spg poster


Character posters  ➤ Mon-El

“Oh. A courtship ring. You know, I’ve just learned that there’s a long standing mating ritual here where if you like it, you should have put a ring on it. Clearly you’ve been successful in this arena. “


I am not going to lie, I started crying. I’m easily pleased and easily touched by small surprises like that. Brianna you didn’t have to put that writing on there, but you did. Thank you so much. It’s beautiful and..HOLY COW bigger than I thought. It will be put up once I frame it, with that little “The First One” with it. I can’t express what it felt like to come home after a day of work to that. I can’t thank you enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Remember last September when my bookshelf nearly fell on me and I almost died? Of course you don’t, that was months ago!

Well, ever since, there have been huge holes in my wall right above my bed. And since this apartment is infested with spiders, I am fairly certain those holes are filled with the deadliest of spiders. It has made sleeping in my bed a terrifying ordeal. 

This SPG poster is exactly the right size to cover up those ugly, death-filled holes! Thank you, Steam Powered Giraffe. Because of your gigantic poster, I may sleep peacefully at night once again. 

Look what arrived today! Considering how it came here all the way from America, it certainly got here quickly. So thank you Steam Powered Giraffe for creating something that has successfully made my dorm wall look far less boring, and special thanks to Paige Law for her infinite patience as I realised that I had the wrong address down and had to change it at the last minute!