spice the world



The Spice Girls’ debut film, Spiceworld: The Movie, was released nationwide in the UK, 19 years ago today, on Boxing Day December 26th, 1997! 

The film was a #1 smash hit, grossing more than £6 million pounds during its opening weekend in the UK alone and over $100 million dollars worldwide.


Imagine how the stands will react if they meet their fathers.

Stone free: (seeing Star Platinum) “Thats my father i guess.”

Spice girl: (seeing King Crimson) “Thats my Daddy!”

Golden Experience: (seeing The World) "Thats my Padre”

Crazy Diamond: (seeing Hermit Purple) WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!

  • Normani: It's always the same. I never know what to wear.
  • Lauren: It must be so hard for you, Mani. I mean, having to decide whether to wear the little Gucci dress, the little Gucci dress, or... the little Gucci dress!
  • Normani: Exactly.
  • Camila: I know, why don't you wear the little Gucci dress?
  • Normani: Good idea. Thanks, Mila.

no offense but I am STILL upset that this was not released as a single