spg lil steve


My first ever quilt! The top is hand sewn cotton and the quilt was finished by hand tying. It measures 78" x 108". Sorry for the wrinkles; I still need to take it to the dry cleaners. There are captions on each pic, if anyone is interested.

Following this post, it seems that my brain has agreed that this is a Great Idea and it must be considered headcanon henceforth.  There’s a big word for 3.30am.

So my sharpies and I came up with this while listening to the Ride of the Valkyries. Seems appropriate.

I present: Lil Steve, Great Leader of the Roomba Flock Upstairs.


“Move over ya mook! You’re hoggin the road!”

“Eat my dust! Ladies first, Yarn ball!”

Inspired by embersielle’s picture of lil Steve, facing a horde of Roomba’s
And a discussion I saw a while back, of what would happen if the Robots tried to race each other, I gathered the greatest image in my head of GG and Lil Steve having a roomba race!


OMG so this yes still this

Highlights of the SPG stream:

-Lil Steve looking benevolently over the soundboard

-The Pulls! Fancy Shoes! The new song! TURN BACK THE CLOCK! SKY SHARKS!

-Bennett twins acting like six year olds

-David cracking up while kneeling in Fire Fire

-Bennett twins’ legs