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Tanaka and 2CT

Now that chapter 129 has confirmed 2CT, there’s more for the fandom to solidly ponder.

I have a few questions and ideas concerning Tanaka and 2CT.

1. What We Know about Real!Ciel

  • He claims to be real!Ciel and most likely is, going along with story hints and 2CT
  • He was with our!Ciel during his cult enslavement post-Phantomhive Murders.
    • His whereabouts during the attack on the Manor are not necessarily known
  • He was most likely killed (or thought to be killed) by the cultists, triggering our!Ciel’s extreme hatred and the summoning of Sebastian (which was paid for by real!Ciel’s soul)
  • While our!Ciel is more similar to his mother (sickly, possessing a weaker disposition), real!Ciel seems to have Vincent’s personality (charismatic, outgoing)
  • Our!Ciel admired real!Ciel when they were children (or at least found comfort in him during their enslavement)
  • He is most likely the “Blue Star” that Blavat is serving and collecting blood for.
  • Probably attacked Soma/Agni at the Townhouse for reasons currently unknown
  • He may or may not be some type of Bizarre Doll.
    • He shows zero signs of decomposition and seems to have memories of his past as well as strategic insight (or at least the ability to command or attempt murders)

2. Tanaka and the Twins

As the former Phantomhive butler, it’s near impossible for Tanaka to have zero knowledge of the other twin. Even further, I believe that Tanaka must know that the master he’s serving is not the real Ciel Phantomhive. 

  • Tanaka spent years caring for the twins, seeing and serving them every day. 
    • He most likely spent more time with our!Ciel, who was sickly and thus stuck indoors more than real!Ciel.
      • He might be closer (or appear closer) to our!Ciel rather than real!Ciel
  • Tanaka has never referred to our!Ciel as “Ciel.”
    • The flashback of the murder, in which he says “Ciel, sir,” could be a broken phrase (we don’t know if he’s addressing Ciel or talking about him)
  • Tanaka refers to our!Ciel as “young master,” not “master.”
    • It could be a personal preference, an age-related thing, or maybe a hint…
  • Tanaka is extremely astute
    • He has excellent observational skills as seen from his adept swordsmanship (like when he sliced a bullet in half)
    • He didn’t flinch at Sebastian’s death (hinting that he might know the truth about Sebastian’s nature)
    • He knew that the Red House’s stomach pains were from Sebastian tampering with their food 

3. Tanaka and Real!Ciel

More or less regardless if Tanaka knows about the switch, real!Ciel exists. Where does that leave Tanaka?

  • Tanaka is a target
    • Since he sided with our!Ciel, Tanaka could be seen as a traitor by real!Ciel, a label that could lead to his demise
  • Tanaka is an accomplice
    • If Tanaka knew about the switch, could he also have found out about real!Ciel and have been working with him?
    • On the other hand, will real!Ciel attempt to recruit him?
  • Tanaka is troubled
    • Real!Ciel doesn’t really care about Tanaka’s existence
    • Whether or not Tanaka originally knew of the switch, real!Ciel’s appearance is troublesome for our!Ciel and possibly him (Tanaka).

4. Tanaka’s Loyalty

Tanaka serves the Phantomhive Household– more specifically the house led by Earl Phantomhive. There are currently two contenders– the rightful heir to the earldom and the acting earl. Tanaka has known both of these boys and can easily confirm who the true earl is. The question is…who will he serve?

  • Our!Ciel
    • Tanaka is loyal to our!Ciel, possibly due to “favoritism” or closeness with him (since again, Tanaka and our!Ciel most likely saw a lot of each other due to the latter’s illnesses)
  • Real!Ciel
    • Tanaka is loyal to the true heir
    • Tanaka feigns loyalty to real!Ciel in order to protect or help our!Ciel

5. Interesting Notes about Tanaka

  • Tanaka has most likely known Undertaker longer than anyone else in the series (depending on when he started working for the Phantomhives)
  • Tanaka could know something about real!Ciel (where was he during the manor’s attack?)
  • Toboso-sensei employs traditional characteristics or stereotypes to some of the characters (Bard being loud and loving guns/ explosions/ etc. since he’s American; Soma/Agni being Hindi, owning elephants; Germans being obsessed with cleanliness and being great at science…)
    • Since Tanaka is Japanese, could he have more knowledge about beings like Shinigami? (During the time period in which Kuroshitsuji occurs, spiritual beliefs and even religion were less prominent in Britain. I believe spiritualism was on the decline in Japan as well, but since Tanaka is older, who knows what he believes…)

6. Questions about Real!Ciel’s Motives

So your twin brother stole your identity. Cool. 

There’s an easy fix to this– real!Ciel could appear to Frances, Tanaka, or maybe even go to the police to reclaim his identity. All the authorities or others would need to do would be to visit our!Ciel and verify the existence of two Ciels, thus deeming that one is an impostor. Real!Ciel could also provide details about the Phantomhives that would vouch for him before they located his brother.

So why is he part of some complicated plot, probably involving Lizzie? Another question– weren’t he and our!Ciel close in the past?

For some reason or reasons, real!Ciel is messing with his brother and his brother’s friends rather than taking direct action.

Possible reasons:

  • Something/someone is preventing him from revealing himself (or revealing the existence of two Ciels)
    • His survival would surely be questioned– he would be interrogated about his whereabouts during the manor’s attack through the current time. Does he have something to hide about the manor’s attack? About how the hell he survived the cult (possibly revealing he’s some type of Bizarre Doll)? His true activities in Sphere Music Hall?
    • Is there some condition preventing him from this? Has his memory been tampered with? Is he under someone’s control?
  • He wants to make our!Ciel suffer
    • He’s just really pissed that his weak little brother is pretending to be him and is now out to see our!Ciel break
    • He’s a sociopath
      • Loves the drama, craves the power, and enjoys knocking his brother down a peg 
    • Did our!Ciel do something that contributed to real!Ciel’s murder? Perhaps real!Ciel volunteered to save our!Ciel and he’s pissed about actually dying? Was it possible to save real!Ciel but our!Ciel chose not to or ruined that chance by searching for the ring?
  • He’s honestly just in it for the drama
    • Just wants to freak people out, rather than getting his brother into boring, normal legal trouble
  • He doesn’t want to get our!Ciel in any trouble
    • So maybe he just wants to enact some fun, kiddish revenge?
    • He actually cares about our!Ciel but just wants his title back? And maybe a little bit of revenge and scares?

7. My Theories

  • Tanaka will work with real!Ciel, whether out of loyalty or to assist our!Ciel
  • Tanaka has been working with real!Ciel and has possibly been spying on our!Ciel for him
    • It’d honestly be kind of hilarious to see Tanaka emerge as his butler or something
      • I mean, the room at Sphere Music Hall was wrecked– maybe Tanaka has some pent-up hostility xD
  • Real!Ciel will be pissed at Tanaka for siding with our!Ciel (whether the man knew about the switch or not), and will attempt to kill him
    • One reason real!Ciel might try to kill Tanaka could be to silence him
      • This goes off the theory that real!Ciel attacked the Manor (or at least killed his parents and attacked Tanaka)
        • Possible evidence:
          • Vincent and Rachel appear to have been attacked from the front
          • Tanaka, though distracted by our!Ciel and vulnerable, was not killed. He easily could have been beheaded but was stabbed in the back for some reason.
          • Real!Ciel’s whereabouts are technically unknown, but the figure that attacked Tanaka was awfully small…
          • Real!Ciel’s enslavement along with his brother’s could have been a double-cross or an unrelated incident (the kidnapper(s) happened to appear during the murders)
  • Real!Ciel is a sociopath
    • He killed Vincent/Rachel and attacked Tanaka. His brother looked up to him and he pretended to be caring/ strong but honestly didn’t care, or just enjoyed the praise and attention. After somehow surviving the cult, he was pissed to discover that his weak little brother survived and assumed his identity. He wants to put his brother in his place and take everything away from him. Or even worse, he wants to kill him.
  • Less of a theory, but I wonder if our!Ciel’s constant sickness as a child was due to real!Ciel, whether through pressure, an inferiority complex, or real!Ciel having Munchausen Syndrome (in which he would have poisoned or somehow made our!Ciel sick so that he, real!Ciel, could get attention). Our!Ciel has been pretty healthy during the span of the manga… (And the few exceptions were due to his asthma acting up in damp environments– I was surprised he was okay during the cricket tournament)

We’ll certainly get the answers to most of these in time. Right now one of our answer-holders, Tanaka, is probably lurking in the shadows (or maybe real!Ciel has already got to him?! Or…he’s already working with him?!). Hope we see him next chapter!

Humans are weird: April 1st

People keep talking about how the aliens would be so confused by our natural instincts and interactions, but what about pranks? I can just imagine a human in the captains quarters getting in trouble for something…

“Human Zachary, why did you actively wait outside of Zor’erklas room-sphere, just to yell loudly at them and cause a fear reaction? Did you have something to gain in doing this?”

The human sobbing uncontrollably “I’m sorry, I didn’t know he would catch on fire! Why would any species evolve like that! Is he okay?”

“Uh..Y-yes, he is fine. What is wrong with your face?”

“I swear, he’s my friend, I would never do anything to hurt him!”

“Then why did you want to frighten him!”

“Because I thought he would just yell, then realize it was only me and calm back down!”

Only a human. One of the most dangerous, unpredictable and unstable alien species.

anonymous asked:

I was on my way down to the surface, and there were two taako's in the sphere room? two taakos? one of them was in a ball and the other was operating the launcher. the one in the sphere locked eyes with me and said 'if you're taako, and im taako, who's driving the sphere?' the second taako then launched the first down to the surface. I dont understand what happened but i'd like to be scheduled for therapy.


Diamond moon base

Ok, so in watching it could’ve been great I noticed a few things. Please pardon the many screenshots.

A. Only pearl seems to know of the existence of the moon base. The others are thoroughly stumped on what to do,whereas she remembers the base. Perhaps she had been there before the revolution, as one of the diamond’s pearls (depending on which theory you support that could be either pink diamond or white diamond). If the crystal gems had know of its existence before now why hadn’t they gone their before? Be it to get information, supplies, or even to destroy it.

Amethyst also displays no knowledge of the gem’s ability to adjust to the gravity of another planet, so one can assume the crystal gems have not been off world at least since she joined them.

B. They are all together when peridot tries to get the stairs to work, with the exception of pearl. Why would the writers have them be separated for apparently no reason? Well, if you look closely the stairs only activate once pearl steps on them, not as a response to whatever thing peridot tried to do.

The system/base in general is from before the revolution (as shown by having the 4 diamond murals whereas the new homeworld insignia only has 3 diamonds represented and thus a newer/updated base would not include pink diamond) so maybe it still recognizes our pearl as a diamond’s pearl and thus allowed her to ascend the stairs. I mean why would it be called a diamond base if just any gem could get in right? Especially with the weird floaty and important looking sphere thing in this room,

(which looks like the thing white diamond is holding btw) as well as the direct diamond line: both are things that the diamonds most definitely wouldn’t want normal gems getting their hands on at most any cost. Pearls are the gems closest to their diamonds, with the exception of other diamonds so it makes sense that only diamonds and their pearls would have access to this facility. The stairs also glow white. Now this could be in correlation to what diamond the gem trying to go up the stairs belonged to/was (for example: for yellow diamond and her pearl the stairs would glow yellow, blue diamond/blue pearl they would glow blue etc.) Thus providing more evidence for the pearl belonged to white diamond theory. Or, wild thought here, they could just be stairs… You never know with this show…

I find this sentence weird, not only because Lizzy is literally entering to a room, but because I’m not sure what does this mean when it speaks of a labyrinth. 

Does this refers to Bravat’s influence? is Bravat messing with Lizzy’s head so much she’s gonna lose herself in a labyrinth of lies?

Or is it because the room has a literal labyrinth inside of it? And if that’s such, why does the sphere hall has a freaking labyrinth inside of it? And what does Bravat gains with throwing her inside?

Kuroshitsuji 113 needs to be here now. 

anonymous asked:

A young grey crept into the Sphere's room. "Hello is it safe to talk to you again? I just...well you've been kinda scary of late but are you alright now?"

Reul is no longer able to project themselves physically without assistance. Instead, the image of a being made of entire solar systems and moving pieces of a universe becomes apparent in the grey’s mind, the booming voice of the Sphere’s inhabitant filling all spaces.

“I feel my state of mind is irrelevant at this time. It is more important to locate and return the crown to your Queen, so I may aid her once again. She will die without my help, or else remain bound to an ice prison for an eternity.”

The Draining Emotional Sponge

Hi lazy yogi just like to say HappyChristmas to all! :). In this time of year I’ve been around a lot of friends and family and am most of the time by myself as I loooove my own company I find my self hilarious in a good way not the crazy way loool. Only thing is I find myself being drained around other people and not the high energy person I am when I’m bymyslef or with one person. Maybe a lack of confidence can’t put my finger on it? Why is this???? Heeelp!!!

I’m not for sure if this was originally for lazyyogi’s tumblr and it got to me by mistake or you’re just calling me lazyyogi. haha Anyway, i thought i’d answer this one because many people have this problem. 

Overactive empathy is a huge issue for sensitive folk because we are opening up our awareness into others energies. The thing about auras is people don’t realize they arent exactly small and they extend into our environments. So If you were to imagine yourself in a giant sphere pulsating with vibrations of frequency transmitting out thoughts/emotions/feelings daily this is you. 

Now image your sphere in a room of 10 plus people that’s a lot of energy in one room together. 

As a sensitive we FEEL the emotional spheres of others by tapping into their frequency or vibrations. In laymans terms, you are an emotional sponge soaking up all these frequencies at once, this is why it can be ultra draining if you aren’t careful with yourself. Someone who isn’t sensitive is kinda like the equivalent of living in a foggy cloud of smoke instead of being able to SENSE their own frequency vibrations, they are unconscious towards them. 

So the only way to overcome this is by coming back to your own frequency and trying to stay in that higher vibrational place of compassion, understanding and love. If we’re just shielding, we’re not really helping ourselves in this situation because shielding can be exhausting. You have to transform your frequency by changing your emotional output. The easiest way to do that?

LISTENING. Listening to others frequencies is very very healing and gives your empathy a nice boost of clarity. The more we listen to others instead of thinking over them, we are investing our energy in a positive way. 

Take a simple conversation, instead of listening to this person talking, you are thinking about what to say next instead by doing this you aren’t properly hearing what they are telling you nor are your focusing on their energy, you are focusing on yours.
Another instance is when you’re talking to someone but instead you feel constant ego thoughts in place of them speaking, this is when you need to step up, clear your enery by focusing on their eyes and listening. 

Always come back to the heart space because this will transform overactive empathy into compassion and endurance. Letting go of the resistance gives you an opening to heal, listen and find strength within. 

Good lesson for mercury too ;)