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The Signs as Yankee Candle Scents

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Aries - Apple Spice
Taurus - Toasted Marshmallow
Gemini - Gingerbread
Cancer - Christmas Cookie
Leo - Lemon Zest
Virgo - Vanilla Cupcake
Libra - Lavender Bliss
Scorpio - Spicy Autumn
Sagittarius - Sugar Donut
Capricorn - Coconut Cream
Aquarius - Aloe Water
Pisces - Pink Dragon Fruit

Apple Pie and Cuddles

My first installment of Holiday fics!! I hope you guys like it omg I’m so eXCCITED. Also, I decided to make this a drabble thing. Most of the Holiday fics will be drabbles.

holiday advent fics masterlist 2016

Your Christmas playlist played quietly in the background, its sweet notes filling the entire apartment. Around you, there were boxes of ornaments, string lights, and wreaths that had to be put around your home. In the oven, gingerbread cookies and apple pie baked, the spicy cinnamon and sweet sugar wafting warmly around the apartment. A small smile on your face, you hopped on the couch, trying to hang a light onto the nail. Soon, the small turned into a grimace as you became impatient.

“Babe?” Bucky’s voice boomed loudly. 

“I’m in the living room!” you grunt as you brave another jump. “Shit!” You shout as you catch yourself from a nasty fall.

“What the hell are you doing? And what the hell is that amazing smell?” Bucky smirks as he steps into the living room, only to be shocked by the utter mess you managed to create in the 30 minutes that he was out.

“Shut up and hang this light for me.” You angrily stepped off the couch and thrusted the lights out for Bucky to take.

Wordlessly, he took it from you and easily hung it on the wall. He turned around to see a chaotic blur of a frazzled you, running around trying to decorate. Bucky  looked around the house, a splatter of red, green, and lights.

“(Y/n), I think you did a good job. You really don’t have to deck out the entire apartment. It’s already so festive.” Bucky pulls you in close from behind, and nuzzles his face into your soft hair. “Let’s just go cuddle in our room…”

Even despite your tired, weary spirit you managed to tease Bucky. “And skip dessert? I made apple pie. A La Mode?”

“Ugh, you know I can’t resist your apple pies.”

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Things I’m currently in love with:

One Song:

  1. Hold Back your Love - White Lies 

Two movies:

(to be completely honest I can’t remember a movie I watched recently that made me think about it as nothing else exists in the world! - as it happened with SKAM)

Three Shows:

  1. SKAM!! (I guess SKAM absorbed all my enthusiasm and energy and I can’t watch much more than repeated episodes)
  2. The Crown (I had only started watching this season this week because I need something to distract myself)
  3. F.R.I.E.N.D.S (I always laugh so hard watching this!)

Four People:

  1. Tarjei Sanvick Moe
  2. Henrik Holm
  3. Emma Watson
  4. Eddie Redmayne

Five Foods:

  1. Pasta!!  Pizza!
  2. Gummies (spicies, with sugar… I don’t mind!)
  3. Can coffee count as food? :p I guess coffee represents the main part of my blood :p
  4. French Fries
  5. My Mom’s Food ;)
okay i am actually terrified of the power of Lapis Lazuli

for starters, she was a cracked gem contained within a construct that managed to direct her will through said construct to the outside world

then she was a broken gem that managed to use her powers to make simulacrums of the crystal gems that could stand on par with them

and then, as a healed gem, she held back one of the oldest (that we know of) and most powerful (that we know of) gems in the series as one half of a fusion, exercising her particular powers during the fusion as well as her personal powers

Lapis is the most fragile-looking juggernaut that I have ever had the pleasure to be terrified by

Small cooking tip

Easy ways to fix a food that is:

Too bitter, add acid (like lemon juice or vinegar)
Too acidic, add sugar
Too spicy, add dairy or sugar
Too salty, add starch

visualette; 8 (m)

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req) Jimin, taste, smut

req) Visualette- Jimin, taste, smut

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Sugar. Salt. Spicy. Sweet. Watered. Concentrated. The sensations he gets from running his tongue across your bottom lip could satisfy the most colorful of taste palettes. A raw texture of hope and lust, rich upon the first lick and absolutely addictive upon the next, emitting a low warning growl from the back of his throat as his pants become tighter.  

Your skin has the flavor of perfection, of divine intervention, of heavenly sin. Of the salt of cum and the sweet of candy, the spice of dark promise and the concentration of pure need. He absolutely lives for the long moans you release when he sucks the sensitivity of your neck a deep purple, marking you, staining you, branding you.  

Absolutely devouring you.

~Admin Eggplant

Spicy Sugar

Finally I can bring the other fic I was working on! Thank you kindly for all your notes. I’m touched, guys :’)

Spicy Sugar
Category: Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir
Genre: Comedy, Romance.
Rating: K+
Words: 1,518
Paring: Adrinette, LadyNoir

Link to fanfiction. 

Alya had always praised herself of being a good observant; after all, it was an essential quality in a journalist. Even more in a journalist who was always keeping track of the superheroes of Paris.  She was especially observant, of course, with things and people she cared about. That’s why she was quite surprised one morning in school before class started.

Marinette was her best friend, so she knew her like the palm of her hand, thanks not only to her ability of observation, but also because of the patience she had had while she encouraged her to get closer to “her Adrien”, how she called him, only to see how Marinette got all nervous and then stumbled with her own feet. The advance she had with him, however, was slow but undeniable. Alya was proud of her friend for those small advances that she had watched from the first row without missing any detail.

Yes, Alya knew exactly where Marinette and Adrien’s relationship was. They were casual friends, that she hoped could evolve to something more.

But then, it was that morning. Against any prognostic, Adrien went to them and after politely greet both of them, he turned to Marinette. He asked clumsily how she was, he meant since last night, he meant he knew they saw each other just the night before but… well, yeah.

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