spiced caramel pears


For as long as I can remember, I have thought of myself as a writer. I cook, I take pictures of people and things that I love, I dance, I lounge around with no pants on, but fundamentally, I feel myself to be a writer. This is where I feel the most free, the most alive: Sharing pieces of my life with you through words, giving you shards of memory and feeling and thought that resonate with and refract your own experience, that penetrate the facade of living. That get to the core.

Which is why, when I joined this app that was in beta earlier this year, The List App, my life changed in a kind of earth shattering way. I wrote more than I had in months, in an obsessive, addictive way that felt like something between a sugar high and an orgasm. The List App was a small community that threw dauntingly high profile founding members in with good ole folks like myself and Molly Yeh. It felt a bit like summer camp: Unbridled sharing, uncensored feelings, total immersion, and strangers that feel like your best friends in the whole world. The List App, in its infancy, felt like a family.

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