spg stream


Some highlights from Rabbit’s stream! Demon_ewok101 is my old account, I had to use it cause I forgot the password to my new one. BUT SHE GAVE ME A SHOUTOUT AND A MWAH!! And everyone else that followed and sonars of course! Also I seen one of my followers @madangel19 got a shoutout too!

Watch on officialsteampoweredgiraffe.tumblr.com

Join us tomorrow, Tuesday the 21st, at 6:30pm PT for a free public YouTube live stream of our rehearsal before Ontario this weekend!

That’s right! We’re getting ready to be our best for you this weekend, Canada, so we’d love it if you joined us while we practice our songs and instruments and let Steve do Steve-ly sound-y things. Come chat and hang out with us!


If you’re unable to join us for the livestream, Engineer-eteers will be able to watch the archived stream later.

Highlights of the SPG stream:

-Lil Steve looking benevolently over the soundboard

-The Pulls! Fancy Shoes! The new song! TURN BACK THE CLOCK! SKY SHARKS!

-Bennett twins acting like six year olds

-David cracking up while kneeling in Fire Fire

-Bennett twins’ legs

Watch on officialsteampoweredgiraffe.tumblr.com

Live Steam Powered Giraffe Rehearsal Stream

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015 6:30pm PT!

Join the humans behind the robots Tuesday, October 27th at 6:30pm PT for a public live stream of their rehearsal for upcoming shows!
Chat with fellow fans in the live stream chat, and watch as the band refines their craft!

See you all there!

If you are unable to make the live stream, we will be posting the archived video exclusively for Engineer-eteers to watch at their leisure.