spicy snap peas with carrots and angel hair pasta


We returned from camping to a garden full of ripe vegetables and herbs. There are big, robust heads of bib lettuce, a sea of cilantro and parsley, dark green leaves of spinach, and two hedges of sugar snap peas. The peas now over my head and there are hundreds of pea pods that need to be eaten.

My all time favorite recipe for snap peas is fixed repeatedly throughout the snap pea season. They’re seasoned with a little soy sauce, Sriracha and dark sesame oil. Last night I decided to add some thin shreds of carrots and angel hair pasta. It was so good, I’m not sure if I’ll do it any other way again.

I posted the sautéed pea recipe last year. To make what you see in these pictures, I cut four carrots into thin strips, using my julienne peeler, which I sautéed with the peas. Meanwhile, I cooked three ounces of angel hair pasta. The vegetables were seasoned and tossed together with the pasta.

The whole meal came together in about ten minutes and we were practically licking our plates.