spice bazaar

kaamilama  asked:

Ooooh He Tian and Mo Guan Shan are perfect for Arabian!AU 😍😍😍😍 Any headcanons? :D

ikr?! @bisho-s is a geni…us. ;))))))

  • so i think it’s a given that guan shan spends like 99% of his time in the spice markets and the bazaars because damn the culinary experience would be bomb
  • he tian is like some sultan or prince who could take twenty wives and everyone’s Very Confused because the only person he keeps around is guan shan
  • maybe guan shan is a sultry assassin ordered to seduce and kill he tian and steal his riches, and guan shan turns out to be woefully underprepared to deal with anything like he tian; the seduction works, but not so much the killing part
  • and he tian promises him employment and hires him for himself because that scimitar guan shan’s holding? yes pls
  • he tian has to save guan shan’s ass from djinn and ghouls like 24/7 because he just attracts trouble
  • he also leaves copies open of the kama sutra around for “literary purposes” and guan shan is Not. Impressed. 
  • guan shan says he tian’s palace is too small; he tian buys a new one. guan shan says he likes a tiger he saw in the bazaar; he tian buys him two. he likes the necklace some girl wore the other night at a dinner; he tian buys it from her neck–
  • but guan shan with a tiger though (*cough* princess jasmine)
  • guan shan belly dancing????? privately for he tian??? (and he’s nervous af and blushing so much but he gets one of the local trained girls to teach him)
  • one day they take camels out to the middle of the fucking desert for a few days and set up camp together with piles of silks and pillows and wow the stars
  • he tian smokes a hookah 24/7 and kissing him tastes like cherries