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“Nadia is a beatiful and uncommon name translted to be slavic, a russian laguage. Translated in english the name nadia would become hope, many people believe that they are full of hope, love and are at peace with the world.”


milk-tea-noble  asked:

Everyone's reaction to really spicy food and seeing that Yui has no problem whatsoever with spicy foods.


Shu: Spicy foods don’t catch his interest, and he’s not a very big fan of them either. Shu would be surprised that someone like Yui can handle her own palette and eat whatever spicy foods is laid out before her. He knows that he wouldn’t be able to devour every spicy dish in this world.

Reiji: This pasta-loving nerd would be in shock that Yui can eat ghost peppers like nothing! He wants to know about her genetics to see how her taste buds have developed a tolerance for spicy foods. Reiji doesn’t mind spicy food, but he has his limits too. He’ll always need a glass of milk at his side.

Ayato: SPICY FOOD FTW! Ayato enjoys eating spicy foods and is a big fan of pho noodles with a spicy beef broth. He loves the tingling sensation on his tongue and how his face heats up from the effect. He’d join Yui in food adventures and try out spicy dishes with her anytime!

Kanato: In canon, Kanato hates spicy food. There’s no way he’ll ever taste anything spicy or sour. Sweets are his go-to. He calls Yui an idiot for liking spicy food and would berate her for eating it. He think she should like sweets only, and would try to discourage her from eating future spicy foods.

Laito: Surprisingly, Laito doesn’t like spicy foods. He doesn’t have a high tolerance for the heat, and would not enjoy simple dishes like Indian curry. He doesn’t mind watching Yui eat spicy foods though. He thinks she’s ten times HOTTER (pun intended) than before because of her unique taste palette. 

Subaru: Subaru doesn’t have favorite foods in the first place, and can practically taste nothing. Thus, spicy foods don’t phase him when he eats them. Yui would enjoy trying new spicy dishes with Subaru for this reason, and they’d probably win food-eating competitions with their high tolerance for spicy foods.

Kino: Yuck, spicy foods are a big no-no for the illegitimate child of Karlheinz. Kino would never eat anything spicy in general, so there’s no way to persuade him. He thinks Yui is an interesting human for having a high tolerance for spicy foods, but why can’t she tolerate the pain he inflicts on her? It’s strange.


Ruki: Growing up, Ruki was always a fan of soup, so spicy soups were nothing new to him. He likes the feeling of his throat burning when the liquid seeps past his tongue, and it sends him into a frenzy. He won’t eat things like jalapenos, but he’ll be interested in watching Yui eat it without any troubles.

Kou: This idol is more than willing to try any type of food offered to him. Kou likes carrying small bottles of spices and Siracha with him whenever he finds that his food isn’t tasty or spicy enough for him. He’s another person Yui would probably enjoy trying spicy dishes with, and they would have a lot of fun too.

Yuma: Yuma grows a variety of peppers in his garden and appreciates the zest they bring in many dishes that Ruki cooks. He can live with or without spicy foods in his life, as he prefers other types of food too. He likes giving Yui different peppers to eat and admires her strong palette as well.

Azusa: As a Mukami, Azusa would also like eating spicy foods. The painful sensations he feels after eating a spicy dish brings him pleasure, and he’ll do anything to feel it again. Azusa would try to torture Yui with spicy foods, but it won’t work because she can tolerate it too. Apparently this is opposite in canon.


Carla: Carla prefers not to eat spicy foods, but if he is offered one, he won’t mind eating it. Sushi can be spicy sometimes, especially with wasabi, so this tends to be his favorite way to eat spicy foods. Carla would be impressed with Yui’s taste buds and remark how for a tiny human, she has a big taste for spices.

Shin: Shin is a big fan of spicy foods and is always ready to try something new. After living for so long in this world, he needs some spice in his life, right? Shin would also like seeing Yui eat spicy foods and may even steal her dish from her when she’s not looking. No one stops Shin the spice-lover!

-Admin Yuuzuki

Jalapeno cheese stuffed pretzel from Block & Hans located in Epcot’s American Adventure.

Pulled Pork Nachos - topped with onions, cheese, spicy mayo, tomatoes and pineapple salsa; from Capt. Cook’s located in Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

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