Young monsterfalls has been on my brain lately. I might draw another stupid comic with these little dorks.


Since they’ve done a bit of traveling, have Cyros & Mal seen other supernatural beings, within or outside of Greek myth? What are some examples of creatures they’ve interacted with, either friendly or otherwise, and their thoughts on the encounters?


Cyros and Mal have definitely met several supernatural beings both in the Greek pantheon as well as in other religious pantheons. The two I’ve shown here are the Kirin on top left, and Sumerian Sphinx on the right.

To Cyros, it’s pretty much old hat meeting these denizens of the old world, but to Mal it’s mind boggling that all the legends and stories are true.

Bug of the Day

Ok, theredthrone​ said “i wanna see, the biggest moth you got“ and this one sure qualifies!

This huge Waved Sphinx (Ceratomia undulosa) dive-bombed me at the light last night and then would *not* get off of my arm. I don’t think I will ever get used to that feeling of a big moth walking on my skin, it feels like two pieces of velcro slowly being ripped apart…


Idk It’s a sphinx based Daisy for Musemon. Don’t make me look at the color orange anymore, I beg of yoooou. Also I know I said she would be a Fairy/Fighting type, but now I’m getting a strong Fairy/Ground vibe from her. Your call, everyone.

askwhacka-shy has spriting dibs on the Daisy mon right now.

Also, have the whole lineup down below. Because why not.