🎃After turning The Spine into a pumpkin, Rabbit fly’s into the night!🎃

Happy Halloween!
Well almost Halloween. I actually liked this drawing but I messed it up with my amazing water coloring skills so I did my best to do it digitally……..sadly not the master piece I wanted but I’m happy I finally drew something……take this doge as an apology

Don't Worry About Reuben
  • David Bennett: (Writes Fire Fire)
  • David Bennett: Lol, it's not a Steam Powered Giraffe song.
  • Fire Fire: (is immensely popular amongst the fans)
  • Fire Fire: (gets performed on stage anyway)
  • Fire Fire: (Becomes a Steam Powered Giraffe song)
  • David Bennett: (Writes Losin' Reuben)
  • David Bennett: Lol, it's not a Steam Powered Giraffe song.
  • Me: Not yet, it isn't.

Here we have a small selection of my Walter Worker cosplay, that I will be bringing to Weekend at the Asylum Steampunk Festival this year! I kind of promised someone that I would bring it, so I better keep my promise and do so~ I’ve made the dress myself, and I’m very proud of it. I actually feel very pretty in this, to be honest, and it’s really rare that I like how I look in dresses. But yeah, I just felt like uploading this. I can’t wait to wear it for The Asylum!

Ok, listen. This is something that I should absolutely not have to say, and I know for a fact that we’ve said it before. We definitely shouldn’t be having to say it again.

No matter what somebody’s opinion of Steam Powered Giraffe is, you do not under any circumstance get to threaten them with physical harm. I don’t care what exactly you’re threatening them with or how you word it, it is foul. 

Maybe you’re just a troll trying to make the other side look bad, but maybe you’re not, so I’m going to continue this message:

How does saying something like that to someone make you better than them?

How does threatening someone show them that you’re right? The only thing that you are conveying to them when you tell them they should be abused, or get hurt, or die, is that you and your side of the argument is evil.

Listen, I understand that whoever is sending hate, if not just a troll, must feel very strongly about this. You know I feel very strongly about this, too. However, if you threaten somebody like that, you are WRONG, no matter what your opinion is. 

If you are anti-spg and you send hate to someone like that, you are wrong

If you are pro-spg and you send hate to someone like that, you are wrong

Do you really think that threatening them will change their opinion? Make them suddenly agree with you? You are making it worse. We would appreciate it if you would stop - people are actually, genuinely hurting. On both sides. We do not need this to escalate to death threats and violence. We want peace and safety for everyone, even the people who don’t believe or support us. These aren’t Nazis that you can comfortably punch without guilt, these people are teens and young adults who likely have no idea what’s actually going on. What SPG did or did not do is NOT the fault of the fans. They do not deserve harassment - they deserve our honesty and if they refuse to believe us, threatening them will not change their minds.

I would like to make it very clear that if you send anon hate to someone in support of this blog, we do not support you. You can unfollow us right now. Abuse is what we are fighting against, and if you think you can go on anon to threaten somebody in our name, you just became our enemy. Full stop. I don’t care what kind of asset to us you are, I don’t care if you’re secretly my best friend. You are NOT one of us. End of story.

We are trying to help the people in this fandom, not make them hate us.
Nobody will listen to us if they are being threatened by somebody claiming to be on our side. If you are guilty of threatening abuse to someone, you will never be on our side.

To anyone who has received threats from anonymous individuals claiming to be on our side, we would like to apologize. These people are not associated with us, and I neither personally nor professionally know anyone who could be sending these messages.

And just so everyone knows, nobody actually working here at BT will ever go on anon. @bannedtogetheradmin is our main account, and if we send you an ask, or reply to one of your posts, it will be coming from there.

- Mod X


Happy Halloween, everyone!

One of my favorite pictures of my The Spine cosplay. The facial expression, the calm pose with the guitar. I don’t really have much to say, honestly, because I just felt like posting this. Heh. 

Steam Powered Giraffe Review

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Steampunk music is not a well-known genre and has a very unique sound. Steam Powered Giraffe is one of the most popular singing groups in the Steampunk world, and is a family favorite for all. With their fake story beginning in the 1800’s, these “Singing Automatons” travel the world spreading their song. The Spine(David Bennett) is the practical one of the group, and he has a titanium alloy spine, that’s his backstory. Rabbit(Isabella Bennett) was the first one built and was made when “men dressed up as Mr. Peanut” she says, and tends to malfunction many times during their live performances. Both members are twins and started the band back in 2008. The newest member is Zero(Bryan Barbarin), who pretends to be Hatchworth(an old member played by Sam Luke) and used to have his own show in the 90’s called, Zero’s house.

Pretending to be antique automatons isn’t the only unique aspect from these musicians, their folk songs and automatonic electronic harmonics separate them from the rest. All of their songs have a deep meaning to them, showing how they think or how to get through tough times. Their #1 hit song “Honeybee” is an old love song written by Isabella Bennett and is about her old relationship and how she is handling the break up in the end. “Malfunction” is about how it’s alright to be different and you should just “Malfunction away”, but the serious songs aren’t the only fan favorites. The song “Ice cream Parade” happens after they broke The Spine in their Album ‘Album One’ and they go through short adventures after he wakes up. For example, The Jon ends up riding a quesadilla and sings about how they forgot his sour cream.

The goofy robots also have amazing stage presence, which the fans adore. Ever since college, the two twins have taken mime and theater classes in order to expand their skills for new songs and live shows. With their ticking noises and screeching gear sounds being made with only their mouths, it’s easy to fall in love and wonder how they do it. Some new members are unable to make these noises, so the twins have twice the work when it comes to live performances. Transitioning to these new members isn’t easy either, it even affects the fan base. The first to leave was Jonathan Sprague(The Jon), who left to go into actual theater. The fans took a beating and many left the fan base. Some other fans left because of a drastic change in Isabella’s character. When the robot and person went from male to female, a huge amount of fans left saying how it isn’t right and it makes the band worse in many aspects, even their harmonics. Male or female, new or old, these members still make their songs speak to many people out there, making new fans every day.

Steam Powered Giraffe is a wonder to all and is unique in music and performance. Their new and exciting ways of expressing love and jokes draw in a captivating audience, bringing in a new age of entertainment. The Steampunk world brings in many acts and creativity to the table, but this robotic band is one of the most unique acts so far.

A few days ago I found videos with The Jon hula-hooping? Playing with hula-hoop? I don’t know, how it’s called, but you get the point :P Never mind, I just wanted to tell, that I animated him. Yeah. And this is my first ‘good’ animation. I mean, the longest gifs I did in my life had maybe 7 or 8 frames, this piece has 30. So yeah, that’s good, I think. And I was making it for about 2 days. Yesterday I was working on this for about 11 hours, I think, with little breaks an I’m tired as hell  -_-

And when I saw this videos I just loved this cutie even more. I mean the robot, I don’t know a shit about Jonathan himself XD

I wonder if he’s still looking for fanarts of The Jon.

The tall, suave robot himself. I drew this last year, as a birthday present for David Michael Bennett, the creator of The Spine. I’m actually rather happy with this, since my aim was to make it my own, but still capture some resemblance to David. I know this has been on my blog before, in form of an instagram post, but I managed to scan it, so I decided to upload it in a better resolution. 

Also, David got the original as a present last year.