Drawing everyday | if Dexter played in Disney movies
День 18. Сегодня я снова экспериментирую над рисованием собственного кота. Вот что случилось бы, играй он в диснеевских мультиках. Был бы там единственный не однозначно добрый или злой герой. Так-то. #декстер #декстеркот #котскис #котьенастроение #рисуюкотов #рисую #каждыйдень #365days #365daysofdrawing #draw #dexter #dextercat #drawing #drawnbyme #drawingeveryday #sphinx #sphynx #illustagram #illustration #illustrateyourworld #blendingmarkers #kuretake #zig #cleancolor #catdrawning #ilovesphynx


a little thing i whipped up because i absolutely adore sphinxes, theyre my favorite mythical creature as you know

in my head ive always sort of given them very loose classifications as if they were a real thing with their wide variances

this is in no way meant to be super realistic, nor is it a pass at a “species” sort of deal like youd see on deviantart. its just a sort of personal thing i work with in my own head

if you like my classification ideas feel free to work from them yourself, or not. it doesnt matter! :0

When I learned about Greek myths in fourth or fifth grade I was very saddened by Oedipus and his horrible life. To comfort myself I made up a story (baby’s first fix it fic) where instead of defeating the sphinx and going on to ruin his family with murder and incest, Oedipus went off and lived happily ever after with the sphinx and never ever met his family as an adult. 

I still like this ending better.

@aq-user designed this sphinx fella who i named Rez

im dumb and kinda have a lot of silly ideas for sphinx classification so i feel this guy would fit well into a sort of archaic subtype due to his more primitive simian features and lack of wings

monkeys are really cute weh i love them