sphere packing

Land of Steel and Silicone

“It’s a Hardmode single-player planet like one in Caliborn’s session.

You might find yourself quite lost within the land of STEEL AND SILICONE, an endless sprawling labyrinth of a land. Unlike most easy-going planets, this land is one large planetary sized MIKE TYSON SPHERE, a dyson sphere packing the punch of BOXING OGRES and RINGLORDS, guarding elevators, thousands of miles of stairs and hallways, paths and sky scrapers, and an endless dome made entirely of the planet’s core, where you’ll be spending most of your time navigating.

The consorts are SILICONE MUTANTS (think gears of war basically) that fight in tribal wars constantly with plasma-splatters and matter-shooters, you will have to carefully choose your alliances and engage in this never-ending STRIFE in order to survive the core of your planet. With a ticking clock to it’s explosion, you must hurry to move the PRIME DETONATOR, a huge-ass bomb at centre of your planet to the outside of it in order explode it and send it into a black hole at your sessions centre. Failure to venture out before it’s timer sets will explode it prematurely.

The planet is kind of like the core of Derse basically but it’s all dark obsidian sky scrapers, towers, stairs and paths, etc on the inside which is where the quest takes place. It’s just a thick steel core shell on the outside with no real features.”

Oh wow this one took a long time. So much learned in making it though, including some severe limitations with some of 3dsMax’s distribution tools.

There were so many stages involved, that I’ve included some “making-of” pics after the break.

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peculiar aesthetics (1/?) - Hugh Apiston

He stood defiantly, staring through the window. The insects swung around him in a great, whirling sphere. The fields were packed with them - honeybees and hornets, wasps and yellow jackets, stinging things I couldn’t know or name - and every last of them seemed to be at his command.

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Amazing video about origami, briefly touching on the underlying mathematics.

“Auron, can we go on the elephant ride again?”
“I’m too tall for that one. They won’t let me on again. What about… the big wheel?”
“That ride is for babies!”
“Well, I’m going.”

Wardrobe Meme: X
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That ice cream is gonna fall…