spg cosplay

A bunch of tips for Steam Powered Giraffe cosplay makeup and general makeup

I don’t know if people actually need this, I don’t know this might be helpful.

°Use gel liner (Preferably Maybelline EyeStudio) for your eyes. Snazaroo flakes off and can cause infections and irration. You can also use gel liner for your lips.

°Baby wipes work better than makeup wipes and they’re a lot cheaper.

°Use setting spray when you are going to a convention but NOT setting powder on the metallics because it gets rid of shine. Setting spray made my makeup last 10+ hours. (I use Wet n’ Wild setting spray)

°If you’re doing oxidation it’s good to put green paint first because it will show up a lot better.

°clean your skin before you apply your makeup! You can use toner or facial wash. This will kill the bacteria and help reduce breakouts.

°Use a Stipple sponge for oxidation or weathering! This will make it look real cool

°if using white cream face paint use a clean damp beauty blender or a cosmetic sponge. Make sure you set it with powder! Baby powder or HD powder will work. (I use E.L.F Perfect Finish HD powder with a powder puff)

° Use primer! It will make your makeup easier to take off and make it last longer! (I use Soap & Glory One Heck Of A Blot Primer)

Welp I hope that helped a few people! I struggled a lot with this stuff when I first started. Of course it is not required to use any of this stuff! This is just my suggestions.

I can’t stop freaking out over the results of my latest Rabbit photoshoot at Anime Boston!! This photo is probably my favorite photo of me in cosplay ever taken! If you’re looking for a fantastic photographer in the New England area I cannot recommend Grace enough!

Cosplayer: CiaoBirdie Cosplay (Me)
Photographer: Derpy Mermaid Cosplay and Photography

[ E ] very time I cosplay Rabbit I always feel the need to spice it up a bit. That usually results in mix-matching clothes and faceplates.

and hey, I’m wearing my new headgear! way better than my old one tbh


Here’s the difference between my very first face paint attempts and two years of practicing and building everything up.

I’m so proud of how far I’ve come since then and I hope to continue getting better in the future since there are still certain costume making skills that I’m not so good at yet.



[ w ] hen you wear a hazel contact instead of green because you don’t own any green contacts.

and this headgear I’m wearing here has long since been trashed and thrown out. I’ve made a newer, better looking one! Hopefully I’ll be wearing it to a convention soon.


cosplay made by me, makeup done by me, modeled by me!


photographer: Kevin Green 

I’ve edited this photo more times than I can count. Tried my photoshop skills out a bit by adding in the background (it’s like….an abandoned factory that looked fitting).

Honestly this is probably one of my favorite photos of my Red Core Rabbit cosplay even though it’s literally just a selfie I took on my iPhone in the middle of my living room.

Also, I’m wearing Rabbit again and doing another photoshoot on the Saturday of Anime Boston!! I’m like…the eternal AB Rabbit cosplayer because this will be my 3rd year in a row wearing her. 2015 was Version 1 Rabbit with the eared headpiece and then last year’s debuted Version 2 Red Core Rabbit.

I didn’t win the masquerade but I teared up a bit when I heard that people spread the word and came to see me! I’ve been told my performance was really good which is such a relief because I was a nervous wreck! So many people complimented me and I’m so amazed people liked my costume. Thanks for making this the best Midwest yet!