Well Spider-man, Tom Holland, is definitely one upping Tobey Maguire in the dance battle. 

Those years dancing ballet in Billy Elliot paid off! | “Umbrella” by Rihanna

Good excuses

Request: Hey, love your writing so much, could you maybe do a request where the reader is super shy and quiet so is an easy target for villains and spiderman saves her because he secretly loves her and is protective over her???

Warnings: None.

A/N: Sorry for the lack of a gif, gifs aren’t working for me right now.

“Okay,” You smiled shyly at your best friend, Peter Parker.

“Alright see you later!” Once he had turned around he grinned to himself and fist pumped into the air.

He had just invited you over after school to do “homework.”/Watch a movie and be unproductive, and you had said yes. Peter wouldn’t admit it; but he had a huge crush on you.

You were so nice and gentle. you were very quiet, and that intrigued him.

You were brought out of your own daydreaming when you accidentally got in the way of Flash Thomson.

“Better watch where your going!” He shouted at you. You looked up at him and bit your lip. You were prepared to ignore him and walk away, but he interrupted your plan, “Where do you think you’re going?!”

You mustered up just enough courage to respond, “Class.”

“Oh, you think this is funny do you?!”

You shook your head, realizing you had an audience.

You were preparing to be punched or something, when someone tapped on Flash’s shoulder. Your eyes widened when you saw Peter.

“Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?” He breathed heavily in Flash’s face.

Flash pulled his fist back, getting ready to give Peter a black eye, but Peter caught his fist. Flash’s eyes widened when he realized what happened. He turned around quickly, muttering about how Peter was an Idiot, and swiftly walked away.

The crowd cleared out and left only You and Peter alone in the hallway.
“Thanks,” You looked at your feet.

“No problem.” He smiled, rocking back and forth in his feet.

“Well, I’ll see you later Pete.” You turned around. You were very embarrassed, he always had to save you. You appreciated it, but sometimes it was just embarrassing.

You looked at your phone and realized it was already Three thirty, so you grabbed your books and began your walk home.


Peter looked at his clock for a tenth time. it was Four thirty, and you should have been there at Four. Did you stand him up? That didn’t seem like you. He decided to try to call you.

He was relieved when the phone was answered.“Y/N?” He asked, biting his lip.

“Hello?” He heard a voice respond. The voice terrified him. It wasn’t You, it wasn’t your sister, or one of your parents. It was a very different voice.

“Who is this?” He furrowed his eyebrows.

“If you want to see the girl again, you better hurry,”

Peter began to panic, he didn’t even know who it was. But he had a hunch.
He put his suit on as fast as he could and hopped out of his window.


“Ah there he is!” A voice said from another room.
“Y/N?! Where are you?” Peter ran through the abandoned lot.

“All in good time..” A man in a hood came out from the shadows.

Were. Is. She?!” He said through gritted teeth.

“You’ll see,”

Peter had, had enough of this man. He turned his hand over and shot a web at the man. He flew back and stuck to the wall. Peter made his way to the back of the building, where he found you tied to a chair.

“Spider-Man?!” You asked, amazed.

He nodded at you casually.

“I was supposed to meet someone…” You said once he had untied you.

“Well, I think being kidnapped by a serial killer is a pretty good excuse,” He said in his ‘I’m Spider-man and I’m super hot.’ Voice.

“Ya’ think?”



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Three Words | Part 2

Summary: You get nervous saying those three words to Tom.

Characters: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: Attempted robbery mention, fluff, sexual tension

Word Count: 1,059

A/N: Decided to make a part two, will probably be the last part unless you guys want one of their trip to London. Part 1 can be found here.

It had been a few months since everything happened that night. It almost didn’t feel real. One second you were getting robbed, the next Tom was in your bed, keeping you safe.

Right now, everything was pure bliss. The first semester was coming to a close with only a few final exams left. You and Tom were distant during this time because you both had to study for your exams and thought that would be the most productive. Also, with some persuading and your parents meeting Tom at Thanksgiving, they allowed you to go spend Christmas break with Tom and his family in London. You were so excited because you had never flown outside of the country. However, you were nervous because you had never met his family before. They know of you because Tom talks about you all the time when he’s on the phone with his mom. He always assured you that they’ll love you once you they meet you and that was able to put your mind at ease kind of.

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