spices go bad i'm pretty sure

My parents came to visit over Easter and my Mama left this can of whole cloves in the cupboard.  There are many things about this that concern me.  First, the can is pre-1985 I am sure.  It is a metal tin for crying out loud, nothing is metal any longer, only plastic!  Second, the price on the bottom was listed as $1.14.  It was on one of those stickers you’d find coming out of a manual type pricing gun.  It’s old ya’ll.  Third, I wondered if the cloves inside were still the original?  The ham tasted fine, but I still am curious.

I know as people get older you may have to do a little more “quality control” when the prepare they prepare you something to eat or make something from their kitchen.  I know this because we do it (on the sly, of course) to my grandma now!  Now, my Mama is becoming my grandma.  

Thus, the cycle of life continues.  I’ll have to remember to do on-the-sly-quality-control when we visit my parents now.  This is happening much earlier than anticipated.

This has been a public service announcement.