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SPG Challenge - Day 6 - Love

Day 6 - Love

The Jon loves love. It glows and warms and wraps him up like a blanket, but from the inside out. It’s a constant feeling (he loves his brothers and he loves his friends and he loves the Walters and he loves the fans and he loves the birds and the sky and the koi and himself and quesadillas and Pappy and all the other people who have gone) but not in a way that he gets used to and forgets about – in a way that makes it special and essential.

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Day 5 -Favourite Headcanon. Well is not my favourite but I quite like it

headcanon: rabbit rubs it in spine’s face that he was built first, making him the oldest. if spine tries to tell him what to do he replies with something along the lines of “i’m older so i don’t have to listen”

Headcanon bylandofcryptsandhelium

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I think Rabbit can be really fussy sometimes x3