spg art prompt


he acts like a huge grumpus but let’s be honest, out of the whole band he always gets the most festive.

@jensteed thank your for your kind words and the prompt! <3 i apologize for not getting a chance to reply to the first ask earlier!!


A video message from the band:

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Wednesday, October 23rd at 4 PM PST (7 PM EST)

We’ll be exploring the fan-created Haunted House (Tumblr Tag #spg haunted house) , teaching you how to play a Kazookaphone, and giving away THE VERY FIRST DECK of SPG Playing Cards!

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That first attempt at Walter Girl Bunny was pretty awkward so I tried again. I’ve been sick all week - I will draw as many Walter Girls as I want!! (!!!).

I’m just gonna start referring to all the Walter employees collectively as Walter Kids, I think. It’s those dang Walter Kids again! Get off my lawn.


all the water is turning into a slimey radioactive snot substance!
the land and creatures are dying and that also spells bad news for our favorite steam powered gang! will they be able to save the land and water and discover the menacing force behind it all before it’s too late?


you control all 3 bots by switching between them as your main character while the game controls the others, or you can play with friends against each other in a different version world where you race robot giraffes.

multilevel sidescroller that takes you from swamps to suspended industrial air crafts and land and flying sideshows. 

water powers your stamina and fruits power your health and there are vending machines that will help you with energy drinks but be careful because they don’t last long and make one stat go down as the other goes up.

they all have strengths and weaknesses to help you on your journey.
the spine is strong and agile but not very fast, rabbit is quick and agile but not very strong and hatchworth is strong and fast but kinda clumsy. so while manning a task they’re not very strong at their water supply will deplete faster. 

baddies include robotized undead people and creatures. who could do such a thing?

each level has a certain amount of goals and getting them all will net you points and a bonus level!

there are shops set up in market towns with waltergirls to help you with any items you may need. (they’ll trade you for scraps you pick off your defeated enemies) from extra gears to build your power bars, to different costumes for those levels where you need to blend in. (penguin suits anyone?) 

fun is sure to be had by all! (rated E)

spoilers: the bad guy at first is little steve but it’s not his fault because he was easily brainwashed and puppeted by the real bad guy- a “marketing genius” who is a giant moose pig squid man named buford..
also you later find out that the energy drinks are made of the left over creatures after they’re cyborg’d and that is why the waste is killing everything so you have to kill the bad guy and shut down the plant to save the little planet.

Something’s up with these two… Wonder what!

So for the prompt I decided to make SPG: The Dating Sim! :D Yeah, I have no idea what just happened, but I like it. uwu

I may have liked Hatoful Boyfriend for a while therefore the player character is very ditsy also I have no clue what Spine and Rabbit’s problems are but they’re mad at eachother for something…