As promised, the model telescopic lens tutorial. These were made for to look like Rabbit’s original goggles but this technique could easily be used in different combinations and lengths for, say, Delilah’s goggles, Monocle’s Monocle, fanbot/fangineer accessories, even a tiny telescope. Go crazy. Putting it under a readmore as it’s going to be reasonably lengthy.

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How to make your own lightweight fanbot powercore! (Single Color, Blue & Silver Version)

Blue (or whatever color you want) EL Wire Kit
You can find it cheaper on ebay or elsewhere online. I went with the kit because it had the battery pack and all that.

Plastic Drip Catcher 
Found this by pure luck at Home Depot. This one is only a dollar! Plus its really light weight, just be careful when cutting as it can fracture easy

Aluminum Foil Tape
Coolest thing is that this can be used in other projects when you need something to look silver in a jiffy.

Some plastic sheet from an old box or protective covering from one of your binders
(Look around you house, you probably have something like this in an art binder, or hey even the plastic on a binder with sleeve cover. Why not the plastic from a zip lock bag?)

Black Flat Elastic Strap
Enough to go around your chest

Some Parachute Buckles
I happened to pick up the ones from this link but you can find them near or around a dollar in a different pack. These are actually optional because you can just tie the elastic in a knot to do the trick.

Black Plastic Canvas (mostly used for Yarn art)

Can be found at Michael’s or Joann’s - they’re super cheap and can be found near the yarn section. Looks like this but you can find it cheaper if you just buy one sheet at Joann’s or Michaels. Can also be found under “perforated plastic sheet” as a keyword.

Some sort of sheer fabric (I used some left over shiny stuff from an old costume) or a couple layers of parchment paper. You can even use something like tracing paper if you like.

The pictures pretty much tell the story but here’s a brief outline:

Cut the drip catcher so it looks like a gear. Use an X-acto knife to cut out the center. Flip it backwards and cut some plastic to size so that it fits inside. Also cut some sheer fabric or parchment paper to act as a diffuser between the plastic cover and the el wire. Cover the front of the core with aluminum tape. Cut some plastic canvas to match the width but leave enough on the sides to be able to feed some elastic strap through on either side. Use more aluminum tape as a backing to make your light shine brighter. Coil the EL wire to put into the core. Use some silver tape to attach the core to the plastic canvas. You should have some wiggle room up front to readjust your EL wire if the coil slips down when you’re walking about. Make sure to leave enough wire coming out the back so you can have it go to your power pack. I cut a small hole in my undershirt and then fed the wire down to my belt.

That’s pretty much it. Have fun! :D



First pic is the corset with the base attached with hooks and elastic (and a look at the V stripes). The rest are the spine all together for the first time! Now is time to tweek and retouch those lines.

Just gotta add the EL tape tomorrow and secure the ends of the spines together so they don’t gap so much… and DONE.



I just recently came home from the show Steam Powered Giraffe played in Bakersfield, and got a chance to snap a shot of my “Saloonerella” Cosplay.

For those of you not acquainted with the Saloonerella character, she is indirectly referred to in their song “Rex Marksley”, in the lyric “all the women blushed and fainted when Rex winked his eye”. And where there is a western hero, there is always a gal to admire him.

She is featured on the lyric booklet (illustrated by Bunny Bennett) of the “2¢ Show” album.

When I saw the album art, I felt extremely inspired by this character (‘cause I like cowboys) and realized that I had about 90% of her outfit just hanging in my closet! Soon after, I inquired about her name, and Bunny Bennett replied, “Saloonerella”; to this day, I am unsure as to whether she was joking, made the name up on the spot, or if that was always the character’s name. ^_^

The first time I wore it at the Calico Ghosttown Halloween Haunt, it won first place as best costume.

When I have a chance, I will post my other cosplays which include: *Zero-suit Samus (from “Metroid other M”), *Femme Indiana Jones, I’m with the other Indiana Jones’ in SneakyZebra's  ComicCon 2013 video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-I3h15VgyE)
*Slave Girl Princess Leia (I know it’s cliche, but it’s a classic)
*Gentern (from “REPO! the Genetic Opera”)                                                  * Miku Hatsune (the vocaloid)                                                                         *Currently working on a Dungeons and Dragons cosplay; a Kalashtar Ardent