Last Day in Thailand

Our final day in Thailand and was (unexpectedly) one of the highlights of the trip. We signed up for the half day cooking course to learn how to make classic Thai dishes. We were picked up from the hotel at 8am by a man who ushered us into the open tray at the back of his ute (which to is quite a popular way to get around in Thailand). From there we were told it would be  a 10 min drive to the destination we were to cook up our delicious Thai cuisine. After about a 40min drive we came to the conclusion that we were being kidnapped, haha.

We ended up arriving at a beautiful little farm in the country that was the driver’s home. He gave us a tour through his garden, letting us smell and taste his different herbs and spices, then took us to his patio which stood over a duck pond to start cooking our three course meal. I made a Pad Thai, yellow curry, and a spicy chicken soup, and for dessert I made banana boiled in a coconut syrup. I think the only reason our meals tasted so good was because we cooked it while wearing checked aprons and big straw sombrero hats. :)

Memories of the day:

-Seeing an old skinny man peddling a bicycle with a Caucasian tourist four times his weight.

-Listening/singing to music with Louisa.

-Waiting at the airport and my brother hiding my shoes on me just before we had to leave.