spg photos


11 more pins when I don’t have room anywhere for more of them?? nahh its good, I’ll make room. I do not have a problem.

also cute art (i saw their booth and I was like… I will die if I do not give them my money, their art is so wonderful?? if anyone knows if the artist has a tumblr/deviantart pls let me know I loved what I saw) and new fren

oh cool thing I almost forgot about - the person I bought the black hat pin from gave me a free keychain because of my chell cosplay, what a nice lady :’D i had a little friend for my badge all day. thank you person who I don’t know the name of, you are Awesome


Sorry about the crummy line work for the boxes. Didn’t have a ruler on hand.

But this is all of the main characters and people in my first SPG crossword puzzle. Another potential one in the process.

EDIT: You get my undying love and an SPG doodle of your choice if completed correctly. Completed puzzle must be shown through my submit box or the tag OriginalSkinsALSO, I was just informed that 6 down has a missing box and 13 down has an extra box. 13 down can have an added letter to work but if you figure out what box is not needed you can ignore it

So I thought I’d try some of this photobashing on an actual human…

I am filled with shame.

I believe this was Cosmo at his Barbara Walters interview.

Original and now unrecognizable photo by Geekshot, though I like to think that Beth would have photographed Cosmo given the chance.