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For all the fans of myathesquishyoctopus’ interventions, here’s the first 5 together in chronological order!

So you can see the Chronicle of David!

Just so we’re clear: I didn’t draw these. I just pasted them together.

(This is a repost so you can actually see the text, because tumblr sucks, and because people probably don’t know how to view the image full size from their feed…)

There’s still time to save Sam

I have been trying to find a way to squeeze Matt in here for like 10 interventions and I FINALLY DID IT

SPG Interventions



So an anon dropped me an ask today:

“You should do a picture like the interventions but instead everyone is just hugging Bunny, she needs some cheering up right now ya know?”

Anon, you are absolutely right.

But instead of just drawing the rest of the members hugging bunny, which would have been nice too, I decided to make this one a bit more heartfelt and personal.

Bunny, I wish I could just give you the biggest hug right now. I understand what its like to make huge decisions like you and the band did. And I know what its like to feel like shit, self induced or otherwise, over those decisions, even though they are for the best. We all go through it. However, that fact doesn’t make it feel any better. I know that as well.

But Bunny, you are beautiful, and talented, and sweet, and you have brought joy to many of us fans through your music. Your creativity and uniqueness is what attracted us to you. You and the rest of the band work so hard to provide us with your original, whimsical entertainment. And we all appreciate everything you do. I am so sorry that you’re feeling down, and again, I wish I could just take you out to ice cream and hug all of your bad feelings away Sadly, I am all the way up here in North Idaho, and we haven’t even met before. So this drawing will have to do for now…

But do you know what? I will be seeing you on April 13th, the day after my birthday. And I promise you, Bunny Bennett, That on that day I will give you the hug of your life!

I may just be another indistinguishable face among a sea of fans.

But know this:

I care about you. And so do the rest of us in the family.

Thank you for all that you do for us.




The massive response to the SPG interventions is absolutely overwhelming!!!

I have so gained about a hundred followers because of this, almost doubling my follower count.

beth reblogged a few, and steve replied to one.

I currently have about 30 messages in my ask box?

I am not sure how this happened, but I cannot thank the fanmily enough!

I honestly have no idea how i am going to top my last one! I have been getting so many great suggestions, many of them have been making me crack up laughing! same with some of the comments. I am having so much fun!

a lot of the suggestions include people who i havent drawn in yet too

At this point, i don’t think i will be able to answer every single one, but i will try my best! from the looks of it, this series is far from over

Thank you all so much for enjoying my crude doodlings

I came home to a message concerning one of my recent interventions, the AU.

I know a lot of people enjoyed that one, but the author of the message, a transgender, told me it was uncomfortable and offensive to the people who have to deal with that.

I was not aware, and I am sure the person who requested it wasn’t either.

But, I have taken the picture down from my blog. Although, like the sender told me, it probably won’t do much since it is already floating around tumblr, but I would rather have it off of my blog now that I know. And if it is not too much trouble, I am requesting anyone who reblogged it to do the same.

I am very sorry to anyone I may have offended.

have a good day :)

I already have the next ideas for the spg interventions (based off of some lovely suggestions. keep em coming, i’m not going to limit them to one intervention per character, so feel free to suggest something for a member who has already had one!)

sadly, i must work on a commission, but i will have the next one up later this afternoon!

track the tag ‘spg intervention’ for updates

edit: I also have a link on my 'tags’ page, since tumblr likes to eat posts when you search the tag