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How do I know if herbs I purchase online, like the ones in herb kits or the like, are food grade? How would I know if I could use, say, lavender from one of those kits in a tea spell? Do you know of any shops that sell food-grade lavender if it's not safe to use the ones in kits?

One, ask the seller. They should know where they go their herbs from if its not listed in the description. And if they don’t answer, or they get back to you and they say IDK, then don’t trust them (and then come back to us and tell us which item/store/seller it was so it can be taken down.)

Two, if you really don’t like buying from random sellers and rather an actual online store dedicated to selling food-grade herbs there are 2 I know of that sell them for the low:

Monterey Bay Spice Company and Mountain Rose Herbs. I mentioned the latter on this site a while ago.

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Snow Sisters, Anna wants to throw Elsa the biggest craziest grandest pre wedding party (not sure if bachelorette parties were a thing back then, so let's call it pre wedding party, hehehehehe :P)

This is absolutely not what you wanted, but it’s kind of counterpunches fault, so blame her.

I was just having a really difficult time with this prompt, and then counterpunches gave me an idea for angst, and now here we are.

So, uh, this sounds like it was supposed to be a really fluffy prompt, and it’s not, and I’m sorry.

WC: 1063

Pairing(s): Snow Sisters, established Kristanna

EDIT: The amazing searlait wrote an incredible continuation to this story, which can be found here!

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