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What song(s) remind you of Warfstache? Author/host? Darkiplier? Finally, any of your fav Markiplier egos? Thx

oh boy that’s gonna be one hell of a list lmao


crazy -obsidia

don’t threaten me with a good time -panic! at the disco

gambling man -the overtones

let’s kill tonight -panic! at the disco

spicks & specks -the bee gees

time for you to go -sum41

you are the wilderness -voxhaul broadcast


blame -bastille (this song basically goes with all the egos tho)

cobra -obsidia

drowning -eden

it’s nobody’s fault but mine -blind willie johnson

lead me home -jamie n commons

masquerade -obsidia

warriors -imagine dragons


back in black -ac/dc

dance with the devil -breaking benjamin

demons -imagine dragons

fairly local -twenty one pilots

irresistible -fall out boy

la devotee -panic! at the disco

wolf in sheep’s clothing -set it off

Spicks and Specks
The Bee Gees
Spicks and Specks

“Spicks and Specks” is a song by the Bee Gees, written by Barry Gibb. When the song was released in September, 1966, the single reached No. 4 on the Go-Set Australian National Top 40, (No.1 on other Australian charts) and when the song was released in other countries in February, 1967, it reached No. 28 in Germany, No. 2 in The Netherlands and No. 1 in New Zealand.

“Spicks and Specks” is dated to early July by the memory of Geoff Grant (Geoffrey Streeter) who played the trumpet. Grant recalls working three nights in a row on four songs including this track, “I Am the World”, “All by Myself”, and “The Storm”. There were no charts; Barry sang what he wanted live, and Grant copied it. Some of the artists whose disks came out in August recall hearing “Spicks and Specks” being worked on or completed, further confirming that early July is the approximate date of the song’s recording. “Spicks and Specks” was a ballad around a strong piano beat, Barry writing off a riff by Maurice in a way that would later get a joint writer credit.

The 1967 cover of the single features four-piece Bee Gees including the brothers with the band’s new member, Colin Petersen.

The single entered the Sydney charts at the end of September and stayed in the top forty for nineteen weeks, peaking at number 3. It appeared on the Go-Set National Top 40 for sixteen weeks, where it reached number 4 early in November. By the middle of October the Bee Gees were dead set on returning to England. It did finally convince their producer, Nat Kipner, and Festival to release an LP, and it must have helped convince Polydor (England) to sign the group. This was their first single released in England. An instrumental version of the song is part of the soundtrack for Melody, which also featured several other Bee Gees songs.

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  1. Doors to Heaven - Shake Shake Go
  2. And the Racket They Made - King Creosote 
  3. Inner Island - Tao Lounge
  4. The Lion Sleeps Tonight - R.E.M
  5. Daylight Goodbye - Message To Bears
  6. And So It Goes - cover by King Singers (org. Billy Joel)
  7. For You - Once a Tree
  8. The Special Two - Missy Higgins
  9. Human Touch - Betty Who
  10. Spicks and Specks - Bee Gees

…my mom’s always described my music taste as eclectic, lmao. 

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TSDF Exclusive!  Scenes from “Forget”:

Sasha wakes up glancing at a family portrait left behind in her new house. She gathers up the pictures and takes them outside the walls, determined to use the pictures of strangers as target practice. At one point she sits down on a tree stump and quietly says to herself, “Come and get me.” Sasha is real tired of your shit, zombie apocalypse!

While at the location where Rick lost his blender gun, Rick, Daryl, and Carol start scheming to steal back the weapons that were taken from them when they arrived. Nobody disarms Team Family! A walker creeps up on them and Carol puts it down with her gun. The trio notices the letter “W” carved in the walker’s forehead. (Uh-oh. Is trouble lurking?)

Back at Ricks house, he and Michonne discuss the possible reasons why they have been made security.

Daryl takes a stroll through the woods. He bumps into Aaron who is surprised that Daryl can tell the difference between a walker creeping up and another human just by the sound they make.

At Deanna’s house, she explains a bit more about Rick and Michonne’s job securing the community. She explains that Maggie will be helping her with politics and that she has a vision that one day the community will be a town that has services just like before. (A government, public services, etc.). Outside she tells Rick she can’t have everyone walking around with guns. Sasha approaches them saying she wants to man the bell tower with her sniper rifle. She’s pretty serious about doing as many shifts as she can. Deanna does not like the idea, but will think about it.

Carol is playing little Miss Friendly with the local women. Super sly Carol sneaks off with Rick to discuss plans to steal back the guns. (Note: They aren’t planning to overthrow the community. They just want protection in case something goes wrong. Like Boy Scouts, our group just wants to be prepared.)

While outside of the walls, Daryl and Aaron stumble across a horse. Aaron states that he has been trying to catch him for months. Cowboy Daryl approaches the horsey, but it’s spooked away by some walkers, which they fight off.

Carol has been given a baking job. She goes to grab some supplies off a local woman from the storage room. However, Carol has ulterior motives beyond simply baking. While in the storage room, Carol unlocks a window to the gun room.

Party at Deanna’s house! You can tell the group is struggling to fit in. Perhaps they just need some liquid courage to ease them back into normalcy. Because nothing ever goes wrong with alcohol and a bunch of tense strangers.

Abe and Rosita enter the party all dressed up. Abraham is in a polo shirt (golf anyone?) and she’s wearing a dress. He notices that there is beer (as would Prime & Slicey) and has chugged a few by the end of the party. There’s a short scene with him talking to Michonne. Michonne comments about his having a few and he replies with, “I’m a big guy.”

Meanwhile, back in the woods, Daryl and Aaron catch up with the horse. Unfortunately for their four legged friend, he gets cornered and eaten by walkers. Bye Javier II! Poor horsey never stood a chance on this show.

When Daryl and Aaron make it back inside the walls, Daryl stands outside of the party. He doesn’t want to go in. Aaron invites Daryl over to his house for some dinner. 

Rick gets a cheeky look at Jessie from across the room (maybe it’s the whiskey?) Her son Sam gives Rick a hand stamp with the letter ‘A’ like some sort of community badge. (Hmm. The letter “A”, you say?)

Aaron then shows Daryl his garage that is full of old motorcycle parts. He tells him that his job is replacing Eric as a recruiter, saying that he knows how to take care of himself and that he knows the good people from bad. Daryl starts to take a liking to Aaron. (As a friend, guys!! Aaron is already taken.)

Carol goes into spy mode as she sneaks into the gun room. She is followed by Jessie’s son Sam. Little Sam believed her to be some kind of cookie baking wizard and followed her out of curiosity. Carol tells him that “if he repeats what he saw to anyone he will "wake up outside the walls, tied to a tree, screaming while being torn open by walkers.” Sam stares at her, shocked. (Little guy might be needing some therapy after this conversation.)

Jessie hands Judith to Rick, who in turns gives her a nice awkward kiss on the cheek. After a blush and a smile she walks off.

Sasha has a panic attack at the party, overwhelmed by everyone being there. She shouts at a woman before storming off. The next morning Deanna tries to comfort her and then lets her out of the community gates with her gun.

Carol, back at their meeting spot, hands Rick and Daryl a gun. Daryl says, 'I’m good’ and refuses to accept the gun. She hands a gun to Rick. He takes a snub nosed revolver.

Rick back at the ASZ gets a “hey Rick” from Jessie, who smiles at him and flashes her hand with the 'A’ symbol on it. He smiles and flashes his own hand back. As she walks off with her husband Rick puts his hand over his holstered gun.

He then hears a noise from the wall and runs over to it. A walker is banging on it from the other side. Rick puts his hand on the wall and stares at the letter 'A’. A haunting version of the Bee Gees, “Spicks and Specks,” plays. ~ShinyFirely

Credit: Baby Judith

Photo from IGN.com

Judy Garland’s daughter was on Spicks and Specks and just told the story of how they were staying at a fancy hotel and everyone left their shoes outside of their doors and Judy took her daughter around each level swapping people’s shoes around. Her daughter asked “won’t we get in trouble for this?” Judy replied “I hardly think people will believe Judy Garland did it”

Love it.