So semesters over and first thing I did was finish this silly Idea I had,

An infograph-ish poster of the references I always end up scrambling to track down when I’m writing a fic, including a Walter Family tree, who dies how, which bots have what weapons and some odds and ends of things that I always forget.

Thinking about printing it out and hanging it on my wall!

Thought i’d post it in case anyone else would find it useful ^_^

If you want to see it better just right click and open in another tab, I saved it at small poster size so you should have no trouble lookin pretty darn close

Written by the very loveley Pinionfish and I.

Old Money


August, 1924.

It was something of an ongoing joke by the citizens of San Diego, California that the Walters had far too many balls for their own good.   This was, in fact, not true.   They held the required amount of balls each year, as was befitting a family of good standing in the community.   Currently, they were hosting another one.   

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A Friend After All

Title: A Friend After All
Fandom: Steam Powered Giraffe
Rating: G
Characters: Michael Reed (age five), The Jon, The Spine, Rabbit, Mister Luke (Sam’s father)
Summary: Young Michael isn’t the biggest fan of Rabbit, but spending a night in Walter Manor without his parents may change that…
Notes: Oh look, another unbeta’d fanfic from me. Have some widdle Michael Reed and cuddles.


It wasn’t a very good day for five-year-old Michael Reed. Not very good at all.

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Title: Never trust a Koi

Summary: The Jon’s power source malfunctions in a big way while Michael is doing maintenance. Reality gets distorted and now the steam man band gets to deal with a very human The Jon and Michael gets to walk a mile in robut shoes

Fandom: Steam Powered Giraffe

Chapters:  - One - Two - Three - Four - Five - Six

Other Notes:

Oh Michael hunny you…you really aren’t handling this to well are you?

sorry for the gap, school is not conducive to fic writing >.<

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SPG Headcanon? Fic? I'm not sure actually

What if the bots could talk to Hatchworth through the WiFi when he was first put in the vault? He’d be singing quietly to himself, or making small talk with rabbit or the spine. He’d tell the Spine about how he doesn’t like the dark. But Hatchy would still be in good spirits because he “Has his very own nightlight built right in” referring to his cracked hatch.

But as his boiler was running on empty, he started to shut down. His speech started to slur, he was forgetting things, and was scared. He eventually told spine that he couldn’t move his feet and his hands were starting to lose their feeling. Spine knows that his boiler will only last for so long. but he continues to talk with him and keep him some sort of company.

 The Spine wakes up from stasis one night to hear Hatchworth screaming over the WiFi. His photo-receptors stopped working altogether and he was hallucinating. Hatchworth was going through flashbacks of the Copper elephant war again, but now he was stuck in the dark. The Spine tries to talk him through it, knowing he can’t go into the vault and help him. The Spine stays up with Hatchworth through the night trying to calm him down. 

Slowly Hatchy starts to calm down, until Spine can only hear his frantic breaths and sniffling. Hatchy was stammering, and only between breaths can Spine make out what he was saying. “No. Pappy I don’t want to go. Please don’t send me back. I’ll work harder, I’ll sing better, don’t make me fight again. Please pappy, please no” The Spine tries to tell Hatchy to calm down, that panicking will just overheat his systems quicker, but Hatchworth doesn’t hear him. With a panicked yelp, his boiler cracks and the remaining steam hisses out. Hatchy’s crying stops. After minutes of waiting, The Spine knows that Hatchworth is gone.

Spine leaves his room with the intent of trying to get some sleep in the Hall of Wires and on the way passes by one of the many living rooms. Spine didn’t realize that rabbit was listening to the WiFi too. Spine peeks in to find rabbit curled up in pappy’s chair sobbing. Spine takes care of his other brother for the rest of the night.

Title: The Strange Case Of Mr. Spine

Summary: A performance at Uncle Ralphie’s Magical Mystical Sideshow leaves its mark on the titanium alloy steam powered singer. The bots wonder why their brother is suddenly being so secretive and disappearing for long stretches of time. What secret is he hiding from his family?

Fandom: Steam Powered Giraffe

Chapters:  - OneTwo - Three - Four -

Characters: Rabbit, The Spine, The Jon, Mr. Reed, Sam, Steve.

Other Notes: oh god this took way too long to freakin write


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Title: Happy Little Family

Summary:Robots shouldn’t even be able to hiccup, but then they shouldn’t be run by a portal and a void directly tied to the very fabric of reality either. And when Hatchworth and The Jon get the hiccups at the same time things get REALLY interesting.

VerseParadox Babies
Part: 1 - 2 -3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - ~

Notes: The bit pun has been waiting for.

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“Hey, P-P-Petes?” Rabbit whispered from the doorway in front of Peter Walter VI’s study, as she toyed with the fringe of her skirt. Her eyes were downcast and she was still, a sharp change from her usual bubblyness.

“Heya, Rabbs. What’s up?” Peter asked, barely looking up from the paperwork he was doing.

Rabbit approached Peter’s desk and sat carefully in the chair across from him. “Petes… I think, no, I know today-day-day is important… but I can’t re-re-remember why.” Her eyes searched the keyhole-masked face. 

Peter stiffened and put his pen down, clasping his hands together as he stared at the robot girl in front of him.

“I woulda asked Th’Spine but… I don’t kn-know, I just couldn’t!” Rabbit said sadly, mistaking Peter’s silence for judgement. She knew she was forgetting something and she knew it was extremely important; the fact that she couldn’t even begin to think of what she wasn’t remembering upset her.

A sigh escaped Peter as he figured out the best way to tell Rabbit what she’d forgotten. He knew that a memory slip this bad would eat her up inside for a while. “Rabbit… Today is one of your brother’s birthdays. Er, build-days rather.” He watched her face as realization hit her.

“Oh no, no-no-no how could I…?” She balled her fists and squeezed her eyes shut. “How could I?!” she cried out.

“Rabbit, it isn’t your fault-” Peter starts as he stands, intending to comfort her.

“Yes it is! How could I for-for-forget The Jon’s build-day?!” she yells, oil leaking from her eyes as she shook. “I’m the worst sis-sis-sis-sis-sis” She covers her mouth and shakes her head.

“It’s okay, I promise you it isn’t your fault, ever since-”

Don’t say it!” she screamed, covering her ears as she stood.

“Rabbit, there’s no need to celebrate his birthday anymore anyway!” Peter cried, then tensed when he realized how harsh that sounded.

She felt his words like a hammer to the chest. Her hands dropped to her sides as she stared dumbstruck, unable to say anything.

“Please, that’s not what I-”

“You’re right.” she whispered, face emotionless aside from the oil that still dripped from her eyes. “He-he-he’s gone. No more birthdays.” With that, Rabbit turned and walked from the room.

Peter watched her go, sadness tightening his chest. He knew she wouldn’t want to talk to him, not for a while. She needed time to herself and he knew to respect that.

It had been the same way for years now.

Fic: The Malfunction

Evil!Spine, wordcount < 2k

Yikes, haven’t written fanfic in a while, and nothing worth posting until now. I blame @steam-junk and their amazing heart-hurting writing (go read now!), and @retroautomaton‘s recent, awesome evil Spine drawings. They’re amazing.

Sometimes, there was a malfunction. There was nothing shameful in it. Any robot might have a malfunction, even a high-class one such as The Spine. A quick reset, maybe a bit of recalibration, and you were good as new.

But sometimes, rarely, there was The Malfunction.

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Fanfic: Two Birds One Stone

Title: Two Birds One Stone

Fandom: Steam Powered Giraffe

Summary: “Probably the blue matter. It explains most things.”

Main Characters: HatchWorth, Peter Walter VI

Multichapter: Yes.

Notes: Have you heard HatchWorth’s speaking voice? You need to. (I haven’t tried to type it out phonetically because it gets annoying to write pretty quickly, so I’m guessing it’s annoying to read after a certain point.) Also, part of this is based on some of the banter on stage at Youmacon - that The Spine and Rabbit bought HatchWorth on eBay. From Peter.


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Never Trust a Koi

Title: Never trust a Koi

SummaryThe Jon’s power source malfunctions in a big way while Michael is doing maintenance. Reality gets distorted and now the steam man band gets to deal with a very human The Jon and Michael gets to walk a mile in robut shoes

Chapter: ~ 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7~

+  +  +  + Never Trust A Koi +  +  +  +

There was an unpleasant sounding crunch followed by a grinding noise and suddenly The Jon didn’t look nearly as giddy as he had a few moments before.

Michael had been working on a rather interesting book The Spine had lent him but now he set the paperback aside in favor of checking on his friend.

He knelt beside The Jon, who had been sitting cross legged on the floor, “You okay there buddy?” Michael asked, one hand patting The Jon’s shoulder comfortingly.

The Jon wouldn’t look Michael directly in the eye at first. Choosing to instead shift uncomfortably as his gears produced more odd sputtering grinding noises.

Michael was sure that if he could have been blushing, The Jon would have been bright red. Finally he looked Michael in the face and said sheepishly “I don’t think I go-got all the wrapper off my snack.”

‘Don’t laugh, don’t laugh!’ Michael snickered anyway. “Don’t worry The Jon; I’m sure it’s no big deal.” Michael patted the table “okay, hop up and I’ll see if I can get you fixed real quick.” 
The Jon obliged hopping up onto the table and unbuttoning his shirt and pushes his suspended out of Michael’s way.

Reaching around the bot his fingers fumbled for a moment before finding the tiny switch which gave a satisfying click as The Jon’s chest plate swung open.

There it was, the strange void, containing the hotdog in a bun, and koi fish that powered his mechanical friend. The Koi swam in a lazy circle as Michael rooted around trying to find the obstruction, with the koi periodically pausing in his rounds to nibble at Michaels elbow or snuggle in with the hotdog.

It was always a bit weird doing repairs on The Jon because, well, physics just didn't work. He was literally up to his elbow groping blindly in his chassis for the offending wrapper, The Jon let out a hiccup as Michael tried to stretch a bit farther into what should have been less than a foot or so of space.

“Am I getting anywhere close The Jon?”

“A bit more to the left I think” The Jon said absently, trying his best not to fidget and mostly succeeding. His power core was feeling odd and Gillbert seemed to be getting a bit antsy the longer this took.

Not that the koi fish had an actual name, The Jon would periodically decide on almost certainly arbitrary names while other times referring to it as simply The Koi at others. Actually he’d been calling the Hot dog in a bun gilbert a few weeks back, maybe it was time for a feminine name this time around?  

The Jon shrugged to himself, as his thoughts floated by until finally being brought back to the task at hand as Michel made a triumphant noise as his arms bent at a slightly different angle.

 "Almost got it!“ Michael could feel the edge of a wrapper sticking out from between two gears, the tips of his fingers just barely grazing its edge. He was so close to getting the dang thing out and the Koi was starting to get surprisingly agitated. Its normally lazy circles had become frantic swishing and dodging right next to his elbow.  He wondered what The Jon was currently calling it. Lasted he’d heard it was sir bun-bun the magnificent and his trusty steed sir sausage of kraut.

Suddenly he caught a good hold of the offending container and gave it a quick tug. Hearing the satisfying click, tink, whirr as gears were once again allowed to move as they’d been intended and The Jon was finally able to sit up straight.

Michael leaned back onto his heals and held the bent and battered wrapper shred up triumphantly. "Told you it’d be no problem The Jon!” he smiled,

But The Jon didn’t seem nearly as pleased as he ought to. “A-a-a-are you sure you got all of it? I still d-d-d-don’t feel right.”

Michael’s brow furrowed and he turned his attention back to his friends open chassis. While his attention had been turned away the koi had worked itself into an absolute panic, frantically thrashing about in the oscillating blue glowing void of The Jon’s chest.

“That doesn’t look right.”

The words barely left his mouth when the Koi gave one final thrash, and everything was suddenly painfully bright blue and he wasn’t on his feet anymore, the last thing he was aware of was his back connecting with the wall behind him and a crunch as The Jon connected with the opposite wall before he faded from consciousness.

+  +  +  + Part Two +  +  +  +

Title: Happy Little Family

Summary:Robots shouldn’t even be able to hiccup, but then they shouldn’t be run by a portal and a void directly tied to the very fabric of reality either. And when Hatchworth and The Jon get the hiccups at the same time things get REALLY interesting.

Verse: Paradox Babies
Part: 1 - 2 -3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 ~

Other Notes: We were all sleep deprived

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Day 6: Love (shipping, bromance, etc)

These prompts are turning into “Seth rambles about his robot headcanons.” Today, at least, I blame Spinelock. Still sorry, by the by. Planning more.

They knew what love was. They were born of love, as much as any children, and they had their own childlike understanding of it. It was arguable that they weren’t even wrong.

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I sneezed and accidentally a Mish-Mash fic. From this post.


Mish-Mash was the last and final robot built by Colonel Walter I in a fit of caffeine-induced, late night engineering. He hadn’t fought in the Weekend War (as it became known as) out of the African savannah. He hadn’t even fought in WWI, as he had been built in 1942 in the last year of Pappy’s life, and when the three robots had got home, their Pappy was gone, and here was this awkward, gangly robot cobbled together from their discarded pieces, wide blue eyes hopeful.

Their Pappy was dead and here was this strange automaton.

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Happy Little Family

Title: Happy Little Family

Summary:Robots shouldn’t even be able to hiccup, but then they shouldn’t be run by a portal and a void directly tied to the very fabric of reality either. And when Hatchworth and The Jon get the hiccups at the same time things get REALLY interesting.

Verse: Paradox Babies

Part: ~ 1 - 2 -3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 ~

Other Notes:

This is what happens when Twig, Psi, Duessa, and me stay up till oh-gods-why-thirty and come up with crazy shit.

Written by me and the amazing Duessa, who insists she can’t write but is proven wrong by her contribution to this fic <3

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Seven Point Eight - Chapter Twenty-Four

Fandom: Steam Powered Giraffe

Rating: 15 There is mention of torture.

Characters: Everyone’s in it except HatchWorth, and he’ll pop into the picture at the end. Oh, and an’ ol’ lady.

Summary: On a road trip home, Steam Powered Giraffe encounter a feisty old lady, a natural disaster and a whole lot of pain. There are oodles of feels, a bunch of angst and hurt babbies, and fluff. PILES of fluff.


One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten


Nineteen Twenty Twenty-One Twenty-Two Twenty Three

At long last I’ve managed to update - a massive chest infection on my part and then Hubby having a couple of heart attacks kinda brought everything to a halt. Hopefully there won’t be such a hiatus until the next chapter!

Many, MANY thanks for everyone’s patience, and to those of you who have supported and commented on this story and others. You are amazing, and have done me a power of good during my husband’s illness. I will reply to those of you i haven’t managed to thank personally as yet, I promise.


The drive over the desert to Takoya was long, arduous and painful. Tom Brander tried his best to pick out the easiest route, but some of the landscape had changed since the massive earthquake and subsequent aftershocks, and twice they had to stop and think about an alternative route as the original landmarks had simply disappeared.

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Am I the only one who enjoys brotherly fluff between Spine and Hatchy? I mean they say stuff like “Well now Hatchworth tell me again how much you love me” “I love you very much” I mean! They’re so cute! Ugh! I never see enough of Spine and Hatchy brother fluff and it’s shame. This needs to change. :p

By the way the photo came from Beth’s Tumblr page: http://trekkiebeth.tumblr.com/