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List of My Favorite Star-crossed Myth Smut Fanfictions

All stories and credits to @iluvsexyvoltageguys - Best SCM smut stories ever!!

(New ones will be highlighted)

Warning: Mature

♈ Krioff x Reader

The dedicated body of yours……I’m afraid I’ll break you.

1. Mr. Silver

2. Only Yours

3. Say You Missed Me

4. Make You Scream

5. Teasing = Punishment (4some warning)

【♐ Tauxolouve x Reader 】

That feeling for you is eternal. It will never, never change.

1. Sexy Shower Time

2. All You Had To Do Was Ask (3some)

3. Wish Granted (3some)

【♎ Zyglavis x Reader】

You must be sick of seeing me naked by now.

1. A Visit From Zyglavis

2. Marking His Territory

3. Valentines Day with Zyglavis

4. I Need You

5. In Your Room (4some warning)

【♏ Scorpio x Reader】

Warning: This guy is super dangerous!! Watch out before you read

1. Handcuffs

2. Chill Out

3. Spice It Up (3some)

4. Teasing = Punishment (4some warning)

5. In Your Room (4some warning)

6. Forgiveness

【♊ Dui/Shadow Dui x Reader】

Warning: This guy is as dangerous as Scorpio!

1. I Do What I Want

2. Anything For You

3. Anger Management

4. Teasing = Punishment (4some warning)

【♍ Partheno x Reader】

Twisted nerve, twisted love.

1. Lust in Paradise

2. All You Had To Do Was Ask (3some)

3. In Your Room (4some warning)

4. Valentines Day with Partheno

5. Wish Granted (3some)

【♌ Leon x Reader】

Let’s hear more of those moans.

1. Leon’s Shirt

2. You Give Me Fever

【♋ Karno x Reader】

There’s no way I can keep my cool when you look like that.

1. Missing You

2. Valentines Day with Karno

3. The Morning After (3some)

4. I Thought You Deserved a Surprise 

【♑ Aigonorus x Reader】

I have no intention of ever letting go of the woman I love.

1. Party Favor

2. The Morning After (3some)

3. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

New stories are coming out yeah❤


Watching “The Wedding” 1

Cait had everything ready for a cozy date night in front of the TV: wine, snacks, and clean blankets and pillows on the couch. Eddie stared at her from her perch on the window, prompting Cait to re-check her ensemble. Comfort was key. She had selected a simple pair of leggings and an oversize sweatshirt after emerging from a hot shower. Sam was coming over!, a usual occurrence, but tonight was special. She lit a candle, hoping it would set the mood for a romantic evening.

There was a knock on the door. She found Sam filling her doorway, handsome as always in sweats and a hoodie. A bottle of wine poked out of a paper bag under his arm.

“Hullo, mo leannan.”

She closed the door behind him before embracing him for a kiss. He was warm and smelled clean and faintly of Old Spice.

“Are you nervous?”, she teased.

“Aye, I dinna usually watch myself…you know.”

“It’s not a sex tape!”

“It’s pretty close! You were there!”

She giggled. “I was. I guess you’re right.”

They kissed again, Cait’s hands sliding down to squeeze his buttocks.

He murmured into her ear,“Do ye want to watch this later?”

Cait sighed, moving her hands to his lower back, “No, let’s watch it before we get distracted.”

They moved to the living room. Cait popped the DVD in the player while Sam uncorked a bottle of wine.

“I’m glad we’ve two for the night” indicating the additional bottle on the table, “I’ll need to be proper drunk for this.”

Cait turned, “I was thinking the same.”

He filled two glasses and waited for Cait to return to the sofa before raising his glass for a toast

“Je suit prest.”

Cait repeated after him “Je suis prest” correcting his French pronunciation. They smiled at each other as they knocked their glasses and took long gulps. Cait pressed “play” on the remote.

goingtothetardis  asked:


  • Drinks all of the coffee

I think they both drink lots of coffee when they are off traveling.  He drinks it for the slight buzz and maybe when he feels the need to sleep and doesn’t want to.  Sleep means nightmares and he is more about moving, keep going, don’t think just go and show Rose he’s more than his nightmares.  With Rose it’s more her trying to keep up with him.

Eventually she has to sleep and he slowly shifts her to decaff as he figures out what’s she’s doing.  She’s doing it for him, to prove she’s tough enough to keep up with him and he knows she cares.  She doesn’t want him to be alone – even when she’s sleeping.  They are quite a pair and eventually, he does sleep but somehow he ends up asleep with her in the library and the nightmares are held at bay.

  • Brings up adopting a pet

Totally Rose.  After Daleks and an almost regeneration and the need to talk about him sending her away, Jack’s immortality and him almost dying.  All it takes is one orphaned Barcelona puppy (the planet not the city).  She finds it lost, covered in mud with a broken leg and brings it back to the TARDIS.  The “don’t make my ship domestic” speech is on the tip of his tongue but then she juts out her lip and gives him the look. 

One trip to the med bay later and Terror, the doctor’s name, is there to stay.  The Doctor isn’t as mad about it as he pretends and Rose often catches him lecturing said pup about TARDIS repairs.

  • Kills the bugs

The Doctor for sure.  Rose does all right no alien planets and she’s learned to keep an open mind.  But when the TARDIS is infested with giant skunk roaches, she draws the line.  Grabbing Terror protectively, she tells the Doctor to de-infest the TARDIS or she and Terror are on holiday some where else.  He grumbles and finds away that has less to do with killing and more about freezing the little buggers.  He then dumps them in a place his time sense has gone wonky about:  Torchwood.  With glee he leaves thawing stink roaches in their offices at Canaray Wharf.  Suddenly, his time sense calms down.  He takes Rose and Terror out for chips in celebration

  • Cooks the meals

Oh they take turns but really prefer to eat out.  Rose likes to bake though.  At first the Doctor was unsure after a few smoking and somewhat unrecognizable things that even Terror wouldn’t touch.  But then came banana muffins so delicious they inspired him to ponder a way to save his bloodthirsty people.  He didn’t but they were really really good.

He in turn made the best soups.  Rose’s mouth watered at the thought of his gumbo with just the right amount of spice.  She teased him they could retire and open a cafe for hungry travelers.  Then again, Rose was sure his Gumbo would probably inspire some alien to invade just to steal the recipe which the Doctor refused to share even with Rose.  They kept traveling and the Doctor never did share his recipe.

  • Starts getting into holidays way before they should

Rose.  The Doctor is all in a huff when the TARDIS joins her and pink paper hearts appear on the console.  He tolerates it.  Then there is the great easter egg hunt which Terror who is now big enough that he makes quite the galoomp sound on the grating seems to enjoy enthusiastically.   In fact he enjoys brigning said festive eggs to the Doctor, even if he drops them on the Doctor’s head during repairs.

Christmas is finally when he gives in.  How could he resist Rose with a big red bow in her hair and nothing else, lying on their bed, colored fairy lights reflecting against her skin like a nebula.

  • Initiates the couple selfies

The Doctor hates selfies.  Rose forces him to for her Mum.  He grumbles but agrees because if they send Jackie pictures, he doesn’t have to take Rose home as often.  But soon, he comes up with compositions and dives into the creativity of the whole thing.  It becomes a competition to see who can get the best selfie and he even drags Terror into the mix until before he knows it, they have an album of them from all adventuring in all of time and space.  Except for a few he keeps in his bigger on the inside pockets.  He denies that little tidbit.

  • Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries

The Doctor is always lecturing about human calendar vs time keeping in mulitple cultures and how it’s all irrevelant on the TARDIS.  And since Rose hasn’t really aged much and Terror lives much longer than a typical Earth dog, birthdays seem to pass them by more and more.  One thing that’s never forgotten is anniversaries.  Whether it’s Run or it also travels in time or I am the Bad Wolf, he always makes sure to do something special.  Even Terror gets special treats for the anniversary when he jointed TEAM TARDIS.

  • Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping

Rose.  She can’t help it.  Alien junk food is the best and it’s not always bad nutrition even if the aliens think it is.  The Doctor sighs and cleans out the cupboards when it gets too much or he’s worried it might hurt her.  Terror likes his mum’s junk food addiction just fine.  It isn’t until the Doctor realizes there might be another reason Rose is craving Fifty First Century Sea Weed taffy that things take a turn for the not so bad.  Rose cries.  He cries and soon there will be another addition to the TARDIS

  • Nicknames the other

He is always the Doctor to Rose until a little temporal anomaly in the form of he knocked me up comes into the picture.  Then suddenly it’s all about your daddy.  Funny how easy that came to her.  He’s not one for pet names.  She is his Rose.  He doesn’t need anything else even if he thinks of her as beloved and sometimes love slips out or my little time mum.  All he knows is how greatful he is for all the domestics even if toast is burnt, the dogs is barking, the baby is crying and the TARDIS burns his fingers.  It’s the one life he thought he could never have and he’ll relish it ever second…even when he has to walk the dog in the snow ;)

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Headcannon that Steve uses modern music apps to play old music. Like he runs to spotify playlists with the Beatles and Frank Sinatra on it. (although Sam has been slowly adding 90's music to the mix, Steve has accepted this and is into the Spice Girls). Tony teases Steve about it all the time: "Steve if you're gonna be old just become a hipster and buy a record player. ""But Tony that's not portable, and I get to chose my music here" *Tony sulks* "It's wrong, you're abusing tech." *Steve laughs*

aw, this is cute!

Soothing Spice [Alaska/Bash]


Alaska sighed beneath a layer of soft, soothing bubbles and tantalizing bath salts, the water still maintaining a perfect heat despite her time in the mermaid tub. Candlelight flickered all around her, setting the room in soft shadows. Perfumed by the bath salts, her skin smelled faintly of brown sugar and honey. Alaska could hear Bash’s arrival as he used his key to get in, and smiled to herself, waiting until he found her on his own. When he stopped at the bathroom’s doorway, Alaska smiled to herself and turned her head. “You can either join me or carry me to bed,” she said, her voice sultry and spiced with teasing. 

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A, J and Y for sasusaku :D

[A] Aftercare

I’m sure this depends on the circumstances! In the beginning of their sex life, I think they probably would have been too into their intimacy of the aftermath to really care about the stickiness of their skin or, well, dripping fluids. If he ended up coming on her though I think Sasuke probably took initiative in cleaning it off (because he probably thought it would be disrespectful to do otherwise). Further along their relationship, I can see a shower being a go-to after sex, unless they’d be too blissed out… or unless they’d missed each other too much to part quite yet. In general I see them as postponing the aftercare of all that messiness that sex brought just because they’d seem like the type to want to prolong the post-sex intimacy. The only context in which I see any kind of immediate clean up is if they used condoms—Sasuke would probably dispose of it ASAP before coming back to bed. 

[J] Jack - off (masturbation hc)

Since this is asked for sasusaku I’ll take it as headcanon of mutual masturbation or just masturbation in terms of them as a couple rather than just for each character involved in the pairing.

I think it’s definitely something they delved into somewhere down the line. Mutual masturbation was probably something that happened a lot in foreplay once they really got comfortable with each other, though I think they probably liked it better to get each other off in turn. 

And I also think that it’s a definite possibility that they watched each other masturbate in that point of their relationship; part of me would have liked to say they would have done that in the beginning to learn what they other liked, but I suspect it was probably a little too… intense? embarrassing? they definitely would have had to get comfortable, I think. 

And I think it’s also possible that it’s something that stayed with them later on in their parenthood as a way to spice things up—like teasing each other by purposely having the other walk in on them, or saying they’re only allowed to watch until they say it’s okay to touch. 

[Y] Yearning (how often to they think of sex, how long can they go without it etc)

Definitely depends on the time period. When they were tentatively getting to know each other after the war, all throughout the beginning of their travels, I don’t think sex was really something that was on their mind much, if at all. I think it was really all innocence and hesitation and affection, up until certain moments would come up and bring them to be aware of each other’s bodies and such. There would definitely be a moment in their travels where there’d be so much built-up tension that it’s basically all they could think about, and once they would have their first time, they’d definitely be super sexual for a good while. Every day and several times a day for at least a couple of weeks, but definitely every day for a solid couple of months. I think at this point a week would probably be the limit of how long they can go without it.

With their relationship being so rooted in deep, emotional love, I think it’s very likely that they maintained a very active sex life, solely because I firmly believe that lovemaking easily becomes a way to express that love fully between the two of them—especially Sasuke. He’s at his most affectionate and vulnerable in these times, and it’s one of the only two-three times that I can see him actually saying, “I love you.” But of course since they’re ninjas and have a busy schedule, and becoming parents only makes them busier, they probably can’t make love as much as they’d want to. And of course with his long mission they know they can go for quite a while without sex, but I’d like to think that it was really rough on them so they had to meet up every 4-6 months or so. While at home, I doubt they ever went three weeks without it—solely because I think that if they’d really want to, they’d find a way to make time for it (be it sacrificing sleep or otherwise lol).

Out of the two though, I think Sasuke might yearn for it more simply due to the emotional aspect of it. He loves the absolute closeness it brings more than the pleasure of sex itself, and when he really wants to express his love for his wife, it’s the best way he knows how. ^^

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By Teumessian
Pairing: Harry/Louis
Word count: 17,965
Rating: Explicit

“What?” Louis asks, noticing the glee in Harry’s eyes.

“It’s just… I just realised… like something you told me? And it never really connected until now, but—”

“Spit it out, Posh Spice,” Louis teases, leaning against the back of the couch and crossing his ankles, and Harry chuckles.

“Well… you fancy me? You do right now, don’t you?” Harry says.

“What?!” Louis yelps, the ease of his posture instantly sapped.

“I mean… like the first time I met you I didn’t know you that well, so of course I didn’t recognize it, but after we got together, you told me how you act when you fancy someone—which I of course remembered, right? Plus, there’s all the videos from the show… But, yeah, you get all extra loud and stuff… and I just noticed… you’re like doing that?” Harry says, looking pleased.

[Louis is just 18 and ends up in 2015 for one day at Harry’s request, one day to make sure his spirit is strong and hopeful enough to take him to the X Factor and end him up where he’s supposed to be. Aka, the one where Harry makes sure Louis knows how amazing he is.]

(Read Here)

Fall Time

Can you please do a fall imagine !


You crackled underneath leaves as you walked to your dank old school. Today marked the first day of fall. Which made everyone go mad. Everyone finally had an excuse to now wear scarfs, holiday music, and everything around you was pumpkin spice.

As you walked into the quad you spotted your group of friends around each other like crazy people. You stopped into your tracks as you saw the madness continuing.

As you walk closer you saw y/c with a bright smile upon his face. His eyes were on you. You being the awkward person that you are kept your eyes away from his.

“Hey (nickname).” He calls to you, once you reach a seat across from him.

“Hey (his nickname).” You tease back.

For awhile all your friends and him start talking, all the while his eyes are on you, looking at every word you comment.

The warning bell goes off and all your friends start to leave.

“Bye guys.” You say while getting your stuff together.

Right before you leave the table you feel a hand on you.“ Are you doing anything after school today?” Y/c asks you.

You shake your head no.

“Meet at the usual spot right after school?”


“Great.” He wraps his arms around you and you do the same, engulfing the sweet smell.

“Are you wearing pumpkin spice cologne?” You tease, once you pull back.

“No.” His cheeks redden.

“You are, aren’t you?” Your smile widening.

“I wanted to try something new.” He says with a shy smile spreading.

“You dork.” You say.


You meet under your usual spot that’s under the tree in the front door entrance. You stand there scrolling through your tumblr for anything to humor you.

After what feels like a really long time you hear laughter near the front entrance of the school. You look up and see y/c with a very pretty girl.

They looked like there having so much fun and he was hugging her and he was pulling back with a smile.

You felt stupid. You stood here for 30 minutes while he was out flirty with some girl. You thought for one minute that this was it. That maybe, just maybe, you finally cracked his shell and you have encased yourself in his thoughts, but instead his thoughts were flooding somebody else. He forgot all about you and he didn’t even notice.

You felt your eyes water. You thought that maybe there was a possibility of him liking you. Your eyes prickle with tears. You didn’t realized it, but you were staring at them. You got his attention and his eyes pulled to yours.

He realized that he was late.“ Oh shit, see ya (girls name).” He rushes away from her and towards you.

You shake your head and start fast walking towards the outskirts.

“Y/n!” He shouts at you.“ Where are you going?” He starts jogging and catches up to you, he puts his hand on your elbow.

“Leave me alone!” You pull your arm away from him.“ I cannot believe you y/c. You make me wait for you for half an hour while you go out and flirt with (girls name).”

He furrows his brows.“ Flirting, really? We were just talking. And who cares if I was flirting?” Anger filled his eyes.

“It-nothing it’s just-”

“Are you jealous?” He says.

“No!” You say to quickly.“ I just don’t want to waste my time anymore. Goodbye y/c.” You walk away towards the crosswalk, hoping he’d follow you to see if he actually cared. But he didn’t.

You sat on the bench of the park. Tears fell, but you didn’t know why. Maybe it was because you knew it was to good to be true. You sit there looking at the trees decaying, the birds chirping, the leaves turning yellow, brown, and red. Your favorite colors in the fall time. Suddenly it started to rain softly.

Out of no where you heard crunch of leaves. Footsteps coming your way.

You look up and see y/c looking all determined.

You stand up, fixing your under eyes to make sure there weren’t any dry tears left on you. Rain was hitting harder and your hair was getting wet.

“Y/c.” you start to say when he reaches close to you. “ Look-”

Before you knew it, he walks straight to you and presses his lips to yours. His natural scent was filling your nose instead of the stupid pumpkin spice that probably wore off. You inhaled a sharp intake. His hands are on your cheeks while yours is on his waist.

This was all to surprising and you wanted to ask so many questions, but this very day you couldn’t under a single word.

Your lips tug on one another and he kisses you with full of passion and heartache. He pulls back quickly, to quickly.

“I’m sorry.”

“For what?” You say, breathing heavy.

He presses his forehead to yours.“ For being stupid.”

“And.” You push. You smile while closing your eyes.

“And for being a douche.”

“And.” You smile wider.

“And for not doing this sooner.” He kisses you again and this time he doesn’t let you breath for air. Instead you gasp for air as he laps your tongue to his while he bites your bottom lip for entrance. The rain hits harder and all he does is hold your face closer then before.

Hot Plate [Nikolas/Amelia]

Nikolas placed his fingertips gingerly against the small of Amelia’s back, steering her through the crowd as they made their way towards a stall of peppers. “I know this is unconventional,” Nikolas said. “But I thought we could start here, at the market, so you could see my entire process.” He already had a few dishes in mind, but wanted to make her part of the experience. “Is that alright?” he asked, lifting a red jalapeno to his nose. Nik took a deep breath, spice teasing his senses. “Here, what does this remind you of?” he asked, holding the pepper up. “Don’t over think it; whatever comes to mind.”


Summary: Beatrice Everdeen-Carter and Ramona Mellark, two friends with one mission–to get their parents together. Modern AU Everlark.

Part Six is now available below the cut!

You can read all other parts here:

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The Family Plan

Part Six

Beatrice opened her eyes at the beep of her phone. Sitting up, she refrained from squealing at the picture message since it was still early and she was sure that Dylan and her Dad were still asleep.

Rise and shine, sis –R’

Just above her morning greeting from Ramona was a photo of her Mom and Peeta asleep—fully-clothed, thank God—in his bed. They looked happy and content to be wrapped in one another’s embrace. Not to mention, in that sweet morning light, her mother looked younger than Beatrice had ever seen her.

She quickly messaged back, ‘Can I call you?

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S/o stripping for Nicolas, Worick, Delico and Marco. How would they react?

Nicolas would enjoy the show, but keep his emotions in check. His s/o would have to work pretty hard to get his walls to come down. He has a quick hot temperament so whenever those walls do come down his partner had better be ready for it.

Worick would love every second of it and would have absolutely no reservations about showing it. With his line of work he has probably seen many shows but when it is that one special person he would have particular difficulty keeping his hands to himself.

Delico is modest in his appreciation of such things, that’s not to say he doesn’t enjoy it. If caught in the right mood the show would relax him and put him at ease. It would give him a chance to unwind and vent some frustrations.

Marco enjoys the intimacy and spice of a private strip tease. It gets him worked up in a very good way and the show never lasts long because he gives into the temptation quickly.

The Scots are famous for their whisky, but will be licking their wounds this week after a Japanese single malt was named the best in the world.

Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask 2013 was given the title by the 2015 World Whisky Bible, which is compiled by whisky expert Jim Murray.

He praised the whisky as “near indescribable genius”, with a “nose of exquisite boldness” and a finish of “light, teasing spice”, giving it an impressive 97.5 marks out of 100.

This year marks the first time in the book’s 12-year history that a Japanese whisky has landed the title.To add insult to injury, not a single Scotch managed to make the final five shortlist.

The winning whisky comes from Japan’s oldest malt whisky distillery Yamazaki, which was established in 1923.

The drink, of which only 16,00 bottles have been made, is aged in Oloroso sherry butts for around 12 to 15 years, giving it what Murray called a “nutty, thick, dry [taste]… as rounded as a snooker ball”.

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Must taste. Immediately.

anonymous asked:

So I have been in this fandom for two years now but I'm still confused. Is Jimin supposed to be a gentle innocent fluff ball or a hot walking sex symbol. My mind needs answers people~ answers!!!

Both; he’s pure magic and his most famous act is transforming from a sweet lil koala to a panty droppa /breaks into song, or should i say songz? no ignore that; this is beyond the point/ anyWAY… /coughs/ Allow me to give you a visual representation of this magic~

See now he looks perfectly fluffy, a cute little squish ball. You’d never expect anything else from such a sweet looking face… but then…

He’s still fluffy here, correct? But he’s beginning to test our hearts by shaking them a little, and honestly, this little kiss is all it takes. That cute lil thin lipped smile seals the deal of cuteness… but then…

This lil piece o’ grease comes out like “hello I’m sexy, free, single, and ready to mingle,” and even though are hearts are shaken a little we’re still at the point of “Lmao you greasy lil grease :p” …but then…

He adds a dash of spice to that grease. The teasing continues because man does he know what stirs us the most. He starts using that unexpected sex appeal of his to his advantage, but you see, at this point, it’s still manageable. He’s still got a tad bit of cute mixed with that sexy… but then…

He tests our patience just a tad bit more. He drives us crazy with the “Hello I’m sex- wait no, I’m cute and innocent. What are you talking about? Pshhh” …but then…

He’s just like “Fuck it. Who am I kidding? I. Am. Sex.” And he burns our hearts to smithereens and continues to just be so goddamn extra that I need to change my underwear at least a few times just by looking at this mothafucka… and I think you need to join me so…

 AND ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  AND CAN’T ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ANYMORE; HOT MOTHERFUCKING DAMN… but then…

He’s a shy cutie again like “Bruh Idk what you’re getting worked up about~ I’m just a cute Minie~~~” 

- Devi (╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . )