spicy kimbap

please love junhan

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look at them being cute on stage

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and off stage

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and remember when everyone was laughing at jeonghan for eating spicy kimbap

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but jun just ^

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junhan being playful/dumb during andromeda yes please

and jun judging cute jeonghan 

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and not to mention this wow guys

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plus adorable predebut weirdness

they have it all please love them


Hey guys!! Long time no see again! I’m finally having the motives to write tumblr post about these two (ie. S.Coups & Jeonghan), not because I’m getting off the ship, but because I’ve been lazy and there have happened A LOT of things, I just couldn’t be bothered to count them all out and write up a whole post about that.

Anyways, I can sense that the ship is getting bigger and stronger as time progresses and many new videos have emerged on Youtube. I want to thank the angel that put those videos together because they are making my life complete. This is making me feeling so excited, as more and more people are acknowledging their (b)romance~ While these two are proving their intimacy to us unstoppably.

It’s difficult to decide where to start, since I can’t remember where I left it from last post. So I will just begin with the recent episodes of Hoshi & Seungkwan’s Andromeda. The second recent one I can recall where both Seungcheol and Jeonghan attended was 150626′s episode.

There are several little things during the episode. First, when they were playing the guessing game, Coups PD requested Jeonghan to sing very suddenly and unexpectedly. Following is a simple translation of their conversation (no accuracy is guaranteed):

Seungkwan: So an order is sent from Coups PD, requesting Jeonghan-hyung to sing.

Jeonghan: Really? (Looks at Coups with sorta surprised & aegyo face)

Seungkwan: Didn’t you hear it? Why are you acting?

Jeonghan: I’m so flustered. (laughs)

– Okay I think I lost my point here but Seunghan shippers know what I was trying to say eh? ;)

Second little thing was when Coups ordered a punishment for Hoshi to kiss Seungkwan’s cheek, Hoshi was reluctant to do it so they asked Coups to do a demonstration since he normally is against kissing cheeks too. Coups said no problem and asked them who should he kiss. Seungkwan said “me”, but at the same time, Mingyu said “Jeonghan-hyung”. Maybe Mingyu is a secret Seunghan shipper too?

The third and last thing was in the very last part of the episode where Coups joined them in front of the camera. I think Seungkwan might have said something super funny and Coups just collapsed at his joke, right onto Jeonghan’s lap. I have observed that during the collapse Coups’ hand might have accidentally slipped onto some sensitive spots of Jeonghan’s body and that’s why Jeonghan immediately looked down and said “andwae andwae”. But they still look very intimate as Jeonghan shifted his head to face Coups who was on his shoulder laughing his tears out, and asked Coups something not audible to us.

I don’t know. All these little things just make me so grateful.

Also in the latest episode of Andromeda (150702) where the members made kimbap to impress Jeonghan the angel. At first, I have to admit my disappointment when I couldn’t see Coups around, but this is where true love kicks in! Even though Coups was not participating in the competition, he wisely used the leftovers and made Jeonghan another kimbap. Well he might have wanted one himself, but he made the kimbap and delivered it right into Jeonghan’s mouth once it’s done. He did it twice in the episode, but I think the second time he might have put something spicy in the kimbap which caused Jeonghan almost tearing up.

Still cute though, Jeonghan totally didn’t blame him for it. This is proved at the ending where Jeonghan put his hands on Coups’ biceps and sorta squeezed them. And Coups leaned back and looked up to Jeonghan. OMG that was so cute. Then Jeonghan’s hands slipped onto Coups’ shoulders and even when the others all waved their hands to say bye, Jeonghan still couldn’t let them go

I just love it when they are being so clingy <3

Finishing with the Andromedas, and now onto stuff that happened at the fansign events. I think the most famous scene was when Jeonghan sang ‘VIEW’ by Shinee and Coups just casually walked up to him. Then Jeonghan put his hand on Coups’ face and pretended wanting to kiss him. Actually in one of the videos I saw their faces almost touching each other and this is just too cute for me to handle. They way they look into each other’s eyes… Just too beautiful. This is also the most satisfying fansign for me because this was the only time that these two got to sit together. There is also another famous picture where they were staring at each other while posing ‘V’ with their hands. That picture just gives so much feels I can’t even.

And in the recent latest fansign event they performed the ‘part-switch ver.’ of Adore U. Of course I totally love the idea and found it super funny and loved Seventeen even more after watching the video. But what I’m most happy about is the ‘Baby you’re my angel’ part where Coups lifted Jeonghan into the air. It just feels so right you know? Look closely to Jeonghan in the MV prior to the lifting and you’ll definitely find their skinship and interaction very cute~ Ah okay let’s talk about the live version of this at the fansign. Coups surely lifted Jeonghan up but I think it was a bit off and Jeonghan’s butt landed somehow onto Coups’ face, I THINK.

Later when Jeonghan was forced to do a series of fanservice – it was gorgeous, even divine, no one can deny this – but Jeonghan himself felt the frustration under the spotlight. He has been asked to throw some kisses to the fans, and interestingly, Coups started and seconds later Mingyu joined and they were actively throwing kisses back to Jeonghan. That was so funny I just died. After Jeonghan’s torment was finally ended, he immediately walked off while patting his burning cheek. Many members have come up to comfort him but what impressed me the most was the fact that Coups pulled him into a hug and held on to him for the lengthiest. And everything was just so natural, like it’s ought to happen.

OK finished with the fansign now. Let’s talk about the well-known scene from S.Coups’ self camera video. Honestly, I was constantly hoping that Jeonghan would somehow appear in Coups’ video since there was no Coups in Jeonghan’s video. And there you go, Jeonghan appeared twice in Coups’ video. See the love, babe, see the love. First time Jeonghan was with The8 probably singing, and second time… I totally didn’t expect that. As I was watching the video I thought oh okay Jeonghan appeared once that’s good enough, but then seconds later I heard a strange sound and when Coups explained that it was Jeonghan imitating a chicken, my heart just went asdfghjkl.

Honestly guys, I was writing this post yesterday and I typed WAAAAAY more stuff but all of the sudden my browser crashed and all my effort in this just went evaporated. I was depressed so I couldn’t continue and instead I posted 2 videos. They are both Fancams but trust me they are valuable af.

The one filmed at night was after they finished recording on 150606 and what hits me right on the heart is the fact that Coups appears to be so protective over Jeonghan. And when they walked (more like squeezed) through the crowd of fans, I don’t know if it’s only me, but I saw Coups’ right arm sort of around Jeonghan’s waist. This is a position that many famous kpop pairings have done and here you go, Seunghan did it. I cannot find a reason not to ship them, seriously.

Also in one of the Fancam by 8 8, of Coups on Kiss the Radio, they had so many cute interactions too, I highly recommend you watch it. Just feel the love, feel it.

Oh and I want to mention some old stuff too. In 150220’s episode of Hoshi & Seungkwan’s Andromeda, the famous pictures of Coups sniffing Jeonghan’s head emerged. And I must correct myself, it’s not merely sniffing, Coups was literally inhaling the scent of Jeonghan’s crown. When I first saw the picture I was totally mind-blown, but when I watched the actual video I was more close to death. Like, seriously, who on earth, enjoys smelling other’s people’s crown, and appear to be like it’s the best thing ever? Once is not enough, Coups did it several times. And while he was frequently doing it, his hands were being super touchy and affectionate over Jeonghan’s jaw, chin and face, as if he was playing with a beloved kitten. Honestly, one’s crown is the part of one’s body that smells the most, and if you pay me to smell someone’s crown, I would only do it if they are right out of shower. However, Coups basically planted his face onto Jeonghan’s crown and were like addicted to his hair and scent. Only truly intimate people could do that I swear, at least in my life circle.

Also in the Christmas Party video that’s recently being dug out again. I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. Why the hell, do you guys hold hands while reading fan’s letter? Like why? Why? Why? Why? I’m so curious man, just tell me, this has bugged me forever.

There are just so many things about Seunghan that I don’t understand. I don’t get why their members are just not surprised about everything they do, well I know that they are basically as intimate as a family but at least try to fake some reactions?? Those are not even fanservice (but there’s also a possibility those are). And I don’t know if it’s only me or not, I always feel that Jeonghan is a bit different around Coups. Like, he normally appears sort of rampant in front of other members as he’s older than them, but when he is with Coups, he just suddenly become more… I don’t know, my poor English doesn’t support me, but Seunghan shippers can definitely get what I’m trying to say heh? …Right??

Okay I’m finally done with what I want to say. As always, thank you so much for being bothered to read my passage and liked it and reblogged it. I am so grateful. On the ship of Seunghan all the shippers must unite together and make it stronger. Hopefully the next time you see me, Seunghan will have more and more interactions and lovey-dovey.

It’s a Joke Pt.9

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9

You’re not exactly sure what happened after that. Everything happened so quickly. The bell rang, students started rushing back into class and in a split of a second, Jungkook was gone. All that remained was the trace of warmth on your lips. You reached up to your lips and gently traced it. You said yes.

Your friend made her way slowly towards your seat while her eyes trailed off with the last bit of Jungkook’s back vanishing behind the doors.

“You okay?” She asked cautiously as she handed your bagel.

“Y-yeah. Yeah, I’m fine.” You replied. It was too late to eat the bagel.


Jungkook waited for you at the school gate. He rubbed his hands together for a bit of extra warmth. It was the middle of January but the cold never seemed to subtle down. He’s pretty sure he had been waiting for you for a good 10 minutes now. He tugged his scarf around tighter and scanned the grounds again. Sure enough, he spotted you parting with your friends and slowly making your way to the gates.

You were actually pretty tempted to go straight to the back gate and have either your oldest group member or Jin to pick you up there, but you figured that it would cause too much suspicion. In the end, you had mustered enough courage to walk out the gate. Your friends were there with you but you knew they’d part with you shortly since they had club activities.

“Well _______, we’ll see you tomorrow.” Your friend smiled and waved goodbye. You did the same. You were walking down the last steps when you saw him. He knew you saw him, that’s why he waved. You couldn’t help but smile. This was like those cliché highschool romances that you thought you’d never get to experience. You shyly walked up to him and he greeted you with a small smile.

“Hey.” You whispered. It wasn’t rare to see idols hanging out with idols in this school since this school were swarming with them. But you couldn’t help but feel cautious about your surroundings after the classroom episode.

“What took you so long?” Sometimes you wondered how Jungkook’s personality could switch so easily. Jungkook shivered.

“I never told you to wait.” You shot back. Cocky asshole.

“You liar, you knew I would.” He raised an eyebrow, followed by that smirk. Jungkook was blushing of course, but he didn’t want you to know.

“I’m cold.” He shivered again and casually brushed his hand against yours, finally reaching towards it to grab it. You were pretty sure you were blushing really hard but thank god for cold weather. Right?

Jungkook took your intertwined hands in his jacket pocket and started walking out the school gate. You hid your face in your giant knit scarf that covered you up to your nose. None of the members had come to school except Jungkook and you’ve come to the realization why he didn’t…but let’s not bring that scenario back shall we? You realized, while being absorbed in your thoughts, you guys weren’t walking towards your usual pick up spot. You glanced up at Jungkook questioningly. Jungkook just cleared his throat.

“Jin hyung said that he’s going to be running late.” He shrugged while tightening his grip on your hand. You gave a small pout. Jungkook stiffed back a chuckle.

After trying a billion more times to get even a slightest hint of where you guys were heading to, you gave up and left him to guide the way. He could be so determined sometimes. Once he decides on something, there’s literally nothing that could break or even shake his decision.

“Jungkook at least give me even a bit of a hint – “ you started again.

“We’re here.” You guys stopped at a popular spicy-rice cake restaurant. Your expression dropped. Seriously? After all that trouble? This? This is what you get?

“You could have told me.” You glared at him. He only shrugged once more. This almost felt like you guys were back to square one.

“Excuse me~” Jungkook called out as you both entered.

“Uh! Jungkook!” You both stopped dead on your tracks. Jimin and Taehyung were at the very corner pigging out on a 4 people portioned spicy-rice cakes and kimbaps. You realized your hand was still in Jungkook’s jacket pocket and snatched it out. Jungkook’s head snapped back at you and he proceeded to reach for your hands again.

“They already know.” He whispered in comfort. You would have flipped him off a bridge if you were strong enough.

“Uh _______ is here too! C’mere c’mere~” Taehyung waved at you guys. You gave them an awkward smile while slowly making your way to them. Jimin shifted from his spot to make space for you, but Jungkook only glared while almost literally shoving you next to Taehyung. Someone tell this kid that joke’s over.

“Aw~ Is Kookie being protective over _______?”Jimin cooed. Jungkook kept eyeing Jimin with a poker face because really, Jimin, eye smile, you can’t not smile.

“Shut up hyung~” Jungkook playfully nudged Jimin’s side. Taehyung laughed along.

“So ______ finally left me.” Jimin fake wiped a tear away from his face. You gave him a bitter laugh. Jimin seemed to take the hint and hurridly changed the subject. Taehyung…well Taehyung was just being Taehyung: not even slightly interested in the conversation, instead his focus was on the food.

“But…” Jimin frowned. You knew exactly what he was going to say because let’s face it. This was the reality and you couldn’t escape your job when it was who you are till now.

“if PDnim finds out…it’s not going to be pretty for any of us, you know that right?” Jimin looked at both of you. Taehyung stopped chewing on his food and became silent. You bit on your lips. That was the last thing on your mind before you said yes. Jungkook’s clenched his jaws. All of you knew too well that relationships never lasted as idols. This unnerved you as you switched glances with Jungkook. After all, you guys just started.

A/N: SOOOOOOO Good news is that this might be the last chapter, bad news is that this might be the last chapter i’ve no idea. But yeah, I tried my best to write this chapter (sorry i have a fever) n yeah~ Hope you liked it!!! Pls tell me if u guys think it’s a good idea to end it here or keep going bc ive honestly no idea. Much love xxx