spicy korea

Menu #7: Yangnyeom Chicken

KFC…Korean Fried Chicken! Korean fast food at its finest.  The chicken is not only fried once, it’s fried twice so it’s crunchier, and then seasoned with a sticky sweet and spicy sauce (i.e. mainly gochujang - Korean red chilli pepper paste, ketchup, garlic), and dusted with sesame seeds. 

Picture credit: cherrylet

Menu #7: Tteokbokki

This is the quintessential Korean street snack made from chewy rice cake cooked in a broth of fermented chilli paste, spring onion, sugar and some recipes include anchovies. The dish is often be accompanied with fish cakes and a hard boiled egg. There are now many variations, including fried rice sticks on skewers.

Picture credit: avlxyz

Soondubu Jjigae 순두부찌개 (Soft Tofu Soup) thoroughly enjoyed for lunch today. For extra goodness, I added some Jeju pork and dwenjang for some fermented bean funkiness. All in all, one of the better meals that I’ve had in a long time.  ^^

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