spicy boneless chicken

I have made a mistake

So one of my guilty pleasures is frozen, spicy, boneless, precooked chicken. For some odd reason. It just is. So that’s a thing and I currently have braces. So I got afew chunks of chicken from the freezer and I sat down to chomp on them while browsing Pinterest…. I made a mistake. I didn’t bite into a piece correctly and now the back of my bottom right wire is bent at a steep angle to my gums. It starting to really squeeze the right teeth but I have to wait for an orthodontist appointment that my mom hopefully scheduled to happen very very soon.

Let the suffering begin.

okay so i was at applebees and this shit was hood as fuck tonight

like we get there and some white dudes are shooting spitballs at a group of black girls and like the manager steps in and tells these white dudes to leave and they drop the n-word and like 5 fucking tables of black people stood up it was a blur i’ve never seen such a spontaneous beatdown before like the cops were called i mean i was eating spicy and sweet boneless chicken ( half off appetizers u got to ) and brah