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Playboy published child pornography.

Girls have been abused by pedophiles.
Playboy got away with selling child pornography. They had pre pubescent girls in their magazines posing nude. The girls were sexualised and pimped out by their own mothers to porn magazines. Nobody went to jail. This is concrete proof pedophilia has been no secret in Hollywood and the entertainment industry.
Spread this info. It has been suppressed for years.

>The original picture, for which Shields was paid $450, was taken by fashion photographer Garry Gross in 1975 for a Playboy publication titled Sugar and Spice. It was one of a dozen images of Shields designed, according to Gross, to reveal the not-so-latent sexuality of the prepubescent child.

Those photos can be found uncensored with a quick google search.
Brooke Shields was later casted in Pretty Baby where she played the role of a child prostitute. She had nude scenes in the movie despite being 11 at the time. She was chosen for the role after the director saw her nude photos.


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