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Half Done Drawing That I Spent WAAAY to Long on.

So i was basically working on this for 5 hours on and off, the entire drawing was done outside and it looks like something that could have been done in 15 min…

Gosh, well it was fun to draw it traditionally though.
And i don’t even consider this finished. Maybe i’ll work on it more tomorrow.  

(forgive the small photo, i took it on my phone)

Birfdeh Caek! (Saturday's SPG OC)

Okay, so, because it remains SPG Original Creations week, I will share with you my adventure into making a birfdeh caek.

I started out with two cakes, baked by my mom while I slept because I stayed up all night awesomeing:

This large red velvet cake,

And this smaller chocolate cake.

I started out by dirty icing the red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, like so:

It didn’t need to be to pretty, as today I would be making my first foray into fondant, that delicious, smooth cake covering that hides most mistakes. In order to roll out the fondant, I covered my work surface and rolling pin with confectioner’s sugar:

Then I painstakingly rolled out the fondant. After trying to work out the logistics of fondanting said large cake, I decided to use several pieces of fondant, instead of just one, as it is usually done. After cutting out the pieces, I began laying them on the cake, using the cream cheese frosting as an adhesive.

Once I finished that (and subsequently forgot to take a picture), I used purple food coloring to partially spray paint the cake, as purple is the birthday girl’s favorite color.

Now that that was done, I started work on the chocolate cake. I moved the cake to my work surface and cut out two circles, one slightly larger than the other:

These formed the decorative, but also delicious, part of the cake. I then stacked them atop one another and used milk chocolate frosting to keep them together.

I then dirty iced that (it was rather hellish, but delicious). After taking a quick rest to soothe my aching hands, I rolled out more fondant and cut out two of the pieces I would need to cover this bit.

In this process I ate much delicious fondant. And it got everywhere. I then wrapped the cake in fondant, which I also forgot to take pictures of. I sprayed it with bright pink, birthday girl’s other favorite color, added a white ribbon, and put it atop the other cake like so:

That’s right, it’s a bright pink chocolate top hat. After some final details, I declared it finished.


i did a thing and its such bullshit i dont know what im drawing but i do what i want its 2 am

(also that is the ocean, i was tRYING to redo it in a less bad way but my tablet stopped working and i got mad)

edit put it in the spg original creations tag because even if i dont like it im glad i did something thats not fandom-oriented and i figure ill shove in in there