sphere dress

lovelyz: while promoting a song about celestial spheres wore dresses that would match the phases of the moon on the day of the performance. loona: each month release a solo of a new member, each filmed in a different and individual country such as taiwan france uk japan, and each having a mascot animal that perfectly ties in with the lyrics and concept of the song. red velvet: with each release have either a ‘red’ or a ‘velvet’ concept that shows both the bubbly upbeat and the feminine and sensual sides of the group. wjsn: have an exo-like space concept that tells of the members’ alien origins, a zodiac sign corresponding to each member including the 13th member who represents the constellation ophiuchus often called the 13th sign of the zodiac. twice: in each mv every member has an individual concept, for example wong kar wai’s chungking express. suzy: has an entire mv filmed to copy cinematic elements of wong kar wai’s cinematography, and actually filming it in hong kong.

uglies: ugh girlgroups only ever do either sexy or cute concepts boys are much better :/

Me: FFX-2 is the most relevant story to our generation.

Everyone: k that sounds fake but alright

Me: It’s a story entirely about reinventing yourself to escape a lifetime of dealt hands and manipulative practices. How older generations willingly subjected themselves to bad practice and worse outcomes, all for the relative safety and contentment of the few. How they foist those problems onto a young and inexperienced generation, all while blaming them for their continuation and desperately trying to claw back any power they might gain in handling these issues. How in the subsequent upheavals that follows our successes, we are both despised and decried, but rarely followed. How groups who build themselves both on traditions and innovation can be twisted and turned against you. How generations of the old exploit the young, how you too can be exploited by those of your own, and how the idealization of self-sacrifice is unto itself a propaganda all too often used to quell and enforce a cycle of despair. How something as basic as your self image can be used by groups looking to exploit you, how you can still rise above the sadness and tragedy of the past, how you are so much more than that which you have been handed by people all too interested in your suffering to maintain a status quo.


Everyone: What about dress spheres th-


Yuna was so in love that she even gave herself a Tidus haircut and wore his Zanarkand Abes logo and even used his Brotherhood sometimes like can you imagine her making the decision to do that. can you imagine her getting her hair cut and getting that specific sword coded into her dress sphere and asking someone to make that top for her because when she considered reinventing herself her firST THOUGHT WAS OF TIDUS


Alternate Tranquility – Illustration by Finni Chang

A Bravely Default tribute piece (in a modern AU!)

I really loved all the red framed glasses that all the characters wore while in the Spiritmaster dress sphere job class so I decided to keep them for Agnès. These are crops from a piece I drew for the Bravely Default Flying Fairy Fanbook put together by JiaLing and Haku

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hi chelsie! what are your thoughts on modesty for a girl? things like short shorts, crop tops, bikinis, etc.

I think that there nothing wrong with wanting to dress beautifully and in style, but I think one should always think about looking tasteful in what she wears. As a Christian, I believe I should be respectful of my brothers in Christ. Though not responsible for their thoughts, I can help them a bit. I think, also as a Christian, presenting myself as well dressed, tasteful, modest, but in style is also important, as everything we do points to Jesus.

I am not going to say certain articles of clothes are wrong or not wrong….as that can get a bit legalistic and hurtful. I just live by the rule of trying to be respectful and thoughtful when I pick out clothing. It also depends on the realm of life you are in. If you live in a beach town, wearing shorts and a tank top everywhere is probably pretty acceptable. In the business world which I work in, I have to dress more modestly and business like anyway. So whatever sphere of life you dress for, just stay classy and respect yourself and others by what you wear.  :)