spice house

autumn house aesthetics

HUFFLEPUFF - tortishell glasses and cable knit sweaters; doodling in notebooks; crunching yellow leaves underneath boots; marshmallow scented candles; feeling quiet, feeble sunshine on your face; cats purring on warm blankets

RAVENCLAW - trenchcoats and corduroy skirts; the sound of rain on gray sidewalks; wire glasses and thick eyeliner; staying home to study on halloween night; sad eyes; writing poetry in quiet cafes; cobblestone alleyways; black coffee

SLYTHERIN - black lipstick and ripped jeans; staying up late; sly smirks blowing bubblegum; skeleton face paint; window shopping with friends; doc martens; cloudy, starless nights; cigarette smoke

GRYFFINDOR - pumpkin spice; going to haunted houses; homecoming night; talking during class; jumping into piles of leaves; scaring your friends; drive in theaters and thick blankets; scarves and beanies

august playlisttt

new rules - dua lipa
1-800-273-8255 (feat. alessia cara & khalid) - logic
lmk - kelela
young dumb & broke - khalid
just for one night (feat. astrid s) - blonde
head spin - scouuts
omg (feat. quavo) - camila cabello
stop - lisa mitchell
hymn - kesha
lil love song - tash
same same - winston surfshift
forgetting all about you (feat. blackbear) - phoebe ryan
saw you in a dream - the japanese house
oblivion - mischief
insecure (feat. bryson tiller) - jazmine sullivan
burn slow - jaira burns
waking up show - gabrielle aplin
arizona - snny
casual - alex adair
unpredictable - becky hill
only you (hitimpulse remix) - zara larsson
think before i talk - astrid s
nerve - jordan rakei
summers gone (feat. thutmose) - nombe
younger now - miley cyrus
west - lakyn
911/mr lonely (feat. frank ocean & steve lacy) - tyler the creator
i want u - wolffe
love like you - charli taft
ride it - meg mac
fasta - kah-lo
little of your love- haim
lay down - touch sensitive 
ony my side - gordi
butterfly effect - travis scott
either way (feat. anne marie & joey bada$$) - snakehips

spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/1232478477/playlist/6YHkm61Vr9vys2tmy7KSwP?si=JCCfm4G1


the Glamourista Apartment

Perfect for a social media maven, fashionista, or beauty guru… only the best will do!  Built for 18 Culpepper House, this apartment may be small but it packs a lot of style.

For more pics - living room & kitchen, bedroom & bathroom.

Download information under the cut…

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