sphynx cat tattoo

ID #36888

Name: Becks
Age: 19
Country: England
Hiya, I’m Becks and I’m really really terrible at talking about myself.
I’m on here to find some friends because i really don’t have any! I lost my friend group once I finished school/college and chose to get a full time job instead. They didn’t like that and it seems they really don’t like me now hahahaha.

I sound like a really typical girl when I list things about me (sorry not sorry)

- i love makeup but suck at doing my own
- music is a huge passion of mine (i love pop punk)
- i get payed and sponsored to blog and chat rubbish
- you will never find me not wearing vans
- i have 4 tattoos
- i love sphynx cats

I’m pretty open to talking to anyone as long as you let me ramble on about nothing and send me cute pictures of cats.

In all seriousness though - I’d love to be able to talk to people 24/7 but letters are cool too!

Preferences:  Ideally at least 18+