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I’m pretty gay and enjoy taking several pictures of myself. I also really enjoy the colors pink and blue, flowers, photography, and video games like Fallout 4.

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Ask meme thing

name: Logan
nickname: Uhhh, idk man people call me Dad or Daddy.
star sign: spidercrab
height: 5′9 and a half
sexual orientation: what
fav colour: pink, i think thats obvious though
time right now: 5:27pm
current location: i live deep in the heart of the south “Texas”
avarage amount of sleep: idk maybe like 11 hours
last thing you googled?: aroflux
with how many blankets do you sleep ?: 1 sometimes 2
fav fictional characters: o boy, Paladin Danse (FO4) Rose Quartz (Steven Universe) Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul) Jinx (League of legends) Axton (Borderlands 2) Mettaton (Undertale) Slayer (Guilty Gear)
fav book:hunger games
fav artist: idk there’s too many
Music: Marina and the Diamonds
Art: pink things
dream job: i want to cut hair
random fact: i really like playing league of legends
other blogs ?: i help run another blog with two friends. 
what made me decide to get a tumblr : when my sister started getting anon hate for the first time for getting on tumblr.
do i get asks in a daily basis: never.
why did i choose my url: it was supposed to be spicy dad cause me and a friend were watching all of the american horror story again, the first season the dad. we would call him spicy dad. thats where that came from. 

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