Search the Galaxy Ch.8

Yondu waited outside of the room with Quill and the Guardians and Jacar while the clan’s doctor helped y/n. He paced back and forth down the hall as he waited for any word on his love. When the door opened just a crack his eyes snapped over and saw Jacar’s mother, y/n’s aunt standing there. 

“Yondu, you may come in now.” Brela said in a soft voice.

Walking over to the door she opened it for him to go in and he heard as she shut it behind her. Looking around the room that had been turned over he saw the doctor, Kal standing by the door in the room. Going over he looked into the dimly lit room to see it was a bathroom. His eyes stopped when he saw h/c hair. The small omega laid in the large tub filled with a bluish gray water. He couldn’t see to much from here and when the doctor cleared his throat Yondu tore his eyes from her to look at the older male. 

“I won’t lie to you boy, she is in rough shape. There is no doubt that Ekon was beating her, starving her too judging by how much weight she’s lost. He poisoned her, we found the antidote stashed away in the bookcase. I’m guessing he was going to use it if he won the fight. Be glad you got to her when you did, any longer and she wound’t have made it. That poison has made her weak but on top of all that her heat has started. Her body is beginning to show signs of the cycle. There is no getting around this, I can’t give her anything to stop it…”

“So I’m supposed to mate with her when she is already battered? When her body is already exhausted.” Yondu asked in a voice mixed with both anger and worry.

“I got her soaking in a herbal bath to help her heal sooner. She will need to stay in there for a little bit… But yes she will need to mate soon or she will die.” Kal said in a tired voice as he ran his hand over the back of his neck.

When Brela came over they looked to her. “Me and Sphi are going to get the room cleaned up. If you would like Yondu you can stay with her until we are ready to get her back in the bed.” She said with a soft and gentle voice.

Taking a deep breath Yondu nodded, “I’m not leaving her.” He said as he made his way over to the tub. Hearing the door close he moved to sit on the floor beside her. Looking at her now he saw only her shoulders up to be out of the water. He was glad the water was masking the smell of her heat for the time being. He could see the herbs floating in the water and moved his hand to cup some of the water and bring it to her bruised cheek. When the water touched her face he saw as her eyes fluttered open a bit. She looked so tired but he saw as her lips turned up into a small smile. He smiled when she whispered out his name. “There’s my girl.” He said and saw her eyes watering up. “No baby please don cry. Wats wrong?” He asked and watched as her hand came out of the water to rub over his blackening temple. Taking her hand in his he brought it to his lips and kissed it. “It’ll be aright. Ya don’t worry bout’ me. ya worry bout’ gettin’ yerself better.” he told her. When she pulled his hand to her face he felt as she placed her cheek in his palm and leaned to cuddled into it. Closing her eyes she let out a deep breath and before long she was back asleep. He left his hand where she had put it, stroking her cheek with his thumb until he heard the door open. Looking over he saw Brela standing there and nod at him. 

Standing from the floor he gently pulled his hand from her cheek and moved over to grab a towel. Holding it up he watched as Brela and Jacar’s wife Sphi went over and helped y/n stand from the tub. He avoided looking over her body, no matter how much he wanted to. That was the last thing he needed, to jump her bones right in front of her family. When he saw her having trouble he wrapped the towel around her and lifted her into his arms, feeling her head lay on his shoulder. He held in his growl when the smell of her heat hit his nose, making his fin glow red. Turning he limped into the room to see it now clean. Going over to the bed he let Brela pull back the covers before he gently placed her down. 

“Let us know if you need anything. Supper will be brought up shortly. There are some clothes on the chair I thought you may be able to fit, if you would like a shower.” Sphi said before both her and Brela left.

Yondu helped y/n to lay down on the bed and pulled the covers up over her towel covered body. Looking down at his dirt and blood covered body he saw the pile of clothes on the chair and limped over to grab them. Taking one last glance at y/n he saw her to be sleeping peacefully and knew it would be a good idea to shower before laying in her clean bed…. or matting for that matter.

After his shower Yondu walked out to see two trays of food on the table, along with a pitcher of what he guessed was wine and two glasses. Going to her side he ran his hand over her arm and saw her wake up. At first she recoiled away from his touch and he felt his heart clench, had Ekon let that big of a imprint on her? “Supper’s ready.” he told her but she only looked towards the table and shook her head. 

“I’m not hungry. You go eat.” you told him. You did not want to go over there. So many days you had been forced to sit on the floor by Ekon’s feet like some animal while he ate. He would only feed you when it was clear you were about to pass out. Looking at the chair he had always sat in felt your hands shake.

Yondu furrowed his brows at the omega. He knew she was lying. He could hear it in her voice, but why? Seeing her eyes glance to the table he felt the blankets moving and looked down to see her hands shaking. Then it hit him. He remembered the first night he had come to rescue her she had been laying on the floor beside that table. “Hey darlin’. Look at me.” he said and watched as she looked back at him before looking at her lap. That would be one thing of what he was guessing of many things he would have to un-teach her. Curling his finger under her chin he lifted her gaze to meet his. “Ya ave’ ta eat, princess.” he told her but saw her sigh. “Girl now ya listen to me. I know he urt’ ya. I know he did and i’m sorry. I was mad and I let me anger get ta me. I turned ya away, I turned my mate away. But I am here now. And I promise I will take care of ya and love ya till me last breath. So baby I’m tellin’ ya, eat, at least somethin’.” Yondu said in his alpha voice. Seeing her nod her head he took a deep breath before lifting her again and carrying her over to the table with the blanket wrapped around her. 

As they ate Yondu watched her. She stayed quiet and every so often she would cringe up, closing her eyes and fisting her hands in the blanket. He had been trying to breath in through his nose as her hair dried making her scent fill the air. He could feel the tightening of the pants he was wearing and subconsciously kept running his tongue over the sharp tips of his teeth. Shoving a piece of meat into his mouth he stared at her neck and felt the low growl in his throat. Closing his eyes he tried to steady himself. ‘she is hurt you idiot. you can’t just fuck her brains out.’ he told himself. Shaking his leg he took a deep breath and poured himself another glass of wine. Bringing it to his lips he drank down half of it in one go. Sitting the cup back down he saw her looking at his glass before her eyes fell back to her lap. He could see the saddened look on her face and furrowed his brows. “What’s wrong beautiful?” he asks.

“You can not possibly call me that. I am covered in black and blue bruises and have a buster lip.” you say and feel as your eyes begin to water up. How in the galaxy could he think you were pretty. How could he want to touch you. Maybe he didn’t really want to, maybe that’s why he was drinking so much. 

“What’s wrong wit bein’ blue?” Yondu said with a small chuckle. “Ya are always beautiful ta me baby. The scars will go away wit time. But untils then tat jus’ means I’ll ave’ ta kiss em’ better.” He said giving her a sly smirk. When he saw her swallow hard he placed his fork down and stood. Going to her side of the table he grabbed her chair and turned it towards him making her jump slightly. Crouching down in front of her he saw her eyes look up at his bare chest before shooting back down. He smiled when he realized she was embarrassed. Lifting her chin he looked into her e/c eyes and smiled. Leaning forward he pushed his lips to hers. Flicking out his tongue he swiped it over her lower lip and heard her gasp. Moving his hand to cup her cheek while his thumb pulled down on her chin he opened her mouth. Rolling his tongue into her mouth he couldn’t stop the loud growl at tasting her. Rubbing his other hand down her side to rest on her hip he pulled her close to him, feeling her legs on either side of him. 

Continuing to work her mouth he finally lifted her up from her seat and walked over to the bed, not breaking from her mouth. Sitting her on the bed he dropped the blanket from her body and looked down at her. He could see the bruises from where Ekon had kicked her and when a line had caught his eye he looked at her eyes to see her looking extremely embarrassed and sad. Holding her hip in one hand he grabbed her shoulder with the other and turned her so he could see her back. When the dark lash marks met his eyes he felt his blood boil. Everyone went a different direction and he could see the slight welt on some of the newest ones. “Oh darlin’..” he said in a soft voice. He knew from experience how much whipping hurt. Thinner scars than hers covered his back from where the Kree had whipped him. Hearing her soft cries he looked back at her face to see her crying again, her lip quivering. 

“You…if you chan…changed your mind. We don’t have to..I mean you don’t have to…” you sobbed as you looked down at your feet, trying to pull the blanket back over your form. No doubt it had to be a hideous sight.

“No y/n. Stop it.” Yondu said as he gripped her shoulders and gave her a small shake. “What did I just tell ya? I don’t care about the marks, I love ya. I love every part of ya…Yer lips.” he said as he moved to kiss her again, “Yer cheeks.” he said placing a kiss to her cheeks and moving down to her neck. He peppered the skin there with light kisses before nipping lightly at where his claiming mark will go. “Yer body.” his voice deepened when he got to placing kisses on her shoulder and chest. “And yer scars.” he said, moving to lick where a small welt wrapped around her side. “All of it.” he growled. Locking his lips with hers he guided her back to lay on the bed. Crawling after her he held himself up on his forearms. Trailing kisses and licks to her jaw and neck he began to groan at the tightness of his pants. Pushing them down his legs he grabbed her hands and held them beside her head as he kicked the pants to the floor. Sucking marks into her skin he heard her begin to moan. Smirking he move to take one of her nipples into his mouth, making the soft bud become hard. His female let out a high gasp and he chuckled. “What other sounds can I get from my girl?” he said. Biting down on the mound of her breast he listened as she let out a whine. He was careful not to bit the bruised area, not wanting to hurt her.

Rubbing her sides he moved one hand to her thigh and spread them. Looking down he growled out and moved his hand to rest between her legs. He traced the slit of her sex with his finger, feeling as she bucked her hips. Chuckling he kissed her ribs as he slowly pushed one of his fingers into her hole. She gave a moan at the new feeling and before long was melting into his touch. Smelling her heat covering his fingers made the captain have to shake his head to remain calm. Licking down he settled himself between her legs and licked up her slit. At this the female let out a high pitch squeak. Smirking Yondu pumped his finger in and out of her as he lapped at her sex like a starved man. He groaned and growled at how sweet she was on his lips and before long he felt her fluttering around his fingers. Ripping them out of her he heard her whine in need. 

“Shhh sweet girl I’ve got ya. I know what ya need.” he said in a low voice that sent chills down her spine. Moving between her legs he lined himself up with her and kissed at her neck. “You trust me baby?” he panted and felt as she nodded. “Good girl.” he said, grabbing her hands again and pinning them down beside her. Looking into her eyes he saw fear and lust. “I love you.” he said in Centaurian and saw her smile. Pushing in he felt her stiffen and buried his face in the crook of her neck when she began to cry out in pain. Closing his eyes he kissed at her neck.

“Ahhh.” You cried out at the sharp pain between your legs. Feeling Yondu pushing in deep you felt like he was going to rip you into. Flinching away he held you tightly under him. You felt him kissing your neck as he tried to sooth you but it hurt so bad. You cried and shook as he fully filled you, when he stopped moving you heard a soft whistle you stopped your crying and listened. 

Yondu whistled a soft tune while she adjusted to his girth and the pain passed. He felt her relax under him and heard her cries stop. Smiling he nuzzled his cheek against her jaw as he whistled. By the time the tune was over she had relaxed fully and he kissed her neck before pulling out and thrusting back in. He heard as she gasped at his movements. In and out he thrusted his hips against hers. Moving one of his hands to her leg he threw it over his back so he could get deeper in her. She moaned and whimpered when he hit her sweet spot. Letting out small growls he nipped at her neck, suckling on the thin skin under her ear. 

When his knot began to form he pulled out of her flipped her over onto her stomach. Looking down at her back he gave a growl before kneeling and taking hold of her hips. Pulling her up onto her knees he pushed back into her sex. Yondu moaned out at how tight she was. Holding onto her hips he pulled and pushed her off his cock. Pinning her down to the bed he heard her hiss in pain when he laid on her sore back. Fisting his hand in her hair he gave her growls as his alpha was fully released. He gripped her wrist so hard there was no doubt there would be bruises to show. Holding her down beneath him he mated her. Soon his movements became difficult when his knot locked behind her pelvic bone. Hearing her scream out in pleasure he let out a roar as he began to fill hr with his seed. Biting down on her neck he heard her scream in pain. She thrashed with all her might trying to get him to let go of the hold he had on her neck. Drinking down the blood rushing in his mouth he moaned around her skin and felt his eyes roll back. Feeling y/n go limp under him he realized what he was doing and unlocked his jaws to look down at her.

A trail of blood rolled from the deep oval wound on her neck and her eyes were closed. Knotting his brows Yondu moved the hand he had in her hair to her hip and held her close as he rolled them over. Even the slightest movement pulled on his knot in her and he didn’t want to hurt her more. Leaning up he grabbed the blanket and pulled it over them. His mate was still was he ran his hand over her the slight bump on her belly. Licking at the claiming mark he made sure to clean it.  Stroking the side of her face with his knuckles he sighed. So this was love. Never in his life had Yondu felt so much for one person. He wanted nothing more than to keep her safe. To care for her. Smiling he looked back at his pile of clothes on the floor. Giving a whistle he made his arrow go bring him his jacket. Fishing out his communicator he pressed a button and waited. 

“Yon..dude?!” Quill said and Yondu watched as the boy covered his eyes.

“Hush boy. I need ya ta bring me somethin’ from my ship.” He said.

“But your naked.” Quill groaned.

“I’ll still eat chu’…” Yondu growled.

“Fine. What is it?” Peter asked in an annoyed voice.

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