket of his jeans

  • “(y/n)! We’re at school!!”

  • “But you like it”

  • “Ya I do.”

  • Slipping your hand under his shirt and running your hands over his abs.
Because Peter might look all cuddly, but he is one fit sonofabitch. 

  • Running your hands through his hair

  • You stealing his shirts and sweaters

  • Him not saying anything because he thinks you look better in his clothes than he does himself. 

  • So, he deliberately gives you his hoodies.

  • “Are you cold? Here take this.
tbh what i actually want in an s/o

  • Going around town to find cute coffee shops as dates

  • “LOOK (Y/n)! ThiS oNE hAS caTs”

  • Whenever he has to keep it PG at school or with Aunt May, he either always has a hand on the small of your back or he grabs one of your hands and kisses your knuckles. 

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  • Ned and MJ rolling their eyes at your PDA, but honestly happy for you guys, because Peter seems so much happier.

  • Peter being insecure, wondering if he deserved you, because he’s always so busy being SpiderMan even if he tried making time for you.

  • “Because… Because, you could have someone else. Someone who won’t just up and leave, someone who isn’t such a burden, who doesn’t come back bloody and bruised. You don’t—”
  • “Peter, shut up. You’re all I need. You’re perfect and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love you.”

Gross sobbing on my part tbh

  • ALSO that’s the first time you say I love you.
  • Him responding with :” God, I love you so much, (y/n), you have no idea.”
  • “I think I do”
  • Staying at his place after a study night and having a lazy morning. (Aunt May had to work really early *wink* *wink*)
  • Him waking up first and making you breakfast.
  • Pancakes with smiley faces because that’s how Aunt May made them for Peter.

  • Cuddling
  • So much cuddling
  • Sometimes you’re the little spoon
  • Sometimes you’re the big spoon
  • There were days where you’d lay on top of him, your arms around his neck and his arms around your waist

  • Movie nights always ended up with you falling asleep straddling him with you holding him tightly against your body
  • He’d carry you to bed easily.


  • And so the war begins. Trying to make one another as flustered as possible.

Which ends up with him popping a boner more than once cuz Peter is still a smol bb

  • Peter slipping a hand on your inner thigh.
  • Etc. Etc. Etc.
  • Neck kisses

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  • Peter is surprisingly fond of hickeys but he won’t admit that. 

  • jEaLOus / pOssESsiVE PEtER
  • One day you’ll be at one of Liz’s parties and Peter would leave you alone to get some drinks.
  • Some asshole tries to hit on you, but you deflect his bullshit. At some point he still doesn’t give up and starts touching your arms and trying to lay his grotesque hands on your body
  • As you push him back, Peter comes barrelling in. 
  • your smol bean just went from 0 to 100 real fkn quick.
  • tbh you’re kind of turned on. I mean… MY GIRL

  • You’d get back home and he’d probably will pin you to the wall. (p.s: Aunt May isn’t home)

  • Worship!Kink

  • Pet names
  • pET nAMES

For you

  • Darling
  • Love
  • ANgel

For him

  • Petey
  • Babe
  • Baby
  • DUmbass

All in all, you guys love each other so much, it’s blinding. 

Duties [Peter Parker Fluff]

Requested: Yes

‘Hey! Could you write a Peter Parker imagine where his girlfriend is waiting in his room for him to finish his “Spiderman duties” for the night and he texts her to come out onto the fire escape and he gets there, kisses her but loses track of time and y/n urges him to go back to his crime fighting in a rly fluffy way? Idk if that made sense but it’d be sooo cute! Thanks:)’

Genre: Lots of Fluff

Words: 532

‘Come out to the fire escape x’

It was only 5:42 when Peter text you to come out onto the fire escape, almost an hour earlier than other days.

You were laying on his bed, wearing one of his cheesy science pun sweaters and getting a head start on your homework, yes it wasn’t due for another week but just like your boyfriend, you liked to get ahead.

Hugging his sweater to your chest to block out the cold breeze you opened the window, climbing out and getting a shock from the sudden change in temperature. You much rather prefer the warmth of his room.


You jumped, feeling your heartbeat quicken suddenly. Above you, hangs your boyfriend, using his legs to cling onto the railings.

“Jesus Pete, you almost made me jump out of my skin” You over exaggerate “What’re you doing here so early?” You look at your phone, seeing he was surprisingly early today.

Peter climbs down from the upper story railing and jumps in front of you, taking your hand in his.

“I knew you’d be here so i thought i’d surprise you earlier than expected?” Peter places his spare hand over his heart and fakes a gasp.

“Aren’t you meant to be out saving the city for another hour? I know how much you love being Spidey, I can wait for a bit longer” Admittedly you would’ve loved to curl up with your boyfriend in bed and watch a movie, but if he wanted to go out for a bit longer, that was okay with you too.

“I was passing through and couldn’t help myself” He moves closer, now holding his Spider Man mask in his free hand. “I missed your gorgeous face”

You scrunch up your face and wrap both of your hands around his neck securely “You’re cringey Peter Parker, did you know that?”

“You love it” He laughs. You couldn’t deny that statement even if you wanted to.

Before you can answer, he kisses you, it’s not rushed or messy, It wasn’t perfect either. You’re still shivering in his Sweater, your hair is blowing around like crazy and there’s what sounds like Police sirens playing somewhere in the distance.

But with Peter’s lips on yours and his hands wrapped securely around your waist you couldn’t imagine anything better.

The kiss gets more heated when Peters gloved fingers move down to slip up your shirt slightly. Your fingers run over his chest which by the way, feels amazing under his suit.

It’s then that you’re thankful it’s dark out, otherwise anyone could of caught you two.

The sirens get louder and you hesitantly pull away, wanting nothing more but to keep kissing him despite the background noise.

“Peter, babe i know how badly you want to go help” You press another quick kiss to his lips before moving out of his grasp completely. “I’ll be here waiting when you’re done”

“You’re the best” He flicks you a smile before sliding his mask back on and suddenly your boyfriend is unrecognisable.

Peter was about to go and do what he does best, that thought alone bought a smile to your face.

“Go get em’ tiger”

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Good excuses

Request: Hey, love your writing so much, could you maybe do a request where the reader is super shy and quiet so is an easy target for villains and spiderman saves her because he secretly loves her and is protective over her???

Warnings: None.

A/N: Sorry for the lack of a gif, gifs aren’t working for me right now.

“Okay,” You smiled shyly at your best friend, Peter Parker.

“Alright see you later!” Once he had turned around he grinned to himself and fist pumped into the air.

He had just invited you over after school to do “homework.”/Watch a movie and be unproductive, and you had said yes. Peter wouldn’t admit it; but he had a huge crush on you.

You were so nice and gentle. you were very quiet, and that intrigued him.

You were brought out of your own daydreaming when you accidentally got in the way of Flash Thomson.

“Better watch where your going!” He shouted at you. You looked up at him and bit your lip. You were prepared to ignore him and walk away, but he interrupted your plan, “Where do you think you’re going?!”

You mustered up just enough courage to respond, “Class.”

“Oh, you think this is funny do you?!”

You shook your head, realizing you had an audience.

You were preparing to be punched or something, when someone tapped on Flash’s shoulder. Your eyes widened when you saw Peter.

“Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?” He breathed heavily in Flash’s face.

Flash pulled his fist back, getting ready to give Peter a black eye, but Peter caught his fist. Flash’s eyes widened when he realized what happened. He turned around quickly, muttering about how Peter was an Idiot, and swiftly walked away.

The crowd cleared out and left only You and Peter alone in the hallway.
“Thanks,” You looked at your feet.

“No problem.” He smiled, rocking back and forth in his feet.

“Well, I’ll see you later Pete.” You turned around. You were very embarrassed, he always had to save you. You appreciated it, but sometimes it was just embarrassing.

You looked at your phone and realized it was already Three thirty, so you grabbed your books and began your walk home.


Peter looked at his clock for a tenth time. it was Four thirty, and you should have been there at Four. Did you stand him up? That didn’t seem like you. He decided to try to call you.

He was relieved when the phone was answered.“Y/N?” He asked, biting his lip.

“Hello?” He heard a voice respond. The voice terrified him. It wasn’t You, it wasn’t your sister, or one of your parents. It was a very different voice.

“Who is this?” He furrowed his eyebrows.

“If you want to see the girl again, you better hurry,”

Peter began to panic, he didn’t even know who it was. But he had a hunch.
He put his suit on as fast as he could and hopped out of his window.


“Ah there he is!” A voice said from another room.
“Y/N?! Where are you?” Peter ran through the abandoned lot.

“All in good time..” A man in a hood came out from the shadows.

Were. Is. She?!” He said through gritted teeth.

“You’ll see,”

Peter had, had enough of this man. He turned his hand over and shot a web at the man. He flew back and stuck to the wall. Peter made his way to the back of the building, where he found you tied to a chair.

“Spider-Man?!” You asked, amazed.

He nodded at you casually.

“I was supposed to meet someone…” You said once he had untied you.

“Well, I think being kidnapped by a serial killer is a pretty good excuse,” He said in his ‘I’m Spider-man and I’m super hot.’ Voice.

“Ya’ think?”



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Three Words | Part 2

Summary: You get nervous saying those three words to Tom.

Characters: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: Attempted robbery mention, fluff, sexual tension

Word Count: 1,059

A/N: Decided to make a part two, will probably be the last part unless you guys want one of their trip to London. Part 1 can be found here.

It had been a few months since everything happened that night. It almost didn’t feel real. One second you were getting robbed, the next Tom was in your bed, keeping you safe.

Right now, everything was pure bliss. The first semester was coming to a close with only a few final exams left. You and Tom were distant during this time because you both had to study for your exams and thought that would be the most productive. Also, with some persuading and your parents meeting Tom at Thanksgiving, they allowed you to go spend Christmas break with Tom and his family in London. You were so excited because you had never flown outside of the country. However, you were nervous because you had never met his family before. They know of you because Tom talks about you all the time when he’s on the phone with his mom. He always assured you that they’ll love you once you they meet you and that was able to put your mind at ease kind of.

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Working Out!Tom

TOP 10- My favourite gay (male) ships

Last time I was talking with a friend of mine and we made a list of our 10 most appreciate ship and we discuss about it! I wanted to share my list with you guys! If we have some ships in common then tell me about it! =D

#1- Aomine x Kise (Kuroko no Basket)

#2- Tetsushi x Yukio (Acid Town)

#3- Hide x Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)

#4- Spideman x Deadpool (Comics- Spiderman and Deadpool :p)

#5-  Bokuto x Akaashi (Haikyu!!)

#6- Itachi x Shisui (Naruto)

#7- Midorima x Takao (Kuroko no Basket) 

#8- Naruto x Sasuke (Naruto)

#9- Murasakibara x Himuro (KnB)

#10- Boruto x Mitsuki (Naruto Gaiden)

Do you want me to do, a top 10 list of gay (female) that I ship? A top 10 of my hetero ships? =3