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Did someone say Evil!Walter Robotics? 

No? Well… I still wrote this thing.

“We have to conserve water” is the only explanation Peter Walter VI gives to the three robots seated in front of him. 

“No-no-no, I don’t want to!” Rabbit whines.

“It… It won’t be for long, Rabs. Trust me, okay?” Peter turns and leaves the trio of robots alone in the living room.

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Seven Point Eight - Chapter Twelve

Fandom: Steam Powered Giraffe

Rating: I’d say PG13.

Characters: Everyone’s in it except HatchWorth, and he’ll pop into the picture at the end. Oh, and an’ ol’ lady.

Summary: On a road trip home, Steam Powered Giraffe encounter a feisty old lady, a natural disaster and a whole lot of pain. There are oodles of feels, a bunch of angst and hurt babbies, and fluff. PILES of fluff.


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Can’t … move …

“ -bit … son … wak –“

‘Pain.’ Terrible, agonizing, searing ‘pain.’

Hurts … can’t … can’t breathe …

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rabbit to the rescue

>> david’s out of commission laying on the floor all sad and broken like

>> spine tries to help him

>> trips on david’s legs

>> falls thru floor

>> now they’re both stuck on the floor

>> rabbit comes in and sees them

>> spine and david are like for the love of fuck go get help

>> rabbit uses spine as a table puts a lamp on him and reads bedtime stories to david

>> /end.


“Hey, P-P-Petes?” Rabbit whispered from the doorway in front of Peter Walter VI’s study, as she toyed with the fringe of her skirt. Her eyes were downcast and she was still, a sharp change from her usual bubblyness.

“Heya, Rabbs. What’s up?” Peter asked, barely looking up from the paperwork he was doing.

Rabbit approached Peter’s desk and sat carefully in the chair across from him. “Petes… I think, no, I know today-day-day is important… but I can’t re-re-remember why.” Her eyes searched the keyhole-masked face. 

Peter stiffened and put his pen down, clasping his hands together as he stared at the robot girl in front of him.

“I woulda asked Th’Spine but… I don’t kn-know, I just couldn’t!” Rabbit said sadly, mistaking Peter’s silence for judgement. She knew she was forgetting something and she knew it was extremely important; the fact that she couldn’t even begin to think of what she wasn’t remembering upset her.

A sigh escaped Peter as he figured out the best way to tell Rabbit what she’d forgotten. He knew that a memory slip this bad would eat her up inside for a while. “Rabbit… Today is one of your brother’s birthdays. Er, build-days rather.” He watched her face as realization hit her.

“Oh no, no-no-no how could I…?” She balled her fists and squeezed her eyes shut. “How could I?!” she cried out.

“Rabbit, it isn’t your fault-” Peter starts as he stands, intending to comfort her.

“Yes it is! How could I for-for-forget The Jon’s build-day?!” she yells, oil leaking from her eyes as she shook. “I’m the worst sis-sis-sis-sis-sis” She covers her mouth and shakes her head.

“It’s okay, I promise you it isn’t your fault, ever since-”

Don’t say it!” she screamed, covering her ears as she stood.

“Rabbit, there’s no need to celebrate his birthday anymore anyway!” Peter cried, then tensed when he realized how harsh that sounded.

She felt his words like a hammer to the chest. Her hands dropped to her sides as she stared dumbstruck, unable to say anything.

“Please, that’s not what I-”

“You’re right.” she whispered, face emotionless aside from the oil that still dripped from her eyes. “He-he-he’s gone. No more birthdays.” With that, Rabbit turned and walked from the room.

Peter watched her go, sadness tightening his chest. He knew she wouldn’t want to talk to him, not for a while. She needed time to herself and he knew to respect that.

It had been the same way for years now.

spine wakes up on april fools day and realizes quickly that his body is missing. but he suspected this much.

he hears rabbit and hatchworth snickering nearby 

“Hahaha vurry funny” says the spine. “but the joke’s on you. you see, that was just my body double. my real body is behind door number two!” he gestures towards his closet with 32 locks on it.

rabbit and hatchworth laugh because spine said “number two”

suddenly spine realizes he left the keys to all the locks in his pants on the body inside the closet

“you should just quit while you’re a head” hatchworth says, trying not to short circuit from laughing too hard.

the spine angrily inchworms away.